A lot of people have pretty much had enough. And I get it.

Actor Jeff Daniels said, this week, that one more term of Donald Trump would end Democracy as we know it. Okay, there cowboy. Settle down. Hitler couldn’t do that. The Civil War couldn’t do that. Nixon couldn’t do that. No, Obama couldn’t do that. FDR couldn’t do that (although he and Lincoln got the closest), even the Soviet Union couldn’t do that. I get it. You hate the guy. But ending Democracy as we know it is simply not happening. It’ll be here long after the Donald is replaced.

But then he said something that simply makes my blood boil. He said other than not wanting to pay taxes, the only reason he could see for people voting for Trump was racism. My eyes rolled so far back in my head I could see that phone number I forgot in 1989. Really, dude? Everybody’s a racist?

Shame on you, Jeff Daniels. Shame on you. Voting is very often a pragmatic act. It doesn’t mean you own everything a candidate does or says. It means you prefer their direction over the other direction. And guess what? Just because a lot of Americans can’t seem to square the circle on why every person on planet earth has to have a passport in order to travel; has to enter every other country (on planet Earth) through the correct portals; has to announce their presence in every other country (on planet Earth), except for a two-thousand-mile stretch on the southern border of the United States, where apparently, if you just show up, you should be allowed to simply walk across without any of the aforementioned tethers, that makes you some sort of Nazi…doesn’t make them racists.

I have a LEGAL immigrant who lives with me. She is my daughter. Mountains of paper work and gallons of ink went into her adoption and naturalization. My fingerprints are on file with the FBI. I had to turn my financial records over to TWO different governments. I’m sure this thing I’m writing is being monitored by someone, somewhere. And I guess I can’t understand why it would’ve been okay to simply have the orphanage meet us all in Mexico and walk the babies across the border for free.

Why do we even have an immigration department if it is essentially a racist act to use it?

Questions like these are why people voted for a foul-mouthed philanderer from Queens. And it has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with somebody in government finally asking the same question we’re all asking: “What the hell is going on and why hasn’t it been fixed???”

And yes, people want to pay less in taxes. Even Mr. Daniels will have to fly to the state with the best tax incentives for his next film. And for the life of me, I have never been able to understand why that is an immoral thing. Why is the government receiving more money than the citizenry somehow noble? Why is Bill Gates keeping ALL the money he earns, a matter of our collective, eternal souls? Bill does a pretty good job with his money. He helps a lot of people with his money. He gives a lot of his money away to worthy causes. I’ll bet he does a better job with it than all those congress people would. Why must he (and people like him) be a constant target of outrage?

The fact is lowering taxes has made the economy boom. Businesses can now expand. And although people desperately want to believe that when businesses expand one evil white guy at the top just keeps all the money, it really doesn’t work that way. When businesses expand, jobs get created to help it happen. And those people working those jobs save up their money and sacrifice those new shoes and don’t eat out for a few weeks so they can afford plane tickets to New York City, to watch Jeff Daniels play Atticus Finch on Broadway.

And yet somehow, he doesn’t know or understand that. And he believes that a lot of those people are horrible inside, and want harm done to people of other races. Meanwhile, those other races have a higher employment rate than they’ve ever had in the history of this country. Well, I suppose technically there was 100% employment of black people when they were slaves and didn’t have a choice. But then the Republican party showed up and gave them a choice.

A lot of family became Republicans in the 1960’s because the Republicans were the only people in some parts of the south who would register black voters. This is how and why Martin Luther King Jr. was a registered Republican. Then, a lot more of them became Republicans in the 80’s when they’d had enough economic chaos from the very likable and very Christian Jimmy Carter.

And what has turned a lot of people on to the current Mr. Trump? A lot of it is being tired of getting berated for asking simple questions: why don’t we have a secure border? Is a wall or a fence really “immoral?” Does that really make us all racists?

And while we’re at it, why does a series of tornadoes in Oklahoma (a place that is LITERALLY called “Tornado Alley”) mean the world is ending and in order to fix it we have to transfer all the wealth in the world to other countries? Does anybody else think the “Green New Deal” is a load of crap? Why do we have to take this nonsense seriously to be treated like a human being?

