For a topical blogger, there are so many issues to talk about.

And yet at Christmas time I find myself not wanting to talk about any of it. I’m one of those people who becomes a kid at Christmas. Sometimes, I put Rudolph on TV  …even after the kids are asleep. The show itself holds no excitement for me, anymore. The production value is laughable by today’s standards. And don’t even get me started on the characters and archetypes represented, juxtaposed against today’s standards. It’s a politically correct nightmare.

But having it on in the background, is soothing in a weird way. With the tree lit up and the fire roaring, Rudolph and Hermie being “independent together” is kind of nice. I can be seven-years-old again …if for the briefest of moments. The little cocoon it creates keeps out the internet fighting and the bills stacking up and the adult decisions that must be made and the friends getting older and sicker and, yes, the ones passing away.

I think humans need a recharging station. Christmas is a great one for us.

And so, I listen to the music and go see the lights and generally enjoy the season as much as a 51-year-old man can.

My love for the season always makes me remember things from my childhood. Several years ago, I wrote about a Christmas memory that haunts me to this day. Something that happened to me and my family, at a homeless shelter, many decades ago. That memory became a blog …and that blog led me to write the book, One Silent Night.

It has been optioned to become a film and I am excited about that. We thought the film would be ready for release next Christmas …but probably not. Most likely it will be ready in 2020. And so I’m still working on book rights and getting into the market place on time, etc. etc.

But I wanted to let people hear it. So, I’m offering an MP3 of the audio book to everyone for free, starting today. If you feel Christmassy, you can throw a tip in the virtual jar (my PayPal link). But you certainly don’t have to.

The audio book contains 10 songs embedded in it, that are also my Christmas CD. So, I think it’s a nice 3-and-a-half-hour listening experience.

Below is a link to the book. All you have to do is click and listen. The PayPal link is below that …if you want to donate. I can assure you all the proceeds go to a Chinese orphan (wink).

Thank you all for following me and reading this blog, this year. I have so much to be thankful for. And I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


One Silent Night link:

6 thoughts on “ONE SILENT NIGHT …

  1. Reggie, I have not entirely listened to One Silent Night yet, but as so closely eyes , and listen, I am transported to that night with you. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You have an exceptional talent with words. I will be first in line to see that movie, and drag others with me as I tell them about you and your beautiful family. I can’t imagine the struggle you and beautiful Yolanda deal with every day, but you never let it steal your joy. I know deep in my heart that there is nothing that you two would not do for your babies. Your love for them and each other shines brightly in everything you say and do! God bless you and your beautiful family this holiday season, and may 2019 be the BEGINNING OF ABUNDANCE OF BLESSINGS in your lives!!!!! In Christian love, Debbie


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