What’s done is done…or is it?

If you are supposed to meet someone at 2 am, and you forget, just set your clock back an hour and blame them for the whole fiasco. Then tell them YOU were there at the correct 2 am – not the incorrect 2 am. What’s wrong with that logic?

See how easy it is to win an “I’m not late, you’re early” argument? Just re-set the clock. When they ask, “what the hell, man?” Just say, “I change the clocks from time to time. If you’re not hip to it, that’s kind of on you.”

Obviously, that’s a ridiculous scenario and argument. You can’t just change time. Time is what it is. Isn’t it?

Well, apparently, you can change time if you can get the government to mandate it for everyone. And then if you’re still having that 2 am meeting with a friend but you want to be an hour late, just set the meeting for November 3rd. They will be like, “dude, it’s 3 in the morning. I’m fading here.”

And you can be like, “Um, you are mistaken, my friend. It is 2 in the morning and THIS is our set meeting time.”

By the way, don’t ask why people are meeting at 2 in the morning. Just go with it …

If you look up the reasons for Daylight Saving (no “s” – I literally just learned this) Time, you will get all sorts of really smart sounding answers. Yes, there is a winter and summer solstice and the earth tilts and the days get shorter and longer and blah, blah, blah. And yes, we all understand that kids catching the bus at 6:30 in the morning (which is the time both of my children catch it) will be in the dark for an hour or so. Yes, there are some agriculture considerations (I suppose) when factoring in sun up and sundown.

But the sun doesn’t really come up earlier or go down earlier. We just say it does. The sun does what it does. The earth does what it does. All of the time changing is for the stupid humans to decide when to start their days.

As the story goes, Daylight Saving Time was enacted during WWI to conserve energy. When I read about how and why it was done, it sort of makes sense to me. But right now, as I’m typing this, I cannot for the life of me remember or figure out how changing the time conserves energy in this day and age…unless we wet our clocks back to 1919…which I assume we can do, since we seem to be masters of time and space.

Setting clocks back and forward reminds me of rewinding a DVD. Rewinding made sense when there was tape in the cartridge. But if you watched a DVD now and rewound it, it would simply be meaningless and a waste of your…well…time. It doesn’t apply.

My 13-year-old son doesn’t understand the concept of having to be in front of the TV, at a certain time, in order to watch a show. He just doesn’t get it. He has been raised in a world where time isn’t an issue when it comes to devices. It’s all available anytime you want it, at the touch of a button. If you miss it the first time, just go get it on demand or find it on the internet. Or just set your DVR and watch it whenever you want to watch it. There is literally no reason to have to be somewhere, where visual entertainment is concerned (with the possible exception of sporting events).

My son also plays video games with kids all over the world. So they’re all in different time zones all the time. The idea of setting clocks back and moving them forward is so weird to him. It’s weird to me, too.

The world doesn’t move the way it used to. We live in a constant awareness of activity. “The world” doesn’t sleep, anymore. We all sleep in shifts, now, waiting to re-join the already-in-progress moving and shaking. We fly from LA to New York and handle the three-hour time shifts in stride. We do business all over the globe and simply take a few days to shake the jet lag.

Daylight Saving Time – or the other time – or whatever it was before that – is fine. Can’t we just decide on it and keep it where it is?

Well, in the spirit of answering that question, I woke up this morning and decided to be the change I wanted to see in the world.

I’m going to start a petition, calling on Congress to pass a law that ends Daylight Saving Time – or whatever the other one is. After we “spring forward” this coming March, my petition would call for not ever changing the time again. Let’s let it be what it is …forever.

I don’t have a clue how to do this, but I say just share this post on social media and type your name in a comments thread underneath if you’re in. I’ll try to transfer it to some official document to present to my representative.

THIS is where we can come together as a nation and make a difference, however small it might be. THIS is where Republicans and Democrats can put aside their anger and hatred of one another, bind up the nation’s wounds, join hands in unity and walk together toward a more perfect union.

Okay…maybe not that, but at least we can keep our friends from punking us on 2 am meetings in November.


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