I was kind of sad the day I found out that award shows are rigged. 

They’re not really “rigged” per se’, but there is a formula for how everyone who walks on a stage and receives a televised award, ends up there. And there are very few (if any) “accidents,” when it comes to award shows. 

That’s because award shows are basically infomercials (a word I hate) for whatever particular media discipline is handing them out. If it’s the Grammy’s, for instance, it is essentially sponsored by record labels who need you to go out and consume their products after watching the show. So, they have a formula for who shows up on that stage and why they are there. 

And a lot of it is based on how much they have invested in whom (or what).

The Oscars are the same way about movies and the Emmy’s about TV and so on and so forth. 

And they tell you right up front, this is something voted on by industry insiders. That gives the impression of experts. But it’s really just people voting for a particular interest in their particular part of the industry.

The greatest acceptance speech I ever heard was from my friend Aaron Wilburn (God rest his soul), who said, “It doesn’t feel as political when you’re holding one of these,” after winning a Dove award. 

His joke got thunderous laughter and applause, because everybody in the room was in on it and knew it was true. 

You don’t get to vote on the Oscars. Why? Because there’s too much at stake for certain people who have made certain investments, for you to have any say in it. 

And I say, hey…it’s their game. They can play it any way they want. If I ever win another one of those types of awards, I’ll go get it, thank all the appropriate people, try to come up with a memorable quip (that will increase my views on YouTube), bring it home and put it on my shelf. Because that’s the business I’m in.  

But I will have no illusions that I’m actually the “best” this or that, for that year. It’s not about any of that. It’s about business. Juice. Heat. Eyeballs.  

And if it ever happens, I’ll give you all a quick wink, to let you know we all know what’s happening. 

When something happens in the private sector like that, and you’re not on the hook to pay for it (by force), and you have the option to watch or not watch, agree with the winners or not agree, and it doesn’t affect your life in any way, shape or form, I say…fair enough. No harm, no foul. 

But what if the same application was happening in the public sphere? 

What if there was some invisible hand pulling levers of power, based on desired outcomes? And you (or I) had no say in it whatsoever? That’s a different conversation. That’s the conversation of the American Revolution. In fact, that’s what the whole revolution was about in the first place. 

Every week, I try to find something new to talk about in these blogs of mine. I don’t know why people read this stuff. I’ve been doing it since 2006, and I’ve never understood the popularity of it. 

But I think it’s (at least, partly) based on the fact that I don’t have any interest to answer to, so I just kinda let it fly. I’m not employed by any major corporation or institution, with any reason to censor what I say. 

So, I punch in all directions. 

But lately, I’ve just been rolling my eyes at the state of things. Do I really need to write about some of this? Really?  Some things – in fact, most things, these days – are so glaringly obvious, you don’t need a commentator to point it out. 

A perfect case in point is the current news story about the classified documents being discovered pretty much all over the place, leading back to Joe Biden when he was Vice President. 

They’re finding these documents in so many places I checked my own garage, yesterday, just to make sure I didn’t have any of them under a box, somewhere. But here’s the thing about it…

Why now?  

The timing of this is so strange to me. THAT’S the actual story in my mind. 

See, I’m willing to accept the fact that someone who has been in the highest levels of government for 50 years may have inadvertently left some documents strewn about. That’s all actually plausible. THAT is actually more of a conversation about how long someone should stay in government. But I digress …

But apparently, they knew about these documents roughly a week before the midterm elections. And yet we saw no news coverage of it anywhere. Do you think that’s a mistake? 

In the immortal words of our beloved president, “Come on, man.” 

And that is the part that sticks in my craw more than the documents themselves. This is the very heart of the current revolution nobody seems to understand; the movement that Donald Trump was at the center of. 

The fact that news stories are coordinated with government agencies and certain things get covered up, and certain things get reported at certain times, and the fact that in a world where we have access to all the information that has ever been compiled in human history, we STILL can’t find out who is on that Epstein pedo list, just all feels like we’re constantly getting played. 

It feels like some untalented hack is walking up to get his award for best actor and nobody knows how it happened. And he doesn’t even have the decency to give a wink to his his followers, to at least acknowledge that it’s all a set-up. The only problem here is WE have to pay for the hack and that awful movie he was in. 

I’m a natural skeptic. But I’m not a conspiratorial cynic…yet. 

Is Joe Biden being set up by somebody? I don’t usually believe such things. But when I heard about his documents being found, my FIRST thought wasn’t about the document part. It was about who found them, when they found them and why they found them…now

After the last few years, and Twitter and the laptop and new C.I.A. revelations, and I could go on and on, let’s just say I’m a little punchy about stories that seem a little too on the nose. We all are. 

So, to whatever government agency is reading this, right now, just know that it’s actually getting boring at this point. It’s like a sequel that is one too many. And we’re in the second act, yawning, about to get up and leave. 

And it isn’t even worth a review.  

If the visible link between the government and the legacy media, what we’re told and what we’re NOT told, were a film or a song or a book or a TV show, none of it would win any awards. Because, at this point, we all know nothing is what it appears to be. 

We’re all just waiting on the documentary to drop, to show us we were right. 

The least they could do is let the Doc win an award, go on stage to accept it…and give us a wink.    




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3 thoughts on “ROLLING MY EYES …

  1. Well, firstly, thank you for continuing writing. Being able to sit down and read someone’s blog is refreshing over the world of 45 second news stories, today’s X crisis of the week. So thank you sir for your writing.

    Secondly, I suspect it’s a planned release. Get the American people looking and talking about a subject they already know will be a non issue, let’s throw out some bait for Trump to jump on so we can catch him saying something else we can try to use. To the far extreme belief that come January 22nd Biden will resign and Harris will step in to serve the remainder of his term and set her up for a potential 2 1/2 term presidency as the “first woman, first woman of color, first woman of fill in 6 or 7 more categories.

    Is there something there, or are they throwing the alt right a bone to chew on so no one is paying attention to something else going on.


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