I live on a battlefield. 

Well, not actually on the battlefield. But kinda between two battlefields. Where I’m sitting, typing this very blog, was a confederate encampment, hosting 30 thousand soldiers, on their way from the devastating battle of Franklin to the decisive battle of Nashville, 150 years ago.  

People in my neighborhood still find musket balls, bullets and buttons, on occasion, in their yards. 

There’s also a Battle of Franklin reenactment every year, in the fall. And the preservation of the Franklin battlefield is one of the best in the country. 

My point is, we know a pretty good bit about that battle, around here. 

One of the things we know is that everyone reported that it felt like summer during that battle, even though it was fought in late November (29th and 30th). The official weather report is that it was over 60 degrees. Some reports say it was as high as 80 degrees…in November. 

In those days, they called it an “Indian Summer” (their words, not mine). These days we call it a climate emergency. But then again, we call everything a climate emergency. 

We, who live in the south, know that it gets really hot down here. REALLY hot. And it always has gotten hot down here. As far back as anybody’s great, great grandpappy can remember, it has always gotten hot as Hell’s furnace, anywhere below the Mason/Dixon line. 

That’s because we’re close the equator. If you have a globe anywhere in your house, it’s not hard to look up and understand. 

Anyway …

The Battle of Franklin was fought in 1864, a good 20 years before the start of the industrial revolution. And yet, they already knew that it gets really hot down here. Sometimes, even in late November. 

But there are ways to mitigate the situation…

We use air conditioning to wonderful effect. And it has allowed people from all over the world to move here and thrive. Because, see, you can go inside and cool off when it gets unbearable. This is a really good system. It keeps people like my wife, who cannot stand excessive heat, to be able to reside here. 

It keeps people like my daughter, who will have a seizure if she’s exposed to excessive heat for too long, able to stay comfortable and seizure-free during the summer. 

And it keeps people like me, who work inside on a keyboard of some kind, to be able to do so in a comfortable temperature. 

Something else that happens down here, on occasion. It gets really cold in the winter. We have snow storms and ice storms and all kinds of “wintery mixes” from time to time. 

In fact, I’m looking down (right this very minute) at my left arm. There’s about a 6-inch scar from the bend of my elbow, to the tip of my shoulder, where I had surgery back in February, to fuse a broken humerus. This was caused by me slipping on some ice and falling (arm first) on the corner of a stair, breaking my arm in half. 

All of that was because of an ice storm. 

What does all of this have to do with anything? 

Well, believe it or not, all of this has pretty much everything to do with how much you’re paying for gasoline right now. It has everything to do with the January 6th hearings. It has everything to do with whether or not you’re going to have access to meat in the future. 

Hear me out …

There is a type of person who believes that humans are parasites and must be kept in check. somehow. Of course the entities that are going to keep them in check are other humans. You know…the right humans. It’s always funny how that works. 

The theory is that human action  – even just human existence – basically causes adverse effects on the planet. And therefore, humans are to be regulated and forced and coerced and manipulated to do certain things to not have such an adverse effect on the planet. 

But it’s really never enough. There is no way to mitigate enough of the damage to get the planet back to…um…whatever it is supposed to be…for whatever species it’s supposed to be that for. 

This belief espouses the notion of “overpopulation” (a word I despise). And I never know why people who believe the world is overpopulated don’t commit suicide. Apparently, it’s someone else who needs to go. Not them. But I digress …

The general ethos of these “anti-human”ists is that all government should be the lever that restricts and contracts and restrains. When you distill that belief into political language, it comes out as terms like “the green new deal” and “renewable energy” and “plant based solutions” and “eco-friendly.” 

All of these things sound wonderful. My goodness, why wouldn’t anybody want something “green” and “renewable” and “plant based” and “eco…FRIENDLY?

I mean, that actually has the word “friend” in it. Come on, man. 

The problem is that so many of the policies around these terms and ideas, are actually bad for humans. They hold us back. They restrict our travel. They restrict our dietary choices and our economic upward mobility. 

Some people think we would all be better of if everybody lived like people lived in 1864, with no gasoline or electricity or plastic or…well…air conditioning. 

And it’s always funny to me that most of the people who espouse this notion and vote for candidates who try to put it into action, probably couldn’t survive a week of camping. Whatever …

The lines are not drawn between left and right. They are more and more, being drawn between pro-human existence and anti-human existence. And the genius thing is that the anti-humans have convinced the masses that their way of thinking is actually going to save the planet…as if humans even have the ability to destroy or save an entire planet. 

The battle of Midway (during WWII) involved over 1500 warships. FIFTEEN…HUNDRED. So many planes and ships were sunk, in the middle of the Pacific ocean, that there was a 3-mile wide oil slick. 

In the early 50’s, engineers went out there to clean it up. But it was gone. 

That’s because sometimes, the earth deals with things and laughs at our feeble attempts to tame it. 

The January 6th hearing are about some people who were pissed off over an election. Why? Because they knew that what is happening right now was about to happen. 

“Climate change” has been happening since the big bang. And they had to start calling it that, because all the warming and cooling alarmists kept being wrong about their predictions…Al Gore being one (don’t get me started on that guy). 

You’re paying 2 dollars more, per gallon of gasoline, and 20% more for food, because there are people in positions of power who are making decisions based on an “anti-human” orientation. 

One of the outrages within the pro-abortion movement, is that less abortion means more births and more overpopulation.  


Don’t kid yourself. That is the bedrock for wherever you land on the political spectrum. 

You either believe humans are somehow sacred and every one of them (us) have a purpose and a connection to something higher and divine. OR you believe they (we) are just animals that need to be corralled and controlled, minimally sustained and ushered off the planet as soon as their “usefulness” has ended. 

That Civil War battlefield I live on, was ground on which that very fight was being waged. 

It’s still being fought (metaphorically) today. 

And yes…it’s still hot in the south. 




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