I am not a Republican.

A lot of people think I am because I lean conservative in certain areas; fiscal matters, constitutional rights, etc. And I end up voting for Republicans because they usually represent my interests. Believe it or not …it’s okay to vote in your own interest. Anyway …

One of the things that has always intrigued me about Republicans (and people on the right, in general) is their absolute inability to shape culture …or even connect with it, in many cases. Republicans, the party that freed the slaves and signed the 19th amendment (guaranteeing women the right to vote), and nominated the first African American to a cabinet position (D. Eisenhower), and appointed the first African American Secretary of State (G.W Bush), and nominated the first African American FEMALE Secretary of State (same), and voted in greater percentages for the Civil Rights act of 1964 than Democrats, have allowed themselves to somehow become the default bad guys of society. And if not the bad guys, at least the “ignorant” guys.

Now, they do themselves no favors by putting up candidates who say patently stupid things like “legitimate rape” or telling jokes publicly about Abraham Lincoln getting groped by Ruth Bater Ginsberg in 1862 (a Facebook meme that was barely snicker-worthy, anyway). But the main thing Republicans have never figured out (although I think I see Lindsey Graham having a life epiphany, in real time) is exactly what they’re up against. They don’t have a clue about the end game or who is backing it.

A friend of mine recently got back from traveling around the world, shooting a documentary. This person was trying to tell a story about one thing, then stumbled into a web of communist revolutionaries. The accounts of how deep and dark the lines of misinformation and corruption run, was almost hard to follow and difficult to believe. Every sort of mind game that can be played …is being played. Every sort of deception that can be perpetrated …is being perpetrated. Every person who stands in the way …is removed. Nothing is off limits and the ends justify ALL means …ALL.


Because statists believe they are doing God’s work. They have substituted a deity for the state. And they worship at the altar of centralized power and control. And they genuinely believe that that sort of construct is the only way to move the human race forward. Once you embrace something that existential, all bets are off. And everything is on the table when it comes to removing obstacles in your way. The greater good is in the balance. You’re a soldier. And it’s war. I’m not saying all people on the left are communist revolutionaries. But they embrace their beliefs with the same zealotry. And, above all, they play to win.

People on the right tend to be philosophical in their approach to politics. It’s theory. It’s “constitutional.” It’s maybe even moral. But mere philosophy and belief in what “should be” will never stand up to absolute, soaked-to-your-core belief that your opponents aren’t just wrong …but evil and bad for the world. If you believe with all your heart that the confirmation of a certain judge to the Supreme Court is going to be the end of freedom for women …forever …what would you be willing to do? How far would you be willing to go to stop it? And would any and everything be on the table?

The Republicans have been playing like the old Washington Generals used to play against the Harlem Globetrotters. Competent …yet destined to lose. They get close …it’s almost a tight game …but they’re just no match for the free-wheeling athletic geniuses whirling the ball in every direction and walking away with the inevitable win. And it’s happening again …

Now, for the record, I actually don’t care if Brett Kavanaugh ever puts on a SCOTUS robe or not. I’m not in favor of overturning Roe V Wade (for several reasons …although I don’t think he would do that anyway) and I couldn’t care less about somebody who went to Yale and has worked for the government his whole life. These aren’t my kinda people. Although he does seem to like beer and have a good time. Maybe we could hang …but I’m probably not someone they would allow into the country club …unless I was performing.

But as an observer, who has been in on a LOT of strategy sessions, determining how to sell the buying public something they don’t even know they want yet, I can see a script and a narrative being written right before our eyes. And once again, the unwitting Republicans are falling for Medowlark Lemon’s dribble through the legs routine.

First …the people who control the language, control the high ground in any debate. Second …the people who control the visual images, control the public perception. Third …humans move in herds and all you have to do is steer them by an inch, to steer them by a mile.

What’s about to happen to Brett Kavanagh is this: a new allegation against him will surface, every single day of next week. Either another woman claiming something sordid, or a witness who now maybe thinks they do, after all, remember something that happened back in 1982 will come forward. Or, something as simple as friends coming forward to refute what those yearbook innuendoes meant or asserting that they saw him pass out at a party once, could emerge. That calls EVERYTHING he has ever said into question.

These stories will lead Good Morning America and Today, with ominous music lead-ins into the serious graphics, then be reported by stone-faced, credible-looking (and sounding) journalists. Then, the day’s news will be chewed up and spit out and finally used as fodder for punch lines that will punctuate the late-night shows, complete with right-on-cue laugh tracks and rim shots. The public perception will get imprinted with still-frame pictures of Kavanaugh’s face in a grimace or strange contort. Facebook memes will circulate. And celebrity videos are probably being done as we speak. All these images burn grooves in the brain. And we will start to dislike Mr Kavanaugh …a lot. And even if you don’t believe something …with enough stimulation in the other direction …you will find yourself believing it, or at least accepting the premise. Because there will be too much in the air. Too much to digest. Too many people to stand up to. Too many images to refute.

With enough time, the industrial media complex can make you believe your own mother is working for a drug cartel. So you’d better hope they’re on your side if you ever decide to be a voice in the wilderness. If you’re a Republican …they are not on your side, no matter what the truth may be. You should know that going in.

