“Both sides are guilty of …” is a favorite preface among pundits trying to prove their objectivity. 

This puts the ones you are trying to convince at ease and puts the ones you are playing to on notice. You are shooting straight down the line. No partisan in you, boy. You call balls and strikes. Real talk and truth and mic drop and all of that. 

Whatever …

Here’s the real talk, mic drop truth: nobody is objective. And here’s the even realer, mic droppier truth: No…both sides are not to blame. Let me explain …

There is a core belief that drives us. Everybody has this. It’s your North Star; your guiding principle. And that usually separates people into Ds and Rs. And very often, once we commit to one of those letters, we cannot see how anybody can be the other one. 

I’ve written about and spoken many times (at length) about my being a Libertarian. Here’s how you become a Libertarian…

If you hang out with Liberals long enough, you will eventually see their absurdity and become a Conservative. But then, if you hang out with Conservatives long enough, you will see their absurdity and become a Libertarian. 

How are Libertarians different from straight-up Republicans? Well, one of the big things is we believe the drug war has been a travesty and that there is no reason for the state to decide what drugs you can or can’t have. Prohibition should’ve taught us this. But it apparently didn’t. 

So, sometimes, I find myself aligned with Democrats who want to legalize Marijuana. My only beef with it is that it doesn’t go far enough. ALL drugs should be legalized. 

That’s not an endorsement of drug use. It’s an endorsement of me and the state not telling you what you can and can’t ingest legally.

But then, Libertarians also believe in the lowest taxes the country can withstand. So, I align with Republicans on taxes. My only beef is that they usually don’t go far enough. The I.R.S. should be abolished and replaced with nothing. 

From a Libertarian’s point of view, there should simply be a processing office that takes in the voluntarily submitted taxes of citizens, consenting to the percentage of said taxes. Not a weaponized arm of the government that can seize your entire life and reach into your bank account without warning or cause. 

And maybe that tax should be flat and simple. You should be able to fill out your taxes on a post card and not be too burdened by the number the state is asking for. 

Sounds simple. Right? 

Well, it’s not. And here’s why…

In taxes, we find the North Star for people. Taxes are usually the fulcrom for someone like me, because in them, we get the tentacles of government.

I saw a social media post, recently, where the person asserted that the difference between Democrats and Republicans was that Republicans were interested in their own personal rights and well being, where Democrats were interested in the rights and well being of EVERYONE. 

And some people actually believe this. But it isn’t the difference at all. Not even close. 

The differences that have developed and played out over time, is that Republicans tend to be more about what the people can do without the government. Democrats tend to be more about what the government should do for the people. 

And if you believe the government should be doing as much as possible for the people, you will probably tend to be more of a Democrat. This is called statism. If you, on the other hand, believe the government should stay out of the way of the people as much as possible, you will tend to be more of a Republican.

The natural conclusion of that belief is Libertarianism. 

The problem with the government doing a lot of things for the people, is that it is, more often than not, a disinterested party with no expertise in what it’s trying to accomplish. So, it ends up being inefficient (at best) and damaging (at worst). 

This is why both sides are NOT to blame for everything. 

The most glaring example is our healthcare system. How many times did we hear Democrat candidates talk about the need for healthcare reform in the last election? 

But guess what? The ENTIRE current healthcare system in America was built by Democrats. If you don’t like what’s happening with your healthcare plan, or you are dissatisfied with your options, remember that NOT ONE Republican voted for The Affordable Care act (known as Obamacare, which is what our current healthcare system is built around). And they shouldn’t have. It’s a horrible piece of legislation that raised prices, confused providers and kept as many people uninsured as were uninsured prior to its passage. 

For people who say the Republicans didn’t offer any alternatives, that is simple misinformation. The Republicans actually had eleven (11) alternatives to the ACA. I’ve had one of them on my laptop since 2009, put forward by Marsha Blackburn (who was my representative at the time). 

It is 27 pages long (instead of 27 HUNDRED, which is what the ACA is) and would’ve solved every problem healthcare delivery had (and has) in this country. But it didn’t seize enough control by the government. 

*I’ll post the bill in the comments*

And if you believe the government needs to be in control, you’re never going to agree to something like that. You’ll always see the holes where no government exists, and want to fill them…with government.

If you fundamentally believe that fossil fuels are bad for the earth, you are going to create policies that limit them. If you don’t, you’re a hypocrite and probably some weird mix of pragmatism and evil. 

One side is a true believer when it comes to climate change policies. The other side says the science (about human causes) isn’t strong enough to intentionally impoverish people. There isn’t much nuance to it.

If you fundamentally believe that most businesses, and business owners, will tend toward shady activity, and you fully buy into the idea that government can (and should) curtail these practices that haven’t happened and may never happen, even before they happen, you will favor policies that are fundamentally suspect of free market activity. 

You HAVE to. Otherwise, you’re not being true to your core beliefs. 

On the other hand, if you believe in the divine spark of creativity, and that human ingenuity and innovation is a good thing, and the preservation of it is the cornerstone of the American experiment, you will be all about rolling back stifling regulations on entities that you believe drive the economy. You will believe it’s for the overall good for the citizenry. 

I still see people posting “Vote blue” on the internet. Well, guess what? We did. And here’s how it’s going…

When Joe Biden took office, inflation was at 1.4%. It’s now at 8.3%. Gas was $2.39 a gallon. Now it’s $3.73. The Dow Jones was 31,188. Today it’s 29,260. 

Some of this is because of the topsy turvy world we’re in. I grant grace for X factors. 

But some of it is because of core beliefs. 

That’s why both sides aren’t to blame. 




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