It’s been almost 7 months. 

And I haven’t posted anything about the current president. I just don’t feel like it. It’s boring. Has he said things that would make a great meme? Sure. Has he appeared to be unstable and in mental decline? Of course. Did he insult military troops from the podium? Unfortunately, yes. And THAT usually gets my blood boiling, no matter who does it. The troops are sacred ground for me. 

But this time I just shook my head and let it go. Who cares. 

I haven’t watched the news  – NOT. ONE. SINGLE. BROADCAST – in all of 2021. I don’t need to, anymore. I get it. We all get it. 

See, I know what the news has to say. I know where they’re coming from. They showed their hand. They proved that they’re not really all that interested (or maybe even the least bit interested) in breaking a story. If they were, the name Hunter Biden would be leading every story, every night. 

Because, I’m not trying to do your job for you, “journalists,” but the laptop of Hunter Biden, (if it’s really his laptop) – the best response he can seem to muster when asked about it, is “we’ll see” – is the biggest story of the decade if anyone cares to look. 

Why? Because, (again, if it’s really his – and we’re pretty sure it is) it details the way a career in American politics can be leveraged for money. And it implicates a sitting United States President in corruption and influence peddling. 

There was a time when Mike Wallace would’ve been all over something like that on 60 Minutes. That’s the kind of stuff they write movies about (if the corrupt guy is a Republican, of course). But I digress …

But we’ve all stopped believing 60 Minutes. At least I have. I don’t believe any of them, anymore. So I just don’t watch any of it. 

People accused me of being a Trump supporter. I lost “friends” over it. Actually, they weren’t real friends. I know that now. I’ve been called racist and sexist and apologist and ignorant and naive and everything you can imagine. One person even said I was the most dangerous voice in America and I needed to be silenced. 

Whatever, bro. I’m just a blogger. Settle down. Sheesh. 

My transgression was not supporting Trump. I never endorsed him (or ANYONE) for president. I don’t do that. I never came to his defense when he tweeted something stupid. To my knowledge, I’m the only blogger who wrote, NOT ONCE – BUT TWICE, that I personally believe the man possibly suffers from being on the Autism spectrum in some way. 

The Aspergers folks loved that. Trust me.  

No, my transgression was to simply point out that he wasn’t Hitler and to actually understand what the phenomenon was all about. I got it. A lot of people didn’t. And they still don’t. 

If you think the Trump train was about racism or sexism or xenophobia or white nationalism (whatever the hell that is) or putting kids in cages or persecuting brown people or creating some weird dystopian Handmaid’s Tale society, you not only missed the point completely, but given your thought process, you probably miss a lot of them.

The point of Trump was someone from the private sector, with no experience in government, getting the keys to the secrets. And then exposing them. And approaching the whole thing in a different way and proving that you can come in cold, without a political pedigree, turn a failing economy around, end a Middle Eastern caliphate without starting a new war, engage foreign leaders without selling them the farm, and still pardon the turkey every Thanksgiving. 

And do it all for free. 

And throw the tarp back to prove that, yes, it’s all as corrupt and political as we thought it was the whole time. And yes, it’s all as underhanded as we’ve imagined it to be. And yes, big tech power brokers are indeed in bed with the national news media and the Democrat party, to keep Tammany Hall protected and the status quo moving along, right on schedule. 

See, Trump was like John McClean in Die Hard. He was the fly in the ointment. The monkey in the wrench. Do I personally wish it had been someone else? Yes. But it wasn’t. It was him. And I can’t un-see what he basically exposed. 

That’s why I don’t watch the news. It’s why I just keep my head down and hope the NSA isn’t cataloging my texts and emails for some sting operation against people who share tasteless jokes among their friends and sell used household items on Craig’s List. 

There was a time when that would’ve been laughable. These days, who knows what the next “social justice” cause will be. I laugh at nothing. It seems to all be on the table.

When you’re a kid and you discover certain truths about your favorite holiday, it takes some of the magic out of it and a lot of things come crashing to Earth. Also, a lot of pieces start coming together in ways they didn’t before. 

