“Give me an asshole who can play …”

This is a famous quote from iconic drummer, Buddy Rich. Buddy only wanted the best on stage with him. He didn’t care about their “moral character” or if they were pleasant to be around. He didn’t even care if he, himself, liked them. He hired only guys who could burn the room down with him …not boy scouts who were mediocre. Hence, the famous quote.

President Donald Trump appears to be in trouble. A series of confessions and convictions, of and by people around him, are casting a strange, dark light on his presidency at the moment. There is a perception (at least) that shady stuff has gone on around this guy. And when shady stuff constantly goes on around someone in charge, you have to conclude that the guy in charge is okay with shady stuff.

Has he hung around tax evaders and money launderers? Clearly. Did he pay off porn stars and Playboy Playmates to keep their dalliances quiet? I think we can safely conclude that he did. Is he a petulant child in the Twitter-verse? One hundred percent. Does he say things in public my mother would slap me for saying? Literally, everyday. Did he conspire with a foreign power to win an election? Maybe. Will any of this make a difference to his supporters? That’s a complicated answer. Let me explain …

I have a theory that all presidential elections are reactions to the sitting president at the time. I’m old enough to remember Jimmy Carter getting elected (in large part) because he was a wholesome, moral breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of corruption and scandal created during the Nixon years. I was only a kid, but I distinctly remember entire churches being excited to go out and vote for an openly Christian man for president. Then, after four years of that disaster, I remember those same people breaking speed limit laws to get to the polls to vote for Reagan as fast as they could.

The conditions that created a “president Trump” kinda started with Bill Clinton, who led to George W Bush …who led to Barack Obama.

By the time we got to him, Mr Obama was going to be the antidote to incompetence and corruption and war mongering and, yes …even racism. But a very strange thing happened during Mr Obama’s presidency. Racism didn’t end. Corruption didn’t end. Wars didn’t end. And incompetence might’ve actually gotten worse. My full day of talking to the customer service agent at the newly created healthcare exchange, did NOT leave me confident.

And what was discovered during Mr Obama’s 8 years, was that in a free market nation, over-taxing, over-regulating and a leader who constantly berates the business community and supports policies that place more emphasis on celebrating the “diversity” of people groups than on law and order for every individual, and foreign policies that take everything but the nation you’ve been elected to lead into account, simply doesn’t work.

What was also exposed in those 8 years was how feckless and weak Republicans had actually become in their opposition to such things. And with candidates literally talking openly about socialism and nationalizing private institutions, a guy like Trump comes along and promises to re-set the foundation of the nation the way Americans understand it …and the way they want it. Is he really that much of a surprise?

I talk occasionally about the fourth revolution. And Donald Trump is the leader of it.

If you’re appalled at the lewd behavior of your president, you’re behind. That ship sailed when one was getting blow jobs by an intern half his age, in the Oval Office …AND. NOBODY. CARED.

If you wish your president was decent and measured and refused to return fire at his critics, you’re behind. We already had that guy and he was called a war criminal, who should be tried at the Hague (Rosie O’Donell’s public announcement) and “retarded” (Chris Rock’s word – DEFINITELY not mine), someone who should force his daughters to go to war (Matt Damon’s suggestion) a monster who deliberately broke the levies in New Orleans to drown black people (Spike Lee’s claim) and on and on and on …AND. NOBODY. CARED.

If you wish your president was upstanding and righteous and said all the right things, you’re behind. Mitt Romney already ran. AND. NOBODY. CARED.

If you wish your president was a humble and honorable true public servant, without moral blemishes, you’re behind. Bob Dole (a man who gave his right hand to his country) and John McCain (a man who gave both arms to his country) already ran. AND. NOBODY. CARED.

Donald Trump was the last branch to grab before the nation hit the ground. But he has changed the game in some ways. Nobody believes a nice guy can get it done, anymore. We’ve had nice guys …and nothing changed.

Cutting taxes and repatriating a trillion dollars was the right thing to do. And it’s working. And only a guy who doesn’t give crap about what people think of him could’ve gotten it done. Moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem was the right thing to do. It sends a message to the rest of the middle east and, in turn, creates a stability hard to quantify. Presidents on BOTH sides of the aisle have promised to do it. It should’ve been done decades ago. But only a guy who doesn’t give a crap about what people think of him could’ve gotten it done.

Taking Kim Jong Un on …head on …is looking like it was the right thing to do. But only a guy who doesn’t give a crap about what people think of him would’ve even attempted it.

While Mr Trump’s lawyers and campaign people were perp-walking in and out of ivory towers, a teenaged girl in Iowa – as middle-America a place as you can find – was being murdered by someone in the country illegally. That creates real world fear for Americans everywhere. We have enough fear of our own citizenry, breaking our own laws. And reasonable Americans don’t think it’s UNreasonable to ask people wanting to come to our country …to sign the hell in. They don’t see how that makes them racists. It simply doesn’t compute. And the only elected leader giving them any cover is the flawed president.

