“He’s a good guy, once you get to know him,” is a phrase often used when describing someone hard to like. 

I’ve kind of gotten to a place where I don’t care anymore. If you’re a jerk, you’re just a jerk. It’s okay. I can love you from a distance and not want to be around you on any level. 

I’ve discovered far too many people who fall into that category, over the past two years. 

These are people I used to hang out with occasionally. Maybe I even considered them friends at one time. But sometimes, people cross lines that cannot be uncrossed. Sometimes they show you a side of themselves that you know you don’t want any part of…at all…ever. 

And so, we’ve all, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), lost friends through all the chaos and unrest that has been “The Era of Covid.” I just coined that phrase. Feel free to use it. 

Sometimes, you thought you caught a glimpse of what an ass that person was, several years ago. But you dismissed it and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Finally, now that life and death have been placed in the balance – or, at least, the perception of life and death has been placed in the balance, you have finally seen who they really are. 

Wanna know who would sell you out if the Germans were looking for you in 1939? Now you know. Wanna know who would visit you in the hospital if you contracted AIDS from having unprotected sex? Now you know? 

We know who the rule followers are and we know who the skeptics are. We know who the panickers are and who the calm and collected are. We know who is obsessed with merely surviving and who is focussed on living

We also know who the tools are; you know – the ones being used by larger forces. 

If you don’t know, now, that we are in an ideological war, I don’t know what to tell you. If you can’t see the dividing lines between statists who want everything controlled and locked down (literally) by some centrally controlled agency, and those who favor freedom – EVEN in the middle of a pandemic – you are blind. 

The fact is, this thing had to run its course. Nobody ever wanted to admit that because it meant that people were going to get sick and die. And they have. And several of them have been dear friends of mine. One of them was almost me. 

But I never blamed anyone for it. And I won’t. Ever. 

This morning, my son speculated that what if he got the virus last year and was asymptomatic and then gave it to me and his sister? What if he was the one who spread it to us?

I could actually hear a little remorse in his voice, as if he felt somehow responsible for any of that. 

I instantly stopped that nonsense in its tracks, “Buddy, it doesn’t matter who had what, when. This is a virus. And viruses spread. That’s what they do. And you can’t stop a virus like this completely. You can only do your best and try to keep your immune system healthy.” 

And unfortunately, that is really all you can do. Sometimes, the actual answer just isn’t what we want to hear. But it’s the answer, nonetheless. 

The virus, and the public response to it, totally informed and shaded the 2020 election. We wanted people to blame. We needed to hang this on a leader. Voting for someone who made us feel normal again (whatever that means) was probably the main reason Joe Biden became president. He seemed affable enough and personable enough. How bad could it be? Right? 

Well, as of today, October 6th (there are still 2 months left in the year, mind you), there have been more Covid deaths in 2021 than in all of 2020. The first person “officially” died from the side effects of a Covid vaccine. That means the authorities actually put that on the death certificate. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s official. 

Gas prices are high. Inflation is high. The southern border is a mess – with kids STILL being put in “cages,” by the way, if you care to look into it – and nobody feels any better about things this October than they did last October. 

The status quo guy didn’t fix it. Didn’t even get close to fixing it.  

Maybe it’s because the right questions still haven’t been addressed. 

I know I harp on this a lot but I don’t think it is getting nearly enough light – we just aren’t getting enough information out of China

This is where the virus started. Surely, there is pertinent information regarding death numbers, infection rates, treatment efficacy, etc, that could help the world deal with all of this. Wouldn’t you think? 

Has China seen an uptick in deaths? Have the variants affected them as badly as they’ve affected other countries? Are they all getting vaccinated? Are ANY of them getting vaccinated? And what are the results of that?

Am I the only person in the world who wants to know this stuff?

It seems like if I were president, these would be the questions I would be asking everyday…publicly

But instead we get more vaccine mandate talk and more iron fist edicts and more speculation about how we can conduct ourselves during then holidays. 