By the this time next week, Brett Kavanaugh will be a footnote in history. He will never wear a SCOTUS robe. And he will be ruined as a man. And the truth about what actually may or may not have happened in a house, in Maryland, in 1982, will STILL not be known. The people who believe her …will still believe her. The people who believe him …will still believe him. But the big, wide middle, who are swayed by images and voices and perception …will have purchased the movie tickets and suspended their disbelief long enough for the case against him to have been made. The Democrats played this game to perfection. And the Republicans were unwitting participants.

This is how we (the entertainers) get you to believe things. We just say it loud enough and long enough and credibly-looking enough. And eventually you say, “well …I suppose Madonna really IS a great singer. I mean …everybody else thinks she is …and I like that one song …so …whatever …I’ll buy it.”

I’ve seen it happen a few dozen times. And it’s not about special talent or special vision or right or wrong or any of those surface pursuits. It’s about one thing and one thing only: the will to play to win …no matter what it takes.

One side has been playing to win in this debate. The other side has simply been scared to lose.

Well, their fears are about to become a reality.


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  1. Very impressive! I don’t know how you manage to do it. You’re always are so articulate. You just lay it out all so well. You’re a natural.


  2. This is disturbing…very disturbing…and I hope you’re wrong. My hubby and I had an discussion about this today. I felt it was a mistake to give the Democrats more time. He said they only had a week to have FBI investigate the current allegations and any other allegations that surface during the week. I truly pray Judge Kavanaugh is not destroyed. He is a good man. I just know that. Any government that allows the kind of humiliation I’ve witnessed in these proceedings is doomed to ultimately fail and take all of us down with them.


  3. Thanks for saying what I’ve longed to express for years…the complete frustration that many of us feel as we watch friends and family (otherwise good and intelligent people) siding with such dark forces – unwittingly for the most part. And they think I’ve sided with darkness because I’m conservative. But why shouldn’t they think that…it’s all they see and hear around them. Language, images, celebrities, scholars, universities, music, movies, television, textbooks, newspapers …it’s a raging river of mis-information and hatred, and woe to those of us who choose to swim against the current of the mainstream!

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  4. Spot on analysis Regie! This is the struggle I have with my family. There was no perspective on the Kavanaugh hearings. Everyone was shouting “I believe her” in the news and social media. Everyone was forgiving when she could not remember all the details (but not if it applied to Kavanaugh though) but if she was “100% sure of” something then she had to be right (but not if it applied to Kavanugh). All reason and objectivity is gone.

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  5. I’m starting to doubt if mainstream media is as powerful as you think anymore, but yeah I agree with your general drift. I tend to be shades of resistant/hostile to attempts to manipulate my emotions, so I think I don’t fall for these plays with as much enthusiasm as some. But many do.


  6. This was the most depressingly accurate post I’ve read on this whole snafu. Ouch. Why has our country come to this?? If we just stuck to the Constitution (in spirit too)… *sigh*


  7. “statist believe they are doing God’s work” the end justifies the means…
    So here’s one for you…I don’t care if he did it or not…it was forty years ago anyway…and clearly Ford is leaving out details…so who really cares…this is way to much drama..dude’s totally qualified…vote him in…cause I am an anxious to discover the next drama that bubbles up out of the swamp…more fun than a box of…whatever…lol

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  8. I’ve been following a group of people who are plowing new ground – diverse backgrounds, religions, politics – who come together and talk, trade ideas, learn from one another. The Intellectual Dark Web – Quillette – Peterson – Shapiro – Rubin – Rowe. Posts and YouTube videos that you often have to stop before they are finished so you can think about and digest what they are saying before you let them lead you to a new way of thinking about our own future and the future of our countries (Canada and the United States, in particular.) Good Stuff.


  9. Interesting and for the part of the industry behind the scenes orchestrating it is what we must not forget. I would add this committee is ran and everything that occurs is dictated by the republican majority aka the industries that support them. The hearing was set up by the republicans, how no republicans questioned Ford, how only Ford (not others) was questioned, how the investigation which was asked for (by the demo) occurred after the hearing instead of before the hearing was decided on by the republicans. The way the republican committee hearing members in the afternoon each and everyone gave a stump speech for their time allotted, each repeating its the demos fault, demonise the demos etc. I am a pragmatic independent or an old form of republican and am disgusted with how the republicans have conducted committee meeting over the last five years. Some have been put up under the code for purposely stating testimony or statement that is false to sway opinions. So far, most of those charges have been backlogged.
    This Kava ordeal does make one curious, just what pending cases are or will be before the Supreme Court. Why do they need a very right winged justise when they already have 4 with 1 moderate to vote their way? — Private property acquisition for the use of pipelines etc without property owners right to refute may be one of them.
    Next, Kava is a Catholic and a Yale guy. In itself is not disqualifying but, there is already 5 Catholics with 3 Jewish justices, that only are from Yale or Harvard. The court needs more diversity. .. All the courts recognise when someone lies — even a series of small lies that they become unreliable witnesses. — for a justice this is true, for a president, heck so what????


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