The fire that destroyed the library at Alexandria, Egypt, in 48 BC, is one of the great tragedies of the world.   

Some say it changed the balance of the world’s knowledge and threw mankind backward hundreds of years. We will never know. But the point is that burning or erasing knowledge is always a net loss for the human race…never a net gain.   

See, we can’t know where we are in all of this, if we don’t know where we have already been. And if we continue to try and erase certain things or re-frame everything in the human story to our liking, we never get to the truth. Not really.

We only get glimpses of it until the next group of people with torches shows up, who only want certain things known. 

I’ve never understood the idea of purging knowledge or culture. If what you believe is truth – and I mean, real truth – it will survive everything that’s thrown at it. It will never be able to be hidden. It will continue to rise up and cover all the darkness around it. 

And if it’s not real truth…well…why in the world would we want to believe in something like that in the first place?

One of the first things I read about, in my social media feed this morning, was the story of a local pastor who is about to have a book burning. A book burning? Really? I honestly didn’t think we still did things like that. I mean, surely we’ve grown past the need to throw perfectly good books on a bonfire. Haven’t we? 

But I suppose some still have the need to not just NOT read a book, but to show the world how much they’re not going to read it. 

I’ll never forget the year I asked for the book, Dianetics, as a Christmas gift. My father (the minister) looked at me funny. But all he said was, “Be careful with stuff like that.” Never did he ever encourage me to burn the book. 

I only wanted to read it out of sheer curiosity. It was being advertised all over the place and I simply felt that I was out of the loop on something. 

It only took me reading the first three chapters to realize that it was all hogwash, written by someone delusional and probably mentally deranged. I put it down and eventually lost it somewhere along the way of several moves. 

But I didn’t burn it. And if someone found it and read it and it helped them in some way, then good for them. Sometimes nonsense helps people. It seems to have helped Tom Cruise. Hard to argue with his success. 

Anyway …

The foundational cornerstone of liberty is the free exchange of ideas. Without that, we don’t really have liberty. And that means putting up with a lot of things you disagree with. 

If you’re not up for a world of constant disagreement, you’re not up for liberty. 

Yes…you get to believe the moon landing was faked. Yes…you get to believe the world is flat. Yes…you get to believe in Bigfoot. Yes…you get to believe pretty much whatever you want to believe. That comes free with every membership into the freedom club. 

And here’s the great thing about freedom of expression – someone else gets to try and convince you of how wrong you are. And all the ideas get to compete. And at some point, enough people will provide enough verifiable information, that hard, irrefutable facts will emerge. But as long as nothing is ever challenged, we will never know if those “facts” are irrefutable or not. 

That’s why we need all the information out there. We need to see who the crazy people are. We need to see who the racists are. We need to see who the cowards are. We need to see who is bought and paid for and who isn’t. 

We can’t get to the truth if we don’t know who’s hiding behind what tree. This is why cancel culture is so sinister. You might take someone out of the public eye – but you’re not ending their life. They continue to breathe and live and move around and talk to their fellow human beings. 

Just because you get them out of your line of sight doesn’t mean they stop existing. 

That’s why ideas must be challenged and taken on…head on…instead of simply being silenced. Make your case. Show your proof. Back up your argument. Convince me. Don’t tell me to shut up and trust you. 

This week, Whoopi Goldberg said some things, on The View, that have gotten her removed from the air. 

In my opinion, taking people off the air, over things they say, is just a high-tech way of burning books. And what is happening to her is the exact opposite of what should be happening. 

See, I STRONGLY disagree with what she said. She basically said the Holocaust wasn’t about race, per se. It was more about man’s inhumanity to man. Well, yeah. And Hitler was a big meanie. We get it. 

But I want more information. Because her comments seem to imply some other form of racism I’m not aware of. And I’d like to know what the hell she’s talking about rather than her being silenced. 

She said something to the effect of both the Nazis and Jews being “white” races, so it wasn’t really racism…or something like that. And that seems like some new definition of racism we should all probably hear more about. 

I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s as much bullshit as Dianetics is. But if this woman actually believes that, shouldn’t we all know that? And shouldn’t we all know if there’s a new way of defining racism? 

This is what’s wrong with this country. We don’t don’t talk anymore! 

First of all, I don’t know why she committed such an unforced error about Nazis, of all people. Nobody ever went broke bashing Nazis. They are literally like storm troopers. You can do pretty much anything you want to those guys and get zero blowback. No need to cut them a break for anything. 

