You ever get that quiet resignation?

It’s just a peaceful understanding of how things actually are and what is really going on and what types of charades are being performed. And you decide to simply not participate anymore. 

That’s kinda where I am. Let me explain …

I am a topical blogger. That means I write about everything from pop culture to politics, railroads to religion. I’m not shy about my personal beliefs and I usually hold forth. 

I don’t hate anybody and I wish success, abundance and good health to everyone…even those with whom I disagree. 

I’m an unashamed Libertarian, who would rather talk about ideas than people or events. I do not endorse political candidates and I rarely get on anyone’s cult-of-personality train. 

This week marks Joe Biden’s first full year in office. As of the writing of this, he is about to hold his SIXTH (yes, I said 6th) press conference (in 12 months), where he actually takes questions from “journalists”. 

I haven’t written a lot about Mr. Biden, because quite frankly…I’m just tired. 

The pandora’s box that was opened in 2020, revealed so many things and illuminated so many hidden secrets, it feels like a lot of us looked inside and just got that quiet resignation I’m talking about, where your heart sinks and your stomach tightens and you just go, “oh…we were right. Crap!”

Sometimes, someone close to you says or does something that breaks the trust between you. And you realize you can’t move forward with them. It’s not a fight. It’s not dramatic. It’s not even worth spending a lot of time thinking about. 

You just go, “OH…I get it. We can’t be friends anymore. Okay…I see, now.” And you just move on. 

That’s what this quiet resignation feels like. I’m not up for an argument. Not interested in jousting online; going deep into the comments section with a pseudo intellectual, sporting a Bachelor’s degree in applied cultural dynamics and pulling down a cool 28K-a-year at their middle management position. 

I’m not going to post needling memes that rile people up (on either side of whatever argument). I’m not trying to throw red meat to my base audience, in order to get the likes and shares and “spot on!” comments in the ensuing threads. 

No, I’ve pretty much had enough of all of that, now. 

I’ve also had enough catering to those on “the other side of the aisle.” 

My wife has always asked me why I keep so many “friends,” on my friends list, who just pile on unmercifully whenever I post something political that they disagree with. My response was always that I wanted to be open to all sides and all points of view; keep my beliefs agile and guard myself against falling into dogma.    

Yeah…I’m done with that. Tired of nonsense. Fed up with ignorance. Just, done. 

I haven’t watched the news (from ANY source) in a solid year. I don’t really care about it anymore. They’ve all lost credibly with me. We know what they did and what they hid and what they pushed and what they pulled. 

See, we live in a world where it’s hard to keep information squelched, now. Things go viral too quickly. Videos and documents get shared to easily. And we’re onto the gate keepers. 

We know there were fingers placed on the scales to tip the 2020 election. I mean, my God, Time magazine ADMITTED IT! ALL – every single one – of the big tech guys copped to actively hiding the Hunter Biden story – the story I maintained, from the beginning of the 2020 campaign, was the most important story anyone could cover. 

And, no matter what side of the political divide you come down on, THAT is election tampering. Period. 

We all know that Ghislaine Maxwell is harboring some secrets that could shake the foundations of the world. But they won’t be shaken. We know they won’t. 

We all pretty much know that the virus (that shall not be named) probably got out of a lab, where a select few, with access to funds none of the rest of us can get access to, were doing some things they probably shouldn’t have been doing. 

And we know they will never be punished for any of it…because…you know…it didn’t happen (wink, wink). 

It’s been pretty well established that the Russian collusion accusation that caused this country to spend over 50 million dollars and hold countless confessional hearings, was basically created out of whole cloth and run by an untouchable cadre of government-protected individuals who will never answer for any of it. 

These things, along with, like, a half dozen other revelations none of us wanted to know, have caused some us to just go numb and start closing doors.  

And so, as our dear leader gives his SIXTH press conference in, 12 months (did I say 6th?), a lot of us just nod, keep our heads down and walk through life as best we can. 

Personally, I made my life smaller; focussing on things I can control, like my diet and exercise and daily work, rather than the bigger issues. I’m keeping it more micro and less macro around here.

And to be clear, none of this has to do with Donald Trump (for me, anyway). Trump was merely a cautionary tale; a canary in the coal mine of the establishment. 

And the establishment made it very clear: don’t fuck with us. We will destroy you and everything you love.

That’s because all living organisms have a prime directive to survive at all costs. And THAT is why you have to be very careful about how big you build a governmental beast (or ANY kind of beast, for that matter). Because no matter your politics, that beast will find a way to eat. 

Today it might be eating the other side. But given enough time, it will find its way to your side.  

During the Trump years, people were big on the word “resist.”

I honestly had no idea what they were resisting. I guess peace and prosperity just makes some people say “eww.” 

Now is a time, however, when there are actual governmental things trying to be put in place that could make one want to resist. There are serious things to push back on. 

But, if you’re like me, you’re tired of the inflamed debates and heated exchanges. You’re simply not going there anymore. I’m done entertaining the ridiculous. 

The principles we’ve all always known to be true are playing out right in front of us. The shelves are empty. And when they’re not, the prices are too high. People are weary. Whatever this is…isn’t working. And it’s losing support at an almost record pace. 

