Thursday night I will be performing my entire American Dreams record on Facebook live, 17 years (to the day) after its release, in 2003. The last time I performed the entire record was that night at the listening party.

For those of you who have read my book, Angels & Idols, you will be familiar with this. For those who haven’t, this might be a facet of my career you have no idea about. But trust me, that record (and that week) is why I’m here right now, talking to you.

The week that record came out, a deadly virus was circulating through China and the CDC warned my wife and I not to fly there (we were scheduled to go on the 21st). So, a lot of what’s happening now is eerily similar to the conditions in the world, that week.

So, I thought I would post a blog every day sharing different perspectives on what that week was like, leading up to the listening party.

Maybe it will help a little, to take your mind off today and remember that sometimes things work out in the most wonderful of ways …

Official Post from Regie Hamm: So, this week I’m going to be performing the entire American Dreams record on Facebook live, exactly 17 years after the original listening/release party. The recent events in our world have me reeling back to those days. THIS time 17 years ago, SARS was in full swing i…

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