My new YouTube Channel …

It takes me a minute. 

I’ve never been an early adopter. And I’ve spent a lot of my life wondering what holds me back from certain things. Some people jump right into it. They love getting in the water immediately. And I think those people are probably more successful in life. Maybe happier, too. 

I’m one of those people who looks at the water and thinks, “I wonder what kind of snakes are lurking beneath that surface.” And then I hesitate. And then I wish I’d jumped in sooner. 

Anyway …

I’ve spent a lot of the last ten years working on big deals; movie deals, documentary deals, large catalog creations. But the truth is, most of those things have stalled in weird and unexpected ways. 

All the time I was working on those things that I thought were big ideas, I was neglecting the little thing sitting right in front of my face…a YouTube channel. 

The good news about me, is that once I do finally decide to get in the water, I jump all the way in and swim like a mad man. And I don’t look back. 

I’ve spent the last 18 months almost exclusively watching YouTube videos. I’ve created my entire food and fitness routine from doing video research on YouTube and TikTok. Then, I follow up with books or studies or whatever, to confirm this or that. 

In that time, I’ve tried to pinpoint the things that I personally respond to in a channel. Obviously it has to be watchable and compelling. That’s at the top. But it also has to deliver some information to me that I didn’t have before. 

I think that’s where we’re going as a species. 

Mindless entertainment is not enough. We need to feel like we’re being propelled forward in some way; illuminated. 

That’s one of the things I’ve always tried to do with this blog. I always try to have a nugget of truth that was maybe a little obscure or hidden or just not pointed to in a concise enough way before. 

Wondering how to translate that to a pod cast or YouTube channel has been challenging for me. I suffer from the notion that I don’t have anything worth while to say. I know that might sound weird to people, given that I’ve spent my entire life saying something. But it’s the truth. 

I have this horrible fear of misleading people or, worse, boring them. 

For every creator, there are two questions: who are you? and WHY are you? And that second question is the real question…

Why am I listening to you? Why am I watching you? Why am I reading you?

Are you a singular talent? Do you have something unique to say? Are you teaching me something? Are you making me feel something? Can you take me on a journey I can’t take by myself?

These are the big “why’s” creators have to answer. And sometimes, we don’t have good answers to those questions. Sometimes, we’re just compelled to create and we can’t tell you exactly why. We just hope whatever we’re doing means something to someone else. And we hope it resonates with enough people that it can create a life for us and worth-while experience for them (the audience). 

So, given all those complicated questions, I have created my FIRST YouTube channel that will be the exclusive home for my music. I’m uploading videos that you may have already seen…or maybe you haven’t. And I’ll be creating new ones monthly. 

The story-behind-the-song stuff has been really popular among blog readers and Facebook followers. So, I’m creating an entire series of simply videos of me talking about all my songs – how and why they were written, little nobody-knows-this tidbits behind them, and general information; who recorded them, who played on them, etc. 

And I’m also delving into creating actual music videos for some of my artist songs. They probably won’t be very good at first or even very elaborate, as I’m doing all of this myself. But I really love playing in the sandbox and coming up with stuff. It’s the core of who I am. 

I’m stepping into all of this with the idea of just having fun and putting things into the world. I have no idea if it will received well or ignored. But this is how I’ve done every single thing in my life and career. 

I have never advertised this blog. I just typed and put it out there. And we all found each other. 

When I get my sea legs with the music page, I’ll be starting a pod cast page as well. I have three pod casts “in the can” right now (that’s industry speak for sitting in a file). 

I want to have at least 10 ready to go before I launch. 

One thing you don’t want to do is not have enough content for people to binge, once you’re live. 

And Iv’e decided that the pod cast will focus on music mainly. But, as is always the case with me, we will veer into other areas of thought and discussion. But I come from the music world. And why not start there? 

I hope you will all subscribe to the channel and share videos. As always, you’ll get exclusive, behind-the-scenes information here that nobody else will get. I consider my Patreon friends to be the sacred ground of everything I do. 

You will hear the songs here first. You’ll get the blogs here first, that will then become ideas for the pod cast. And I always welcome your comments. I don’t always respond to them, but I read EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 

And I take everything that is said into account. 

So, here we go on another adventure. Follow along if you dare. 

And I promise to do everything in my power to always make it worth the trip. 



3 thoughts on “

  1. Please take a moment to learn about the YouTube #shorts program. Using the feature to post 60 second (or less) videos has caused my YouTube subscriber base to grow from less than 100 (over about 10 years) to over 2,800 in the past year.
    You certainly have far greater content created than me, so I’m positive you could easily get the subscriber base AND monthly watch hours necessary to have your new channel monetized.
    Send me a Facebook message if you need help with it buddy.


  2. Hi Regie,

    I so enjoy your blogs. I consider you a kindred spirit.

    I’m really looking forward to this from you too! Therefore…

    I’m sorry to use this particular blog reply for a comment on a previous blog, but it’s been on my mind, and I already deleted the one to which the following comment pertains.

    I understand that you think Trump is a pill, although you’ve been fair in your appraisal of what he’s up against.

    I wanted to say that I don’t disagree that he can act like a pill at times. I only take exception to saying he is a pill. Anyone willing to endure the persecution he has in order to protect and defend my family (and yours whether you know it or not) from a lawless and dark future is worthy of my request for more thoughtful criticism.

    I hardly know anyone, including the bloggers I read 😉, who at some point didn’t act or sound like a pill. I’m quite sure they would say the same of me, when I am out there! Perhaps even right now 😉.

    The difference being, however, that I, and they are not battling most of the corrupt planet. He is willing to confront evil to its ugly face, in order to save my homeland, and consequently the future of my loved ones. He has and is doing so while enduring and having already endured a constant barage of attacks in every conceivable form; admittedly the least of which is being called a pill.

    Even if, however a pill who donated his salary as president and served/serves while his peers play golf and look the other way.

    Meanwhile other pills have sold the offices they “served/serve” obtaining considerable wealth along with their cronies, and the price tag is merely our freedom and country.

    I think that makes it a little more worthy of careful and fair criticism (while we still can) when it’s applicable.

    Most people on the world stage are targets for word arrows, and they know what they’re getting into.

    It’s true, I have made rare exceptions for those who I criticize more fairly. I’m not sure that I ever really have ’til now to be honest.

    Never has there been so much at stake, and so out of gratitude for one sent to lead in an unprecedented battle, I agree “He can be a pill”, and I add “but, I’m sure grateful he’s here”.

    As you know, words are powerful so just to remind you … little nuances in how they’re used can either slay or just sting. In the Bible, God calls the word His sword of truth.

    I suppose my comment about a few little words in the right places may seem petty and pointless; if you don’t understand the stakes, but I think you do.

    Best always, Shirley


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