“Welcome to Nashville, now ya’ll go home,” is a famous bumper sticker in my hometown.

The influx of people to Nashville, Tennessee is currently mind boggling. For those of us who are natives, or at least have lived here for several decades, our little well-kept secret is out and we are watching and experiencing the consequences of maintaining a nice, kind, clean living environment.

“Voting with your feet” is something Ronald Reagan used to talk about. It’s one of the tenants of Federalism and the tenth amendment. All of that is pointy-headed talk for …if you don’t like how things are being done in your city or state, you can move somewhere where they do it differently. This is why big, sweeping federal programs, that affect every state the exact same way, should always be tempered and thought a lot about before they are enacted.

Healthcare is a prime example of such a thing. There are states that have tried universal, government-run healthcare in their state. And those who want that, can move to that state. As it turns out …it doesn’t usually work that well …but I digress.

Migration and immigration is one of the primal forces of human nature. We move to the food. We move to the weather. We move to the money. We move to the opportunity. It’s as natural as breathing. And there’s nothing wrong with it. People have been doing it for millions of years …or thousands, if you’re a young-earth creationist.

In life you really only have two choices: stay and fundamentally change your home, or move to a different home. We all do this in the micro and the macro. We talk a bout fixing up our current place …or buying a new one. Should we renovate or build? Should we stay in Phoenix or move to Albuquerque …or Nashville?

For some parts of the world, those questions are deeper and have more repercussions? Should we stay in Honduras or march north? Should we fight the existing power in our home country …or fight the power in another one?

There is no magic dirt in the world. People move because human conditions demand it. People pour into Tennessee because we have no state income tax and the cost of living is still manageable …although Nashville is pricing itself out of “manageable.” People come to America because they haven’t had a sufficient revolution in their own country …so they want to come to the one that did.

But very often, these days, people forget what the concept of “moving to different dirt” is. If you move to different dirt, you are moving to become part of the community established on that dirt. Not to bring the very dysfunction you’re running from …to that dirt. If I moved to California, I wouldn’t try to change California. I would move there to become a Californian …that’s why I don’t live in California. I go there to visit and then …I come home to Nashville.

We’re watching a caravan migrate from South America toward the United States. They call themselves “asylum seekers.” Okay …if they say so. But I keep noticing weird things for asylum seekers. I keep seeing them proudly wave the flags of their oppressive countries. That seems strange to me. If they want to become Americans, I would think they would find some old glories to wave. I would think they wouldn’t want any reminders of the dirt they were fleeing.

At some point, after they turn down asylum in the Mexican dirt, they’re going to stand on the precipice of our dirt. And they will come face-to-face with the green and cammo of our military. And a new controversy will rage on the airwaves. The lines of reasoning are already being written on each side. The narratives are already in place: if you don’t want them to come in, you hate “brown people.” If you want them to come in, you want open borders, etc, etc.

All of this is being played out as our president raises the question of birthright citizenship. And I, for one, think this is a conversation we’ve been needing to have for decades.

There are some fundamental questions we should all ask:

how many people should we allow onto our dirt?

What if every person in south America wanted to come here for assylum? Should we allow it? Could we allow it?

What about every person in India? How about China?

Are there any repercussions from trying to assimilate large groups of people into different cultures all at once?

What if a couple from Germany came to visit the United States and see the Grand Canyon. The wife is eight and half months pregnant. And while viewing the world wonder, her water breaks and she goes into labor. She is helicoptered to a local hospital, where she gives birth to a nine pound baby boy. Should that boy be an American citizen automatically? Or is he a German citizen, who just happens to have been born in Arizona?

And finally, when considering immigration policies, I think when the caravan finally arrives, we should force all those in the front of the line …to the back of the line …and bring all those at the back of the line …to the front and give them preferential treatment. If those who were in the front make a fuss, we can simply tell them that they are o good company …along with one million other people standing in line to become LEGAL citizens of the United States.

Our dirt is not magic dirt. We just found a better way to organize ourselves and produce goods and services. We are not racists just because we ask for people to respect the process of entering our dirt. And I, for one, have pretty much had enough of being called that. I live with a brown person. I’m not scared of them and I don’t hate them.

