I don’t believe in David Koresh. 

I think he was a manipulative sociopath, who led people into dangerous places. There’s nothing about that guy I would want to have anything to do with. 

But when I saw the FBI burning his compound the ground, and executing a military operation on his property, I kinda sat up in my chair, basically horrified. I remember standing in my living room, watching it all play out on TV, wondering what the hell was going on. 

“Just because you suck as a person, or even a criminal, does that mean you get this kind of treatment?” was my thought. 

I remember feeling a bit frightened of my own government. Nobody from that compound had killed anybody. But they were posturing like a bunch of people who might.  

That probably warrants going out there and talking to them. It might even warrant keeping some surveillance on them. But to operate a 50-plus-day siege, complete with tanks and noise tactics and body armor and automatic weapons (which was the reason the Feds were there in the first place; to confiscate illegal weapons being held by private citizens) felt almost oppressive. 

I watched the mini-series on this dubious episode in American history. And there was a very poignant scene…

The Branch Davidians are under fire. The whole thing is falling apart. And at one point, someone says, “Call the authorities. We have to stop this!”

Koresh yells back, “Who the hell do you think is out there??? The AUTHORITIES!” 

Whether you were for or against David Koresh doesn’t matter. The point is still the same – once you are sideways with the final-say-power-structure, there is nowhere left to turn. 

And if that power structure is corrupt? Who’s going to do anything about it?

The founders of this nation worked very hard and spent several years designing a system that wouldn’t necessarily favor that power. They knew all too well what unchecked power looked like. They had been born under it and lived under it. And they were revolting against it. 

They knew that the beast would always protect itself. This is simple, natural law. It’s not even about good guys and bad guys; right and wrong. It’s about a basic survival instinct. And that’s why so many things had to be baked into the constitution, that limited the government’s reach and tied its hands. 

This bedrock concept informs the Libertarian point of view that, yes, people and institutions can be corrupt. But once the institution you cannot escape becomes corrupt, what then?  

This past week, Mark Zuckerberg dropped possibly one of the biggest news bombshells ever dropped in the history of this country, on Joe Rogan’s pod cast. 

I have been publicly critical of Jack Dorsey and Mark Z, for actively throttling the Hunter Biden story, during the 2020 campaign. I’m on record as saying it is THE most important story of the last 20 years. Even more important than Covid. 

It’s not because I care all that much about Trump or even the election. It’s because once speech gets throttled BY THE POWER, you’ve crossed a dangerous Rubicon. 

Because it becomes state corruption. Tammany Hall. King George. All the things we basically built this country to stand against. 

Many people believe the Trump organization was (and is) corrupt. And maybe it was. I have no idea. And they will say that it was WAY more corrupt than anything Hunter Biden and Joe Biden did. 

But here’s the thing …

If Donald Trump did underhanded things in the private sector, there were places to go to file your grievance. You could opt out of doing business with him. Nobody forced you to live in one of his buildings. Nobody put a gun to your head and made you attend Trump University. Trump water and Trump steaks were all sold to willing participants; volunteers, if you will. 

But if the Hunter Biden laptop information was correct (and we’re now seeing that it IS), the Biden family was doing business with MY tax dollars…and yours. 

And that money is extracted by force. You have no say in how “in” you are. You are as “in” as the government demands you to be. And you’ve got no recourse as a citizen. If you’re trading on THAT, you’re basically acting like the Mafia…only bigger and more well armed. 

If you use the levers of power, granted by the consent of the governed, to enrich yourself or cover for your crimes or make deals with people you’d like to make deals with, you’re veering into that space the founders warned us all about and fought so hard against, all those years ago.  

I don’t even like the idea of elected officials getting famous on the backs of their offices. That goes for Democrats AND Republicans. At some point, leave DC and go make an honest living. And if you couldn’t pull a million Instagram followers as a bar tender, but now you are leading culture, BECAUSE of your elected position, that’s its own problem. 

Where this goes completely awry is in the statement of Zuckerberg.

If the FBI put their fingers on the scale of an election, by planting the idea that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, when they KNEW it wasn’t, then guess what? January 6th was completely justified (for the record, I don’t support any of the actions taken on January 6th. It’s not like I’m Ray Epps. Hmmm) Anyway …

Because that is the VERY thing that kicked off the American Revolution in the first place. That is the power acting politically. And once that starts happening, we have nowhere to turn. The backstop is rotten. The foundation has decayed. The footing is compromised. 

For decades, black people have asserted that local cops may be out to get them. And those claims may be true. The antidote for that injustice has always been bringing in the Feds.

Supposedly, the Feds would be more above-it-all. Less corrupt. Untouchable.  

But what if we found out that there was a huge KKK presence inside the FBI? If you are black, would you ever feel good about complying with them? Or would you always be suspicious…literally every time you saw those three letters…for the rest of your life? 

That one off-handed comment by Mark Zuckerberg, basically admitting that the 2020 election was tampered with by the power, has cast a shadow over the nation’s top law enforcement apparatus. 

And if the FBI ever shows up at your door, you will always be wondering who’s pulling the leadership strings and what’s really going on. Is this because of who you voted for? Is this because of some blog you posted? And if it goes bad for you, and you believe actual injustice is happening in your life, you will want a disinterested party to step in and provide balanced justice and a fair look at your case. 

At that point, who do you call? 




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One thought on “THE UNTOUCHABLES …

  1. That’s small potatoes compared to the other things our government has done to its citizens and to other nations. But are they protecting us or simply doing whatever it takes to keep America as the top world power ? Sure we benefit from their secret plans of America stays rich and powerful , but is it right?


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