In short, instead of asking China to help us out with sharing info, we’re acting more and more like their government, by trying to silence what we don’t want said and hide what we don’t want seen. 

Anybody feel more normal yet? 

Joe Biden has been a mediocre political figure for about half a century. He’s a perfect example of what the status quo looks like and what happens to a person when they spend their entire lives collecting from tax payers instead of occasionally getting out there and doing something else. And I guess you could say that served him well during an election that had people longing for a return to some kind of status quo. 

But I’m not even sure he knows who is pulling the strings behind his administration at this point. And this is what you get when you believe that professional politicians are “better at it” than regular citizens. 

The information on Hunter Biden’s laptop suggests that Joe Biden is a compromised individual when it comes to certain countries in the world. That may be why some of those aforementioned questions aren’t being asked. Who knows? 

*Another thing that has been confirmed (by the FBI), this year, is that that laptop in question is indeed Hunter Biden’s.* 

Some people don’t see that as a big deal. I see it as the only deal. 

We looked the other way. Entire media platforms banned that story from being posted. Rooms full of fact checkers were called into action to make sure that you didn’t get the real information. 

And the press and the left has basically said, “You know, Joe is basically a good guy, when you get to know him.” 

Guess what? Nobody cares anymore. We’re all done with the pleasantries. We all know who we all are, now. We all know people who died with the virus. We all know people who gave the virus to someone. We all know more than we ever wanted to know about living and dying with a new global pathogen. 

And we also know that government probably hurt as much as it helped. 

And now, the mantra has started to rise from stadiums all over the country, “F$#C Joe Biden!” 

A very savvy reporter, at a NASCAR event, tried to twist the chant into “Let’s go Brandon,” but we all know what’s being said. We can hear. But “Let’s Go Brandon” will probably become a mantra of its own; a chant that symbolizes how screwed up the information has gotten and how stupid the press actually thinks we are. 

People are just fed up. They know who their friends are and who their friends aren’t. 

They’re done. 

And they’re letting out their frustration the only way they can – by cussing at the corrupt, old politician who just wants ice cream. 

And even THAT is being fact-checked and turned into something it isn’t. 







3 thoughts on “LET’S GO, BRANDON …

  1. WOW. This, THIS, and ALL OF THIS!!!

    I lost some ‘ride or die’ friends last year because I came ‘out’ as a conservative. I did not lose them because I was gay and a Christian, I lost them because I was a CONSERVATIVE who called out the hypocrisy of their arguments:
    1. “The great reset isn’t real.” Oh really, here’s a TIME magazine article that says IT IS REAL.
    2. “I can’t support a man who would put kids in cages.” Well, more kids are in cages now.
    3. “He banned trans people from the military” NO, he banned TRANSITIONING people from the military while they were on drugs that alter themselves.
    4. “The laptop is fake” It’s not.

    And on, and on, and ON!

    But the kicker for me: “If you don’t take the vaccine, you should not be able to go to concerts or travel or anything else – it’s your choice.”

    With “friends” like these, who needs enemies????

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  2. I am very curious how 2022 is going to go. If the republicans take back both houses in force it will send a clear message. Personal belief is that they are rushing the build back better plan as hard as they are, because they are worried. The thing everyone is overlooking is that this is just a 10 year spending plan. Once all the programs are in place, and states have taken the money, it will eventually fall to the states to continue the programs. Washington will be on to their next spending idea. We need leadership that’s not looking to establish a legacy, and more interested in cleaning up the mess. How many billions are spent each year on interest for what they have borrowed. I’m sure if there was a surplus a few truly needed programs could be easily funded.


  3. Well said, all of it. I am guessing about half or more of the US agrees with your observation. I too lost many “fair weather friends” and have some fractured relationships with old friends because of the virus and my conservatives beliefs. If a soul wants to be an Atheist, go ahead, but don’t come after me for being a Christian because this one is fed up with it and hits back. Nice read.

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