I’ve ben locked in a recording studio for the last 3 months. 

For the record, it’s my favorite place to be imprisoned. But it is also a place where time and space and, yes, the news, kinda disappears. I’m fairly certain that’s why I love being there so much. 

I’ve chosen not to dwell on current events, as they don’t seem get better. I know how much I’m paying for food and gas whenever I leave the house. I don’t need a talking head economist to tell me about it. 

And as I watch my son get closer and closer to military service age, I do keep track of current world events a little closer than I normally would. At the moment, I am terrified at the distinct possibility of him being in some sort of harm’s way. 

We keep thinking we’re going to keep our young men out of war, in our time. And yet we still keep setting up scenarios that could put them there. 

Oh, I can hear you saying, “Why did you leave out the women, Regie? THEY go to war, now, too.” 

Yes. Yes, they do. And that very thought got me thinking about today’s blog…

I’ve recently seen some online skirmishes regarding the term “woke.” We all kinda know what it means. But do we really know what it means? It has become a pejorative term for “those people over there, who think this or that.” 

But now, those people over there, are doing one of the two only things you can do when you get attacked….they’ve decided to defend being woke rather than backing down from the absurdity that accompanies so much of that mindset. 

Let’s define some terms …

First of all, “woke” is not really the proper term. But that’s the whole point. Awakened would be the correct word, regarding what it’s supposed to mean. But the entire thing about “wokism” is that “proper english” is a white, western construct in the first place, and should be shattered to its foundations. 

Most “woke” white people probably don’t even get this nuance of it. They just want to be thought of as nice. And that’s how the Marxists use them. 

I would like to think of myself as “awakened” to certain things. I’ll bet you are “awakened” too. That’s different than “woke” because it isn’t driven by the same agenda. 

Let me explain…

Awakened knows that everybody’s experience is different and recognizes that life through my eyes is entirely different than life through someone else’s eyes. And each life has its own struggles and challenges. Some are more difficult and challenging than others. We should always take that into account when interacting with someone.

Woke says there is a sinister higherarchy of race and gender, perpetrated by those with bad intentions (AKA white men) and it must be leveled (by government) at every turn. And a new normalizing of the world must take place, that turns the entire order upside down. Even if it means denying basic scientific principles. 

Woke says Black Lives Matter. Period. 

Awakened asks, who told black lives that they didn’t matter in the first place??? They’ve always mattered. Every life has always mattered. 

Awakened believes you are more than your race. 

Woke believes you are imprisoned by your race. 

Awakened  believes that there is a spectrum of how men and women present themselves to the world. Some men are more effeminate and some women are more masculine. And no matter how they present, people should always be treated with dignity and respect as individuals. 

Woke demands that I forsake everything known about science, physiology and the binary nature of the human species, to legally accommodate what someone believes about themselves…no matter how scientifically incongruent (and possibly even dangerous) it is.

Should we be forced to fly with a pilot who refuses to chart his (or her) course based on the world being a round globe?

Awakened believes that history is complicated and nuanced. And there has been slavery since the beginning of recorded history. The Egyptians had it. The Romans had it. The Chinese had it. And yes, Africa had it (and still does, by the way). A war ending it, in the United States, was noble and just and is an integral part of the American story.  

Woke believes that slavery basically only ever happened in America. Was all based in a racial context, and didn’t really stop, even after the Civil War. 

Awakened believes America is certainly flawed and its history is filled with scoundrels, but, on balance, it’s still the best idea and the best set of principles ever devised by humans, regarding governance. 

Woke says it was all built on slavery, and its documents were all written by slave owners. Tear it all down. I mean, unless it’s January the 6th. Then it’s sacred and divine and must only be handled with care, devotion and white gloves. (insert eye roll here) 

Awakened knows that Muhammad Ali was once Cassius Clay, Bob Dylan was Robert Zimmerman, Elton John was Reg Dwight, and Kaitlin Jenner was once Bruce Jenner. And Bruce Jenner had the sense to compete against the men in the Olympics, and beat them all like rented mules, rather than demanding to compete as a woman (which is what he/she felt like), and destroying those ladies in humiliation, in order to prove a point. 

Being awakened sees this as the evolving nature of life and recognizes that things (and people) change as their knowledge, wisdom and circumstance changes. 

Woke simply says I just dead named Kaitlin Jenner. 

Awakened believes men and women can work together in harmony.

Woke believes men and women are essentially at war with each other. And men are the bad guys.    

Awakened believes my daughter (with special needs) is as important a person as any other on the planet, and has rare gifts and abilities that make her a unique and valuable individual. 

Woke strong arms the high school into making her captain of the cheerleading team as a big virtue signal to the world. 

Awakened is trying to do better as a man, when it comes to interacting with women. I appreciate and respect women and therefore, want to make sure I treat them with the same respect I would treat my male counterpart. *Actually more. No woman wants to be treated the way we men treat each other.* But I also recognize that both women AND men are important parts of the powerful play of humanity. 

Woke says the patriarchy is to blame for pretty much everything that has ever happened to women. All men are rapists in some way. And it must ALL be replaced. With what? Who knows and who cares. 

Awakened says I can hold two competing thoughts in my head at the same time, without judgement. I can believe a certain presidential candidate is not really my cup of tea as a human being, but also believe that candidate is the best person to address certain political concerns I have as a citizen. 

Woke says you ARE who you vote for. And if you’ve chosen candidate A, you should be punished. 

Awakened says I want certain things to be achieved. But I don’t necessarily think government is the best way to achieve those things. 

Woke says power is the only way.  

Awakened says The United States was formed in 1776 and ratified its constitution, to become a legitimate nation, in 1789. 

Woke says it all started in 1619 and the papers and words don’t matter.  

Awakened is based in the humble knowledge that I could be wrong about all of this. 

Woke is smug and pretentious and is sick of your old, boomer existence. 

Awakened thinks that despite its many flaws, Western Civilization has brought us an amazing way of life. 

Woke sips Starbucks coffee and rails against capitalism on its iPhone, never once seeing the complete irony in all of that.  

At this point, the term “woke” is a little like a Members Only jacket. It’s tired and played out. And once politicians started using it, it was time to move on. 

But I think most people are more awakened than the people who are proud of being “woke” want to believe. 

Then again, what do I know? 

I live in a recording studio.  


Speaking of, you can download my new record, Kingdoms Fall, from the link below:



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