The agent couldn’t have been nicer. 

And he accommodated us as best he could. But we’re at the mercy of a system. And that’s okay. We’re used to it. 

But it does get you thinking …

See, my daughter, who was adopted out of China almost 20 years ago, is disabled. They tell us she is eligible for some sort of Federal government assistance. She is missing a piece of a chromosome and is unable to function in society as a “fully abled” person. 

She’s non verbal and requires 24-hour-a-day care. She has to be assisted in the bathroom and bathed and fed and clothed. Imagine how it was caring for your 2-year-old. Now imagine that just being your normal existence for the next two decades or…well…forever. 

In her entire life, we’ve never gotten any government assistance for her, except what the county provides through the school system. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to cover the costs of her care, for her whole life. 

But my business fluctuates and floats and it would be nice to have something just for her as she progresses into adulthood. 

That’s why we were on the phone with the Social Security agent…who couldn’t have been nicer.    

Unfortunately for us, we have to provide the Social Security administration with a proof of citizenship certificate. This is something we’ve never had to provide for her before. 

It’s about $1200 to get a proof of citizenship certificate, even though she was sworn in a citizen, in Los Angeles, California, the day she set foot on American soil. And even though she was officially re-adopted two years later, in Chancery court of our county, and we have all that paper work, it still doesn’t count.  

We have every document you could ask for, regarding her life…except that one piece of paper they need. 

And you know what? That’s okay. I believe in legal immigration and following the law and going through proper channels. I’m interested in some types of confrontation, but I’m not interested in getting sideways with governments and their agencies. 

If this is what’s required, then it’s what’s required. And the money is incidental. I suppose people need to be paid for pushing paper. So, I get it. 

But here’s where I do get a burr under my saddle …

As I was on my daily walk, processing the morning’s new information, and listening to the news, I heard the president (in a news report) say something that piqued my interest. And the more I thought about it, it kinda made me angry. 

There was a report on the new Federal voting laws that are trying to get passed in the Senate. And the president invoked a few names from history, to send his message to the congressional voters. 

The names were Bull Connor and George Wallace and Abe Lincoln and such. And it was clear that the brush this was going to be painted with was one of civil rights. 

Apparently, minorities need more time to get absentee ballots in than those in the majority. And it seems that it would be a violation of some kind for those in a minority to have to produce an ID in order to vote, than those in a majority. 

This type of rhetoric is so outdated and retreaded it’s almost laughable. 

See, for this to truly be a civil rights issue, you have to start with a basic premise: that white people – particularly white Republicans – are afraid of the numbers of black (or brown) people who will vote against their interests. So, they must find ways to repress those votes and keep them from being counted, in order to maintain power. 

I think that’s about the size of it. 

The problem is, historically those have been tactics used primarily by Democrats. But never mind that. The theory has some other problems as well …

You have to believe that ALL black people vote a certain way and ALL white people vote a certain way. You have to believe that black people and white people are fundamentally opposed when it comes to politics. 

And that, in and of itself, is about the most racist thing I can think of.

You also have to believe that being a minority in America makes it more difficult for you to procure certain documents. That is, again, an assumption based solely on race…which is essentially a racist mentality. 

Let me tell you what will is difficult…

Needing a bridge loan from your bank, to get through the holidays, but not being able to get it because they haven’t given enough of those types of loans to enough minorities, that year. 

That’s a real oversight regulation put in place by Elizabeth Warren. It’s to ensure that white men don’t get preferential treatment when it comes to lending. And it really happened to me, a few years ago, when three different companies froze all my royalties because they were all being sold at the same time.  

The irony is it didn’t just affect me. It affected my Mexican wife and my Chinese daughter…the same daughter who now has to prove her citizenship to get SSI benefits. And that leads me to this …

Personally, I am getting sick and tired of being called a racist every time I turn around, if I happen to oppose something or support something, politically. I think it’s probably a good thing to show your ID before voting. 

Why is that racist?

I think states should run tight ships when it comes to ballot harvesting at election time. Yes, every vote should count. But every vote shouldn’t count twice. Also, intentions to vote are not votes.

There is a process and it should be fair and transparent. 

Fairness and transparency isn’t something only people of a certain race (or even political party) want. And wanting it doesn’t make you a racist. 

