We are all replacing somebody. 

Or are we? 

Sometimes, it looks like nothing has been replaced at all, except skin and bones. But the same old darkness of the soul continues to simply recycle into new carbon uniforms. 

I learned a new phrase yesterday – “Replacement Theory.” 

I am 55-years-old and I’ve never heard of this before. Much like I had never heard of Critical Race Theory until last year. Apparently, it’s some kind of Nazi knockoff, asserting that people with different color skin are going to be replacing people with a certain color of skin, etc, etc. 

When I was a kid, I was one hundred percent certain that we would’ve moved past skin by 2022. I also thought we’d have flying cars and everyone would be wearing matching silver jumpsuits everywhere. I’m 0 for 3. 

Somehow, skin is still one of the most important things we talk about. And for the life of me, I cannot understand why. There has to be some sort of scientific/biological thing going on that I’m not aware of. Surely, we’re not still obsessed over the membrane that covers our bones. Are we? 

I even still bristle at phrases like “the white community” or “the asian community” or “the hispanic community.” Maybe it’s because all three of those communities are represented in my one home. And none of that segregated bullshit applies here. People live here. Not races. 

That kid who shot those people in Buffalo, had racial motivation. As an aside, I refuse to print the name of a mass shooter. My opinion has always been that if you perpetrate something like that, your name should be removed from the public registry and you should be referred to as a number for the rest of your life. It’s time to stop making these fools famous. 

Anyway …

His “manifesto” (which I’m not about to read all 180 pages of) seems to have some roots in buying in to the overpopulation “problem.” This “overpopulation” narrative bothers me to no end. Because once you assert that there are too many people on the planet, there is really only ONE question to be asked after that…who needs to go?   

See, if a fire marshal comes into a packed theater and determines that there are too many people in there, then the next move is simply to get rid of a certain number of them. There is no “well, let them go ahead and have the play – we can’t do anything about who is already here. We’ll just try to enact policies that make sure we don’t have that many people in that room in the future.” 

No. That’s not what they do. They open those doors and usher people out until they’re in compliance. 

The very word OVERpopulation denotes that there are people on the planet who actually shouldn’t be here. Too many people.  “Too many” means somebody has to go. It’s quite simple, really. Does it not mean that? 

Otherwise, there are just enough people on the planet, and everyone who is here, belongs here. 

Once you buy in fully to the notion of overpopulation, you have to then determine who the OVER is. I mean, that’s the real next logical step. And in a world still obsessed with skin, it won’t be a leap for some deranged people to make that determination based on race.

According to this theory of “replacement,” they somehow worry that their particular shade of skin will become obsolete and “replaced” with a different shade of skin…and, dear Lord, as I’m typing this, it all just sounds too moronic too fathom. 

We know that throughout history, racism has definitely been a thing. The largest wars mankind has ever fought, have been fought over racism. The most significant cultural and social movements in all of human history have been centered around racial justice. 

And those of us who believe in racial justice were always under the impression that the goal was a post racial society; a place where skin was as incidental and insignificant as eye color. But we are becoming obsolete. And we’re being replaced with people who seem to be as obsessed with race as the people from the past, we thought were relegated to the dust bin of history.

It is widely accepted that true racism means buying into this “replacement theory” as something that is a bad thing. In other words, the racist doesn’t want his or her (or their) race replaced by the other race. Yes. That is textbook racism. And it’s not only ridiculous, it’s evil. 

But a word of caution …

Believing that one race being replaced by another race is a good thing, is also racism. And it keeps us in the skin spiral. We’re just replacing one skin tone with another. The soullessness is the same.  

If you rejoice at colors other than light shades of skin, merely based on the skin itself, you are also a racist. If you only want to hire someone of a certain race, so that the skin in your work place will look more diverse, you are a racist. If you believe it’s important to replace “white males” with different skin (and gender), for no other reason than the skin and the gender, you are a racist (also, a sexist. But that’s another blog for another day). 

And, based on that criteria, we have a lot of racists in the world right now. 

If we keep reducing our humanity to our skin, we are never going to truly get anywhere as a species. The celebration of skin tone is going to keep us locked in a world unable to move forward. 

And when a confused and troubled kid, with a twisted sense of reality, based in a bedrock belief that everybody from science teachers to comedians have been preaching for decades – that there are too many people on the planet – decides that he’s going to take matters into his own hands and start eliminating one of the races, we paint it as garden variety hate/white supremacy/evil action. It is definitely that.

But it may go deeper than that.

Maybe it’s time to start moving away from an emphasis on skin in the first place. Maybe it’s time to stop mindlessly repeating this nonsense about overpopulation. Maybe the individualists are right. And maybe it’s time we start truly embracing the idea that every human on earth has a purpose and a destiny and that we are a piece of something divine. 

Maybe it would be harder to shoot people in a grocery store, if we truly believed they were on purpose rather than just part of “this or that group.”  

Maybe we need to recalibrate how we are orienting the the next generation. 

You know…the one replacing us.   




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