What, exactly, IS Fascism?

We all think we have a pretty good idea of it…we think. 

We see Mussolini standing there, with his arms folded and his chin up, looking out over his loyal subjects, and we get this visceral idea of what a fascist is: some strong man, who controls his people by force. 

He looks and acts a certain way. He says certain things. He’s is control of everyone and everything. And we focus the attention on this one guy; the dictator. And that’s partially correct. Fascism IS forcibly presided over by a dictator. But how, exactly, does he gain access to force?

We’ll get back to that…

Nobody really knew what fascism was until around 1915, when Mussolini coined the term. And it’s kind of a hodgepodge of whatever authoritarian-flavored governments you want to attach to it.

*The word itself comes from the Latin fasces, which denotes a bundle of wooden rods that typically included a protruding axe blade. In ancient Rome, lictors (attendants to magistrates) would hold the fasces as a symbol of the penal power of their magistrate.*

I got that off the internet. 

And I’ll be honest…I don’t really know what it means. I suppose it means that the blade is always there to keep the wood in line…or something like that. 

The official meaning of fascist is this: a political system headed by a dictator, in which the government controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.

Now, there are other definitions as well. But they’re all kinda the same thing. In 2015, Google tweaked their definition slightly. They added “far right wing” to their definition. This was done JUST after Donald Trump won the Republican nomination for president of the United States. 

Google later retracted their updated definition…I think. 

Some reported Miriam Webster and Wikipedia changing their definitions slightly, as well, around that same time. Although I cannot confirm this, adding the “far right-wing” thing wouldn’t be hard to do and almost no one would notice. See, it always serves a purpose to add “far right-wing” to anything bad. It sends a subliminal signal to anyone considering voting for a Republican. 

“Don’t do it. You don’t want to be a fascist. Do you?!?!?” 

This is an old technique that has been used for decades. It was actually used by the Russian communist revolutionaries, themselves, to sell their system to the Russian people. They painted their opposition as “fascists,” so nobody would want to be associated with them and run into the arms of the communists.


“Hey, we’re about to rule this place with an iron fist, seize control of every aspect of your life, and kill about a hundred million of you. But at least you’re not going to be fascists!!!”

This attaching the “far right-wing” moniker to anything horrible in history, is also used by the left in America. And they’ve done a masterful job of having that narrative live in the hearts and minds of people who consider themselves to be crusaders for freedom. For years, I have debated the idea that Hitler and the Nazis were on the right. It is my opinion that nothing about Hitler or Naziism represents anything on the right. 

Nazi, itself, means National Socialists Party. Socialist. 

If you do any kind of a dive into the differences between fascism and naziism, the fine points will be things like race and class and social strata, etc, etc. 

But here’s the thing…

All of it is about government control. ALL. OF. IT. 

So, really, the only question you have to ask yourself, when determining whether something is fascist or nazi (or whatever), is if it’s based on the state controlling something versus the individual. 

You can call yourself an anti-fascist all day and twice on Sunday, but if you continue to favor more and more governmental control over the people, you are actually a fascist in principle. Or a Nazi. Or a communist. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It all leads to the same hell. 

All of these things are about a state (with unchecked power) being able to exercise complete control over the individuals in it, “for the greater good.” We always get hung up in the details of what all those dictators and horrible people considered “the greater good.” But that’s all just noise. The problem always starts (and has always started) when the people hand over their unalienable rights and concede their thoughts, actions and will to something they have no recourse against. 

Call it whatever you want. But “does it give the individual more freedom or the state more power?” is the only question that matters. 

At this moment, people who voted for Donald Trump and went to rallies and wore Maga hats, are being called domestic terrorists by people in positions of power. 

The powerful see the devotion to ONE MAN, and they just know this is going to lead to genocide and racism and all the worst-case scenarios of history. But you have to go deeper…

WHY are the people so devoted to this guy? Because he’s the only politician in 40 years who actually tried to dial back the power and dial up the freedom. He called out the bullshit of the bureaucracy. He aptly pointed out the collusion between ONE political party and the media. And while he was president, there was relative peace and definite prosperity. 

No new wars started. Affordable energy. Low inflation. Highest employment rate in U.S. history. Highest employment rate among minorities in U.S. history. A peace deal in the Middle East. Actual talks with North Korea. A prison reform act that had an actual impact on black incarcerations. The Music Modernization Act, that loosened the stranglehold of big tech companies on content creators. 

Does ANY of that sound like fascism???

Even during the lockdowns of 2020, he basically allowed the governors to make decisions in their own states, regarding quarantines and masks, etc. THAT is federalism…a safeguard put in place by the founders, to curtail any attempts at totalitarianism. 

People talking about not accepting the results of the election as a hallmark of fascism. Well, guess what? We’ve all accepted it. The guy got sworn in. Unfortunately, he has been enacting his policies. 

But guess what you get to do in a free society? You get to QUESTION elections. In fact, you get to question anything and everything. It’s part of the I’m-a-free-person handbook. 

I’m always amazed at people who cry fascism, but then support almost any new thing the government wants take control of. Some people think nationalism is the gateway to evil. Personally, I think statism is. Because statism presents itself as necessary and pragmatic. 

We’re just here to help. Something has to be done. This needs oversight. 

These are the phrases that usher in fascism. Because it pours more and more power into something that power can never be extracted from. And if you try to extract it, you will be seen as the fascist. 

That’s because nobody knows what the hell that word really means.  




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4 thoughts on “SEMI-FASCISTS …

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that, lately, “fascist” or “fascism” is defined as “who/whatever the person speaking doesn’t like.” Ask two people, get three different definitions. It can be kind of hard to tell who and what to believe sometimes. But I guess that’s why we should keep asking questions-so we can discern what’s true and what isn’t…I don’t know, just some random thoughts! Great post!


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