“What is a booking agent?”

This is a standard question in the music business class that I teach. 

I tell my students that very often, the answer to any question you’re asking, about a word or phrase, is in the word itself. So a booking agent is someone who booksshows. The answer is in the word. 

It’s self evident. 

I feel like we complicate things in life, so many times, because we refuse to ask the simple question; the most elementary question. 

We choose our sides and cling to our talking points and make our refined arguments. But sometimes, there is a very simple, almost childlike question hanging out there, that nobody seems to want to approach. 

And while we’re all posturing and positioning, that question just lingers. 

I lost two friends to the big virus this week. All of us who create online content always hesitate to call it by name because we’re trying to sidestep the censors and algorithms. 

Why? Well, that’s a big question we should all be asking. But I digress …

At the same time these to friends have passed away, I have other friends and family members who have contracted the virus, who have been fully vaccinated. And my wife has a couple of co-workers who are having strange physical side-effects (maybe they’re side-effects, who knows) since getting the vaccine. 

I have been immersed in videos and literature on global studies and data surrounding all of this. And, no, none of those studies are coming from my uncle’s brother-in-law who thinks the world is flat and we never went to the moon. 

I’m talking about actual peer reviewed data, being posted by actual doctors and scientists. And even then, a lot of our information is murky at best. 

But here’s the child like question I keep asking that I can’t seem to find an answer to: where are the studies coming out of China? 

I prefer to use universally accepted premises to ask these questions. Not biased ones. It just makes it easier. 

So, here is the universally accepted premise that literally zero people dispute: the virus came from Wuhan, China. Now, there are disputes as to whether it escaped from a lab or a bat cave, but nobody disputes its city of origin. 

Okay…that’s some bedrock we can all stand on. 

So, why isn’t China leading the way in sharing information with the world and holding daily press briefings, letting us know what’s working and what isn’t? Why aren’t we getting a daily tally of cases and deaths from the place where the thing originated? 

This has been my main question  from the beginning – since last year. And it still isn’t being answered. 

If this originated in Cleveland, I can’t imagine the city leaders and local health officials wouldn’t have had to hold at least ONE press conference. And the CDC and WHO would’ve been all over that place tracing and counting and “following the science.” 

But in this case, we seem to be fine with the fact Xi Jinping (General Secretary of The CCP) hasn’t had to answer ONE press question. Not one. Even after the United States has fought and argued and elected a whole new president. 

I’m not even insinuating that Jinping is hiding anything or doing anything bad. I’m simply wondering why the leader of the most populated nation on Earth, and the epicenter of the most disruptive pandemic in a hundred years, hasn’t been available to share information with the rest of the world, and why we’ve all been okay with it. 

Are the death rates rising in China? Are they succumbing to new variants? If not, why not? Are their death numbers accurate? Are independent sources verifying their numbers? Do they have effective treatments they could share with the world? If so, what are they? 

What’s going on over there? I, for one, would like to know. Not because I’m hostile toward them. But because they have more people than any other nation and have more experience with all of these viruses than any other nation. It seems like we should talk to them. Doesn’t it? Is it just me? 

The fact is, we know why nobody wants to ask that question or answer it. Because nobody wants to be characterized as a racist and nobody in power wants to get on the bad side of a communist regime. 

An that’s the big elephant in the room. 

Our Vice President went to Vietnam this week…as another Vietnam was playing out in Afghanistan. 

When we left Vietnam, in 1975, a million people were killed and the communists took over the country. If you study what happened after that, you will get a lesson in how communism destroys in ways you cannot imagine when you’re contemplating its glories in the faculty lounge of your Ivy League college. 

Like every other communist regime in history, Vietnam’s attempt at total collectivism eventually collapsed under its own weight. Now, it’s a destination spot and a place where there is available labor and an emerging economy. 

Our Vice President is able to have a nice visit over there because it’s not fighting for communism anymore. That is always the case, all the time. 

Freedom and free exchanges of ideas are always better. Always. They get us to better places more quickly. Tyranny and collectivism hides the light but liberty illuminates. 

Why is that?

Because collectivism become the only game in town. And the only game in town CANNOT be wrong…no matter what. It cannot be challenged. Because if it’s challenged and found wanting, the entire system becomes suspect. And that leads to the ultimate collapse. 

So it must be protected, even at the expense of lives and livelihoods; hopes and dreams. 

Free and open exchanges allow us to examine and challenge and call out and ultimately get to the answer. It might be painful and ugly sometimes, but that’s what a light shows…the truth. 

There are life and death questions we’re all grappling with right now: Do we get a vaccine? Do we not get it? Do we go out in public? Do we stay home?   Do we send our kids to school? Or do we keep them doing online learning?

We’re in the middle of an extreme public health crisis and there are almost no good options. Whatever decision you make, on any of these things, is going to bring with it risks. 

And you have to make the most informed and reasonable decision you can. Your very life depends on it. 

I just wish we had all the information we could get. But some of it is simply unavailable. 

And nobody is asking why. 







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  1. “Knowledge is power. Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.” Robin Morgan

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