So, on my Patreon site I’ve been sharing a day-to-day account of what was happening 17 years ago this week, leading up to the release of my CD, American Dreams.

Most of you know me as a blogger and social commentator. But all of that started as a result of some epic twists and turns in my music career.

Tonight, on Facebook Live, I’ll be playing the entire American Dreams record – for the first time since its release on March 18th, 2003.

If you find this blog helpful in any way and you would like to learn more about my “other” jobs, consider becoming a Patreon subscriber.

If every one of my blog followers became Patreon subscribers, at just the $3 a month tier, I could take care of my family solely on that, without the 6 or 7 other things I do to keep the ship afloat.

I’m not a fan of asking anyone for money, but I have a feeling those of us who “create content” are going to be leaning harder into our online profiles now more than ever.

So, if you like what you get from this blog, once a week, maybe you’ll like it even more once a day.

The link to today’s blog is above.

The $3 tier gets you the daily blog and all the behind the scenes stuff.

The $5 tier gets you access to the 5 books I’ve written.

The $10 tier gets you access to everything I put out: music, books, blogs, everything.

If you’re on Facebook, stop by and say hi tonight. It’ll be good to see you whether you become a subscriber or not.

Thank you all!


2 thoughts on “THE DAY OF …

  1. So I keep trying to RENEW my subscription because I had a credit card compromise awhile back. And it will not allow me to do this, because I already have an account. LOLHelp!!Karen Graham


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