I feel about them the way I feel about all those non-Tennessee license plates I see driving all over my once-sleepy little town …did you think this through before you came? Don’t mess with our coolness. It took us a long time to get it this way. Be cool or go home. And finally, if you’re gonna be here. BE here. Don’t come and complain all day. Add the good your brought from wherever you came from. Discard the bad you left there.

And don’t drive slow in the passing lane!


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10 thoughts on “MAGIC DIRT …

  1. Someone somehow needs to investigate who initially organized this group. My heart goes out to them because it’s been said they were lied to by some organization that promised them asylum saying the USA MUST accept them. I usually never respond to comments, keep myself off social media as much as possible because I do not have any answers on how to FIX anything.
    Seems like this one needs to start questioning who, on day one, spoke to them and made promises.
    They look pretty well-fed, pretty well groomed, so I would think anyone educated, at least a bit, would know better than to believe something without researching the subject.
    You’re right about the flag waving. I would think a white flag would be more appropriate but still unnecessary.


  2. I have no issues if the 4000 want to come to this country. What I will say is that I’d like those celebrities and politicians demanding we let them in to personally go talk to the 4000 people that have petitioned and filled out paperwork to come here from other countries before these people even had the thought about coming here, and tell them, sorry, we are giving your space to someone else. This country takes in I believe near a million refugees and those looking to come here every year. The immigrant population is somewhere around 15% I believe. At some point you just have to say we can’t take any more. Maybe countries with only 5% should step up and take in more.


  3. I so feel your pain! I live in Idaho and we are seeing the mass migration into our state from all the high taxed, over regulated, west coast states, primarily California. Most come here to escape what are fast becoming socialist states. But there are just as many moving here simply because our taxes and home prices are lower. They are determined to turn us into a blue state like they did to Colorado. They don’t seem to be able to connect the dots that their liberal tax and spend thinking are why they had to move to a red state. Sadly if the liberal west coast continues to move here they will out number us pretty fast (Idaho has 1.7 million).

    And great point regarding those “fleeing” their countries! Why are they waving their country’s flag? That feels like a threat to me. It tells me that they want the good things our country will give them but they are not going to assimilate. They have been offered asylum in Mexico and have turned it down. So clearly they are not as desperate as they claim. Our immigration system is broken, that is for sure! But we have politicians that have no desire to fix it because it serves as great theater during election cycles. I am hopeful that Trump will force Congress to finally do something that will benefit the American people rather than themselves!


  4. Ah, Californication. That was a term in Austin TX longgg before the TV series. That’s why I left 20yrs ago. Now the little town I live in is going through a smaller yet equally aggravating period. Don’t come here and tell us how it was so much better where you came from, just go back.
    The caravan has the Soros stamp. Just sayin.


  5. I love your blogs but this one really hit me. I was born in Colorado, I finally had to move because we were flooded with people who moved in and were changing Colorado to fit THEIR way of life. I moved to Arizona because I thought it has a lot of the things I loved about Colorado before the invasion! Now they’re coming here, from inside the US and outside, wanting to change us to fit their desires. Luckily, I am of an age when it really won’t matter much anymore but I sure wish I could finish out my life without being told I have to change my way of thinking to fit some newbies!


  6. Generally speaking, I agree with enforcing immigration policies, especially the ones that insist on you taking advantage of the first country to offer you asylum. I’m from Canada, and I think our policies may even be a bit worse (we took in folks who hate President Trump and claimed asylum after walking across the border…funny). But my only beef with what you wrote, Sir Regie, is the argument that late arrivers should just accept what the new dirt has been and continues to be. In theory, sounds rational. In practice, well there are certain native Americans and Canadians that would argue that both of our countries have been founded on the idea of taking land that wasn’t ours and making it more like where we came from. Sometimes that is for the better, sometimes for the worse, but we can’t claim to be above all that nonsense…both countries are steeped in the practice of radicalized immigration in our short histories. I guess it is in the eye of the beholder.


  7. The entire “caravan” thing boggles my mind. And fleeing an oppressive country while waving that country’s flag makes no sense. In fact, very little of this makes sense, particularly the fact that the caravan(s) is so organized, supported and financed. Or perhaps it does.


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