“So THAT’S why mom and dad are always so tired on Christmas morning! Of course.”

“Now I understand why the big man loves the same kinds of cookies as dad.” 

“Oh – I get now why I’m not allowed to go in the spare bedroom after Thanksgiving.”

It ALL makes sense. 

After the last 4 years (and 7 months), I feel a little bit like that kid, having to come to terms with some new realities. 

Would my government lie in FISA court? Well…they kinda did. Would they use the power of office to persecute political foes? Yeah, that ship has sorta sailed as well. Would the powers that be prop up a puppet candidate, through a suspect series of voting events, so they could keep the agenda alive? 

I have no idea and want to believe…no. 

But every time I hear President (yes, I said PRESIDENT) Biden not answer a question because he says (HIS words), “I’m going to get in trouble with the staff,” I wonder how a President can “get in trouble” with his own staff. That one time I used to have an assistant, I couldn’t get in trouble with him…ever…for anything. Because I was in charge of the agenda. Not him. 

Anyway …

When I hear what’s happening in the world, now, none of it really surprises me. Excuse me? They want to raise taxes? Really? I did not see that coming (insert eye roll here). 

What’s that you say? The “cages” at the border are now being referred to as “temporary detention centers?” and the same border agents who were being called Nazis, two years ago, are now being called border agents again? Wow. Knock me over with a feather. 

Wait…say again? Michael Avenatti (a now convicted felon) can get prime time air to accuse Brett Kavanagh of running a gang rape syndicate, with ZERO corroborating evidence, from anyone, anywhere, but we have seven days of congressional hearings about it and an FBI investigation, but TEN women can accuse Andrew Cuomo of sexual assault and it’s not even a top 5 news story? Ever? On any day? 

Oh dear (fanning myself). I’m going to need a Mint Julep and a nap. I’ve got the vapors. 

Yeah. We get it now. The beard has been pulled off. The agreed-upon-legend has been exposed. We all know it’s just the old guy at the mall, using his beer gut and white mane to make extra cash around the Holidays. 

Trump, to me, was just the kid who called it all out. He was the loud mouth know-it-all in the line, who wouldn’t let it go and kept pointing out inconsistencies the true believers didn’t want to face. He’s the one who saw the Wal Mart boots and got a glimpse of the run-of-the-mill timex just below the white gloves.

He noticed the brown eyebrows and the stubble under the fake beard. He called out his old babysitter masquerading as the elf leading kids up to the perch. 

Yeah. Now, we all know. 

So, play the carols and light the tree. In other words, “get back to normal” I suppose. 

I’m just going to smile, drink my egg nog and keep my mouth shut. 




5 thoughts on “BEHIND THE CURTAIN…

  1. Just love to read and support these blogs as it helps remind me that “normal”, rational minded people still exist! The whole Hunter Biden “thing” is SO huge in any other time and place and now…notta! It astounds me. I keep expecting the journalists to do what they are suppose to do and am almost scared at how they’ve neglected their obligations to their profession. Please keep expressing your thoughts, Regie!!! I, too, had to figure out a lot of truths when I discovered there was “a behind the curtain”…my mom still gives us all stocking stuffers (I do the same for my kids!) to try to keep the magic alive…I’m 56! Lol

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  2. Even with the Hunter Biden, Cuomo, etc. complete shut down of any reporting, I still listen to local news and national news every single day. I see/hear the situation with the current government getting worse. The suggestion on a local radio station here in Detroit (and I think it’s being done as we speak) was to let in any immigrant that was willing to work citing that the citizens here don’t seem to want to work and want to collect the money the government is handing over in added stimulus, added unemployment benefits, added child care money, etc. What I see is the government keeping this same group unemployed to allow the immigration of anyone to widen the voting base of Democrats. If I was on the other side of the “wall” I’d be coming over too but I’d be afraid of what I see as no one being tested for any disease including the wretched covid. And I, like you, am fearful to express any opinion on any social platform I’m too old. “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean I’m not being watched.” Perfect quote from someone a long time ago.


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