Just say they were horrible racists and move on. You’ll get applause. But she didn’t do that. And I’m curious as to why.  

Look, here’s the deal on the merits…

If you asked a slave owner, in 1840, if he cared what race his slaves were, you might – MIGHT – get the answer that he only cared about getting the labor done. He might not care if they were Africans or Asians or whatever. It was a system of commerce, first. And American racism has pretty much always been based in pragmatism. 

If you don’t believe me, read up on the Chinese and Irish indentured servants who came here to build the railroads (my family members being among them). Or maybe closer to home, check to see if you actually care who picked that tomato you’re about to eat. Or, even more to the point, if you care who assembled that iPhone you’re reading this on, right now. 

THAT is man’s inhumanity to man. Or, at least, man’s apathy toward another man’s plight. 

But if you asked a German soldier, in 1940, why they were killing Jews, they would look you dead ass in the eye and say, “Because they are an inferior race.” 

That’s as racist as anything can get. They freely admitted it. They told us what they were doing. They were like, “yeah…we’re racists. And we believe we’re right about it. Hear us out …” 

And, yes, those kinds of movements need to be put down. Hard. And we did. But it got out of hand so quickly because so much of it was able to be done in the shadows, for so long. 

I say get the racists out in the open. Get the crazies out in the open. Get the partisans out in the open. Get the snake oil salesmen out in the open. 

Let’s hear them. Let’s expose them. Let’s challenge them. 

Look, we’ve all been watching Whoopi Goldberg for decades. We don’t all agree with her, but we know she’s probably not leading some clandestine race war from her basement. 

Rather than having her removed from TV, I’d like to see her be forced to debate a week’s worth of Holocaust experts or family members of survivors or…just…someone like me. 

THAT is how we learn and grow. Not by being bound and gagged for some ill-informed, off-handed comment. There’s far too much of that going around right now. 

How about a little grace for people? How about some room for them to learn and maybe even come around to a better way of thinking? How about we become idea gladiators again, instead of idea…well…Nazis. 

I want to hear what the experts who go on the Joe Rogan show have to say. I also want to hear what Whoopi Goldberg has to say. And if I decide I don’t want to hear it, anymore…


I sure wish we had that option with the Alexandria library, instead of it just being burned to the ground. 



5 thoughts on “ALEXANDRIA AND WHOOPI …

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter here.

    So well said.

    Thank you for voicing what many of us feel — I certainly am not eloquent enough to have put this words like you did. We cannot erase history. The Chinese have tried and it has backfired time an again because the younger generation wasn’t taught it (I’m specifically referring to the Tiananmen Square disaster which was expunged from all records but keeps popping its head up catching the government unaware because they thought they’d erased it).

    Anyway, thank you!


  2. Regie,
    I actually agree with every single word you just wrote– WHAT???!!!
    (Kidding.) (Pretty much.)
    So very well written, my friend. Thank you for your thoughtful, reasonable, beautifully expressed opinion.


  3. What Whoopie said encourages the belief that anti-Semitism isn’t worth bothering with because it was just a conflict between two groups of white people (Jews have never been considered white when that was good thing to be. We are only white now that that is the evil oppressor) Just right now however, violent anti-Semitism is rising in the world again BECAUSE the Left chooses to make us White (I’m not White–I’m a West Asian like Arabs and Turks and Amazigh and Persians etc with only 4-6 % European DNA after 2k years of living in Eastern Europe, thank you very much) and therefore, as White, bad. People are literally being beaten up, sometimes beaten to death, on the streets of America as well as Europe because of the ideas that Whoopie chose to spread on television. She is only spouting Leftist dogma, but that Leftist dogma endangers the lives of other human beings. Letting her get away with that is telling me that you don’t consider me human or worth protecting.


  4. My issue is not whether or not Whoopi is antisemitic or not, or even if she should be on the air or not. It is that people who are coming to her defense are not coming to the defense of Joe Rogan, and did not come to the defense of Gina Carano.

    She hasn’t been fired. She is on suspension for 2 weeks. There is nothing lost. Her being present or not present should not change the ability of the program to discuss antisemitism, or her ability to take the two weeks and go visit a couple Holocaust museums. Perhaps she can also read Dara Horn’s “People Love Dead Jews” during her hiatus; she may learn then that antisemitism is not restricted to one time period. And it definitely isn’t about two groups of white people fighting each other.


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