While we’re at it, why do we have to accept some man’s desire to dress and act like a woman as “science?” It’s not science. He’s a dude. Dress however you want. Call yourself whatever you want. Act however you want to act. Nobody really cares, anymore. But we actually have to pretend his gender pronouncement is science in order to not be horrible people? We have to pretend he’s not winning all those races in the women’s division because he’s actually a MAN?

These questions nag at regular people. These issues have all been hurled into the political realm. And people look for someone out there – some leader – to help them make sense of it all. If you don’t understand Donald Trump standing in that gap and offering to be the lightening rod for these people, then you wasted your money on that human behavior course you took in college.

Donald Trump may be a racist. I don’t know the man. And I don’t make judgements on people I don’t know (or DO know, for that matter). If he is a racist, he sucks at it because he sure has helped a lot of minorities do better, financially. But I DO know a lot of people who voted for him. And they are not racists. They are pragmatists who love their country and have questions that have never been sufficiently answered by their government. And they get the joke. Yes, they all know Donald Trump is saying about half of everything he says with his tongue in his cheek. And to some people that’s a breath of fresh air. And they’re tired of being talked down to by media types, with perfect jaw lines and no sense of humor.

And yes, they are incredibly weary of being scolded by actors and rock stars, who aren’t pulling double shifts to buy the kids Christmas presents, or getting bridge loans to keep the gas station open, or maxing out the credit card to go to the Big Apple and watch that Dumb and Dumber guy in his new play.



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17 thoughts on “DUMBER …

  1. If I wasn’t in work right now, I would be standing up clapping.

    Thank you.

    I had someone local approach me about voting, which I had already done by mail so she was a bit late. She wanted me to vote all of column 4 for Progressive Democrats, not Column 1, The incumbent “Progressive Democrats”. These new local folks are running on a platform of more sustainable energy, more transparency in how government is run, better use of our local tax dollars. When I asked her to elaborate about energy she made a gesture to the solar panel attached to the utility pole, saying more solar energy, better incentives for people to have solar installed on their houses. So I asked where will the incentive money come from.

    Why from federal government programs of course.

    When I asked what their plans were for crumbling infrastructure she gave me a puzzled look. I said, you know roads, water and sewer, utilities.

    Ahhh, yes, yes, we have plans to submit for Federal funds to make improvements.

    On transparency she said they would make sure all meetings were properly advertised and open to the public. I replied, oh, so kind of like listing the public meetings in the classified section of a say newspaper?

    Yes, that is an excellent suggestion, I will write that down. How else would you like to see meetings advertised.

    Oh, I don’t know, maybe a county or town web site where people could go look to see what’s going on. But I don’t know who would foot the bill since it would involve web hosting.

    Well, I’m sure we can find some federal money to cover that cost. It’s been great talking to you, very informative, be sure to vote column 4.

    Can’t make this stuff up. In my area the vast majority is Democrat, to a point a Republican vote has no meaning so I am registered so I can at least possibly vote in someone qualified.

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    • Yes! As the middle aged and former lifelong Democrat who now (amazingly) gets it, all I can say is, Thank You! Half this country’s electorate are maligned remorselessly in the media and pretty much everywhere else publicly when what is truly needed is more love and understanding and less incivility and hate toward those that also love and cherish their country. We should all be able to disagree and stop condemning for having another view other than our own that simply doesn’t conform to what our idea of caring or good intentions may be.

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  2. Excellent column, Regie! You’ve captured the angst of regular Americans very well. I’ve shared this blog on social media and hope others will as well. Thank you!

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  3. ok, Regie, that was a big fat poke in the eye for me. Thank you. I need you in my life to create balance.. Sometimes when we get old we think we pretty much know stuff. Haha. Thank you for a whole bunch of food for thought!! As always, you rock. Please keep it up.