Eventually, this big baseball bat of racism, that some use to bludgeon their opposition into submission, isn’t going to work anymore. See, I have several different races living under my roof and yet I’m told I’m a racist if I don’t support an open southern border. 


I am LITERALLY in the process of jumping through immigration hoops, as I type this. That’s the world of bringing someone into this country from another country. 

But I’m supposed to also, simultaneously, support a world where none of that is honored and we all look the other way and just act like it isn’t happening?! Why does my daughter not get the same leniency as those who might just walk across the border from Mexico?

Is it because she’s Asian?  That’s it, isn’t it?!? It’s because she’s Asian. 

Hopefully you can see how ridiculous the above sentences sound. Of course nobody cares that my daughter is Asian. It means nothing to the system. What matters to the system is her legal residence status. 

Nobody cares about my wife’s Mexican blood (except me, when I piss her off). I’ll really be glad when people stop caring about my pasty white skin. Because none of it matters. And none of it should matter. 

The problem is, once race is taken out of the equation, and we start looking at other things, some people are going to go broke or be out of a job…or start losing elections.    




3 thoughts on “RACE TO THE TOP …

  1. I’ve unsubscribed from a bunch of emails this morning but not yours because what you are saying is absolutely correct.  The front door should be and would be wider and easier to get through and it is purposely being perverted, illegal immigration is being lured, and it is at the cost of legal immigrants like your daughter.  All means all to everyone except the racists who segregate and ALL the problems this country has right now are caused by the greed of these racists who need racism like flies like crap.


  2. Have you tried contacting your Congressperson for assistance? That official may be able to assist you with the process & May even be able to waive or reduce fees. I’m curious why it was necessary to re-adopt if the original adoption met U.S. legal requirements & if this is part of your problem.


  3. I’m fascinated by YOUR rhetoric because it is exactly the same “outdated” and retreaded arguments Republicans have been using to justify restricting the voting process by minorities of every stripe since I’ve been alive.

    It’s not a question of “minorities” needing more time to get in their absentee ballots, it’s more a question of devising means to make it as inconvenient or financially difficult/impossible for poor people, disabled people, and the elderly to cast their votes. Removing all but one or two drop off boxes for ballots in large geographical areas as they did in Texas has a transparently blatant intent to cause a burden to citizens who do not have a car or reasonable access to transportation, those who are disabled, too poor to afford gas, and those who work multiple jobs. Or how about those citizens who are caring for a disabled child & have no respite care, several children, and are a single parent? And then there’s those states requiring notarized documents. How can people with these limitations possibly stand in line with a disabled child, or multiple kids, while having to carry their own water & food when it’s become illegal many Red states for others to assist them with food/water, bathroom breaks while they’re standing in some lines in the heat or inclement weather, for hours in those Red states who have severely restricted voting days & hours creating these long lines & a voting crush of people, & not ALL of them are just minorities?

    In this day & age, with ALL the technological achievements we have in the U.S., how is it so impossible for voting integrity to be guaranteed only by such draconian restrictions? When so many people can largely do their work productively from home now without having a watchdog looking over their shoulder from these large corporations, how is it not possible to make voting more available & easier to accomplish? If social security can be administered using a single 9 digit number assigned in infancy with all the checks & balances to detect & catch fraud, why couldn’t a similar system be devised to remove all the obstacles the Republicans seem intent on erecting to control & obstruct who can vote?

    But of course, in this day & age, it’s so easy to spread & propagate conspiracy propaganda about voting fraud, cannibalistic Liberals & Democrats, and the evil government.

    I’m curious why you apparently didn’t thoroughly explore the issue of proof of citizenship before you took such a serious & admirable choice of adopting a child of foreign birth? Seems to me you would want to take every precaution to insure your daughter was eligible for social security in her old age (since I’m assuming you were unaware of her disability when you adopted her) and insure she was a fully documented citizen so to not risk immigration/deportation issues. I’m also wondering if the $1,200 cost is for an attorney? Are those the people you suppose “need to get paid for pushing paper”? Or is this something the Big Bad “government” is charging you?

    Funny how situationally inconvenient it is when you’re the one being required to provide ID or “a piece of paper.”


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