It was all over two minutes. 

I’ll never forget it. 

My (then) 6-year-old son had asked me if he could stay up till 9:30 and play with his toys. I agreed. At 9:28, I came up and told him to start getting ready for bed and that by the time he got everything put away it would be well past our agreed upon time. 

“But you said I could play UNTIL 9:30,” he reasoned. “It’s only 9:28. That means I still have two minutes. This isn’t fair!” 

We spent the next ten minutes going through the gyrations of what it meant to get extra time to stay up and how two minutes wasn’t that much in the scheme of being allowed to stay up past your bed time, and how you have to factor clean up time into your bedtime equation, etc, etc. 

But as I put him down and was tucking the covers up around his neck, his scowl and quivering lip told me that he’d still not understood the issue as I understood it. 

Finally, I said, “If I let you get back up and play for two minutes will you be satisfied with our deal?” 

“Yes,” he replied, defiantly. 

So, I let him get back out of bed and play in his play room for EXACTLY two more minutes. I stood there and timed it. And when the alarm on my phone went off, he didn’t question anything. He simply got up and voluntarily went back to bed. Because my son is one of those people who is all about the letter of a thing. Not just the spirit of it. 

He doesn’t like phrases like, “around 20 minutes or so” or “roughly 80 pounds.” He needs specifics and he expects precise accountings. Some people are just that way. 

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced he is running for president again. 

Some people are elated. Others are horrified. When I saw it, all I could think about was “two minutes.” 

See, here’s the thing…

If you are one of those who believes we should move on past 2020 and simply forget all the craziness and look to the future instead of the past, you’re missing something really foundational. Donald Trump still believes that the 2020 election was stolen from him in broad daylight. Millions of others believe this as well. I happen to be one of them. 

Why do I believe this? Because Time Magazine admitted to it. 

Their admission wasn’t about ballot harvesting or 2000 Mules or any of that. But they did do a whole cover story on how the press colluded with Hollywood and social media and the Democrat election apparatus to get Trump removed from office. They were proud of it. 

For me, it was always about the Hunter Biden story. I said then, and I still maintain, that that story was the most important story of the moment. And it still is. 

And why, in a world of Covid, Russia invading Ukraine, January the 6th, inflation, gas prices, Roe V Wade being overturned, would that story be the most important one? 

Because in that story, we get to the core of all the other ones. 

In Hunter Biden’s laptop, which we all know is a real thing, now, we get a glimpse into the world we always had a hunch existed but couldn’t prove. We get to the heart of what Donald Trump represented to millions of Americans in the first place. We get to see all the secret handshakes and back room deals everybody hates about what American politics has become. 

The other thing about that story is that the suppression of it by the press and social media (and I mean, adamant suppression), lies at the heart of what everybody believes about the corruption of the press and the cabal they have with the Democrat party. 

If it had all proven to be a false story, the narrative could’ve been that Republicans (like Rudy Giulianni) were just trying to pull an October surprise on ‘ol Joe. But it was all true. And the FBI (according to Mark Zuckerburg) was apparently in on it. 

And that is political corruption at it’s zenith. That is Watergate, Iran/Contra, Monica Lewinski, and bombing Cambodia all rolled into one. And it still hasn’t cracked the front page of any major newspaper. 

Every poll taken on this, shows that if that information had been allowed to be released, the 2020 election would’ve swung by as much as 8 points. And you’d probably be paying around two bucks a gallon for gas right now (apologies to my son, who would prefer a specific number). 

In this entire narrative lies the January 6th event and people being imprisoned without due process. In it lies the retreat from Afghanistan. In it lies the billions of dollars given to Ukraine, that can’t seem to be tracked or accounted for. In it lies why Elon Musk even wanted to buy Twitter in the first place. In it lies 40-year-high inflation and American energy policy.

And in it lies the most recent 2022 midterm elections, and the dark cloud of mystery that still hovers over certain states’ voting practices. 

So, yes, Donald Trump sees all of this. And if you think a guy like that is simply going to throw up his hands and say, “Okay, guys. You got me. Good one. I’m just going to pack it in and take the L,” you don’t know anything about New York billionaire real estate tycoons. 

To me, Donald Trump isn’t the issue and never was. And none of this is about him. 

It’s about the power of the state and what it can do to people who are disrupting it. Is there ever a chance for a real outsider in American politics? Or do we have such powerful and well-oiled systems in place that we can thwart the will of the people whenever we need to, by simply pulling certain levers?

Nobody wants to believe that is the case. We all want to believe the American experiment isn’t being run by some invisible cartel that answers to no one. But 2020 makes you take a hard look at it and wonder. 

The thing about elections is that the winning side sometimes gets lulled into believing that just because they won a political battle, the other side is simply going to vanish. 

But that’s not how it works. 

People regroup and re-tool and come after you again. And sometimes they figure out how to beat you the second time. 

I don’t know if Trump can do that. And, to be honest, I don’t actually care. But what I do care about is my country and this really special thing we are all privileged to be a part of. 

And I think you can make a strong case that in 2020, that thing didn’t get its two minutes. 




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