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  4. I’m heading over to FB just so I can share this. Good job explaining what I can’t seem to put into words. I guess that’s why you’re a professional writer and I’m not!😉

    Missy Holmes

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  5. Wow! Sounds like you have got it all figured out, Reggie. You should run Trump’s re-election campaign; you’ve got ALL his jive talking points down pat. Interesting the way you interpreted Daniel’s commentary as accusing Everyone as racists. Of course, there are NO flaws in Trump’s performance, rationale, behavior, or his commentary (and notable lack of comment or reaction to critical issues) other than his foul mouth (how about his foul mind) — no, Donnie is just dandy. Oh, by the way the taxes he’s “saving us” are what pays for the infrastructure that benefits ALL Americans directly or indirectly, so where’s that money coming from. And where do you think the money coming from that he’s promised to American farmers (and already given them in subsidies) hurt by his tariffs on China that “China’s paying us?” Its from the U.S. budget, he didn’t just pull it out of his ass, as he does with most of what he has to say.

    I don’t despise Trump because he “won” the election or because he’s a foul-mouthed, unsavory excuse of a human being. I despise him because he is the out-in-the-open and incarnate example of the worst kind of politician American’s supposedly hate. But a certain segment of our population has fawning adulation for him because he says and thinks things they think and have been dying to say for decades. But Donnie is a magnificent con man; his past behavior demonstrates his uncanny ability to con people and get away with it. But nothing lasts forever, and his day of reckoning will come sooner or later. The only question is how much damage he will do to this country, it’s institutions, it’s values and it’s reputation in the world. The world recognizes him as a con man and a bloviating narcissistic bastard only interested in himself and what he can get out of The Deal, the Con.

    You might want to consider having a look at a book by the title of “The Confidence Game: Why We Fall For It….Everytime ” by Maria Kornnikova. It might flip a switch about Trump in your brain, or at least temper your apparent adulation for Donnie.


    • It would appear you did not even bother to read the article. You just don’t get it, do you? This is not about Trump, if it hadn’t been him, it would have been another noxious figure (Cruz etc) on the right. What it is really about is a regressive, authoritarian and PC crazed hypocritical Left that cannot imagine why they lost the election to one who is so offensive to their sensibilities, other than due to some moral failing on the part of the other side. It bears noting that whoever finally stood up against the PC, multi culti mob was bound to win and for that reason alone will never be forgiven.

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      • Oh, I did read the article, which jumped all over the place after making his initial point. So the fact that it “appears” to you that I didn’t read the article appears to mean you need to get you “mental glasses” or mind-reading skills checked. It certainly was about Trump, everything IS ABOUT Trump these days, even the subtext.


      • And Trump loves the fact that it’s ALL about him; it’s the expanded, “presidential” edition of his inane, mindless, faux macho, tv program The Apprentice that a select portion of America loves to watch and fantasize about the bullshit power Trump supposedly projected on his fantasy program. I’ll give you one thing, Trump is a Master Confidence Man for those who “believe” and are highly susceptible to Con Men and Flimflam artists. I am not one of those — I arrested them for a living when I could. The only blatantly authoritarian character in recent history is Donald Trump, he reeks of unilateral authoritarianism, his words, comments and fawning adulation for the world’s current crop of authoritarian leaders speak volumes about his mind and “very stable genius.” He has an extremely high opinion of himself, and as long as you agree with him.


          • How do they say “Fuck Off” In Canadian? I’m sure Reggie is a Big Boy and can defend his opinions or “facts” or are the comments only for slathering sycophantic praise on his “Wiseness?”


            • I gave up slathering years ago, right after I realized that a little is usually enough. Others seem to think it is still necessary. Just because you are louder doesn’t make you right. I’m not interested in defending Regie, just wondering why you don’t advertise your own blog? I’d read it.

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  6. Amen, Brother. Great capture of the frustrations of over half of America. Some say Trump is the worse kind of politician – no he isn’t a politician at all – that’s why we support him. And most support him, not fawn all over him. Keep writing.

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  7. I’ve read so many of your blogs I can’t count them all, but this read today just had me inwardly cheering (I’m at the doctors office so I couldn’t really cheer out loud). I so appreciate you being able to find the right words to express why we who voted for Trump did so…without being racist!! I so wish we could plaster this blog all over FB, Washington Post, New York Times, People Magazine (I’m just trying to come with stuff now!), but so that normalish people who can’t for the life of them understand why someone would vote for Trump…voted for Trump! Thank you, Regie!!! What a writer…and more importantly in my opinion…a thinker you are!!


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