I don’t do bumper stickers. But if I did, mine wouldn’t say “resist.” It would say, “Resigned.” 

You won’t get an argument out of me. I’m just going to smile at you and wish you well. When I see my president on TV, I’m just going to quietly change the channel and say a silent prayer for his soul and his declining health. But he means almost less than nothing to me. 

We, who favor freedom and checked government, were right. And you, who favor statism and expanding governmental power, were wrong. And it’s playing out in real time, right before your eyes. 

Nothing else needs to be said.      





9 thoughts on “QUIET RESIGNATION …

  1. Wasn’t there a story, or a study, awhile back that this is actually a tactic? Beat people down so far that they just disengage and stop listening? Almost a survival instinct? I’ve personally dialed back trying to refute comments made by those with lots of degrees that feel I’m not that smart because I don’t have a piece of paper, with facts from sources they cannot refute. I just scroll by and bide my time. It’s been a tough year, seems like 6 years, but November is coming, and I can only hope that things change, and for those far left states, that the younger people replace the old guard.


  2. I’ve noticed that people who are regularly stressed, anxious and obsessive have one thing in common: they watch TV news. Coincidence?

    When I want to know news I look for it…in print. There are flaws to that approach too of course but I’ll live with it.

    I keep my focus as narrow as I can. Who and what can my actions benefit? If it won’t change my daily decisions, do I need to think about it? I believe I’m becoming narrow minded. Why is that an insult? It’s actually quite awesome and liberating.


  3. Yes, and the End Times are here! Coming to you August 20, 2022. Resign yourself to that, wait for the date, when it comes & nothing happens, they’ll predict a new date & make excuses for why your prediction didn’t happen. It’s ALL THE SAME B.S. Doom & Gloom, while the right continues to do NOTHING about the actual problems in our society — hate, white supremacy, racism & fascism, poverty, inequality homelessness, guns for everyone with NO EFFECTIVE laws to control who can obtain them, etc., etc. Same goes for your enduring fears about Communism, socialism, critical race theory, voter fraud, stealing elections, conspiracy theories, the liberals, the “woke” people, the intellectuals, the welfare queens, the nanny state, might is right, unfairness in immigration, etc.

    But hey, let’s keep the Republicans in power for decades to maintain their status quo, give tax breaks to the wealthiest & corporations with such tremendous benefit to Main Street & the environment. I’m sure climate change is a hoax, & corruption in Republican politics & Trump, that’s all B.S. right? Trump was a pleasure & really benefited this country, right? Smoke & mirrors & blowing smoke in our asses is more like it! But hey, what do I know, I’ve only been living through the bullshit for 70 years & seen all the really consequential lies & corruption on both sides & the individuals, whatever their political persuasions. But the right is taking us back to bad times, effectively abolishing a woman’s right to choose decisions about her own body with regards to abortion which will result in women dying or being seriously harmed/injured by seeking abortion outside the law like happened in the decades before Roe vs. Wade; the new, creative restrictions on peoples’ ability to vote, hampering convenience & human needs by restricting hours and places to vote, ability to receive water & food or use a restroom, while deliberately creating unconscionable hours-long waiting lines in targeted areas, restricting or eliminating drop box locations in large geographical areas; I could on and on because I DO watch the news & read credible media resources & books simply because I haven’t resigned myself to just believing my own political bubble & some entrenched beliefs.

    I used to be a Republican until the period leading up to President Obama’s campaign & election. That’s when I saw the “values” the Tea Party & similar Republicans began to espouse. Those values definitely violated my own values, beliefs and the factual evidence that was open to an open, reflective mind. And those Republican beliefs & “values” have only become more radical, divergent & antithetical from past Republican values/beliefs & policies.

    I’m really sick & tired of people, leaders & “trusted” people in blogs & media stating that they are unbiased, fair minded, balanced, and stating they are spouting that what they are stating is their own beliefs, when they proceed to make multiple statements as if they are factual, evidence-based, but notably failing to cite their sources or the fact that this is just what they believe. This is a classic Trump tactic: making a lot of claims, accusations & fear-mongering (essentially throwing a lot of shit at the wall & seeing what sticks) while claiming (as Trump openly, explicitly does) or more cleverly & insidiously, by using words & sentence structure to imply the beliefs are common, factual knowledge of the author & general public. You, Reggie, have successfully adopted Trump’s techniques, as have many other acolytes & enablers, despite your periodic disingenuous claims to the contrary. When I first came across your blog I thought your thinking seemed worthwhile, but as I continued following you I can only conclude otherwise. I think & believe you’re a pseudo-intellectual, wrapped in a southern, country boy “charming” façade with subtle pleas of hero status & governmentally neglected parent of a disabled foreign-adopted daughter with all sorts of personal, professional & financial problems.

    I remember when Republicans & those on the right called the liberals & Democrats crybabies. Now they’ve adopted that posture. Poor me!

    I also remember when cops, who were mostly Republicans, could spot a conman’s persona, like Trump’s & his ilk, in a heartbeat. But now their judgment is clouded by self interest, self validation & contrary to many values & laws they used to embrace.

    You’ll be happy to know I will no longer waste my time commenting on your blog. At best it is disingenuous. At worst, it’s deluded or intentionally a echo chamber for profit without regard to facts & truth. Cheers!


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