So, did Donald Trump collude and conspire with Russians to win an election? What the media and his opponents (and even a lot of Republicans) STILL don’t or can’t or won’t understand is that it doesn’t matter. He didn’t have to collude with anybody. He was going to win either way. He had millions of Americans at “build a wall” and “cut your taxes” and especially at, “I don’t give a crap what people think.”

Donald Trump may get impeached or arrested or disgraced or unseated or whatever. But what people had better realize is that if he’s gone, a large percentage of the population will be looking for something or someone JUST like him …to replace him. There’s too much at stake; too many socialists on the horizon, too many empty suits looking for lifetime political gigs, too many “nice guys” with great smiles and weak spines, to take anymore chances.

We just want an asshole who can play. And with the economy roaring and North Korea neutralized and ISIS basically contained and defeated, it appears that despite all the weirdness that surrounds him, he can, indeed, play.


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47 thoughts on “TRUMP, OR SOMETHING LIKE HIM …

    • The writer fails to take into account that both parties have been completely controlled by the same financial elite for over 100 years (arguably, since the very beginning) and play both sides against each other while regardless what party is in office, their cabinets have been replete with members of the CFR since 1927. They are the ones who control domestic and foreign policy – not their puppet presidents. Everything we see in the political theater is just that: THEATER. It is a deception meant to keep the people divided while the elite march the planet ever closer to their goals of global domination and depopulation. Reaching any other conclusion is divisive, unproductive and deceptive.

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      • What the responder fails to takes into account is that every government in the history of the world has been controlled by small groups of powerful people, whether financial elite or religious elite or military elite, or whatever. In fact, one could argue that there really has never been a government by the people for the people- ever. Not reaching that conclusion is maybe not divisive or deceptive, but certainly unproductive…thanks for nothing, dude.

        Yet great things have happened in every country over the history of the globally-warmed earth despite the above…movements that defied logic and grew and added value and did the right things despite the cards stacked against them. They simply didn’t care to be popular, but did what needed to be done, to hell with the personal or political cost…THEY.DIDN’T.CARE.
        Jesus did what He was sent to do, despite an oppressive government AND a repressive Elite of religious leaders. He will do it again at some point, but He won’t be as nice as the first time.

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  1. OH, my! Well said. And, thought provoking. The political games are truly hard-ball games….some win…some lose…some just don’t care. But the “players”….well I think you got it right. Thank you.

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  2. Powerful and thought provoking, Ironically, in the last 24 hours I was musing on what a ‘kinder, gentler’ country we might have been if Romney had won. Now here you go making me think.

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  3. The things you said about Obama are the same things we have in our Prime Minister – Trudeau. “over-taxing, over-regulating and a leader who constantly berates the business community and supports policies that place more emphasis on celebrating the “diversity” of people groups than on law and order for every individual.”

    When Canada’s self-help writer and cultural critic, Jordan Peterson, was asked about what he thought of Trudeau, he said: “It’s useful if you have a theory to think through the worst possible consequences of its application, right? It’s a good antidote to ideological possession. It’s like, well, just for a minute, imagine that your theory could go spectacularly wrong. What would that look like?”

    Obama’s theory ended with a course correction. Hopefully the same thing will happen in Canada’s next federal election because when a government starts to call large groups of citizens Un-Canadian and racist, something is really wrong.

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  4. I think you have said what many of us conservatives were thinking and did by voting for President Trump. I love a “kick-ass” president. That is what this country needs and now has. Honestly, I have personally like very few of the last 8 presidents.

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  5. Spot-on Reg! I wish DJT was humble, and modest, and soft-spoken, and morally beyond reproach, but he’s never been any of those things. When my toilet is backed up, I don’t call my preacher…I call a guy who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and knows where all the crap is!

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  6. Amazing! As always! Dr. Carolyn Myss, who wrote a book called Anatomy of the Spirit in 1996. She wrote about the Tribal Mind. When the nation was crippled by the depression the American people elected a person who was crippled. What you talk about has been going on for a long time. For me, it has become more obvious in recent times. Who was elected after WWII? It goes on and on. I was surprised Trump was elected but it made perfect sense. Obama took the country too far left. More than that, Trump is the perfect reflection of our culture today. People say nasty things to others on social media, use Twitter or some other venue to get their point across, bully others. If the American people want something different, they better look at themselves first. The president is just a reflection of each of us and everything we love or hate about ourselves. In some respects, people don’t care. We’ve become a nation of whiners. You have a gift, Reggie. Keep up the good work!

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  7. that’s it, Regie, I’m going to have to support your patreon blog as I need someone who articulates what I’ve been feeling. It’s good to know I’m not alone in echoing your thoughts…I hope the writing and sharing your opinions is as good for you soul as it is for the heart and mind.



  8. Putin plays the same game Trump does. That’s why he and Trump resonate so well and why Trump alienates traditional, democratic U.S. allies. Trump’s I-don’t-give-a-crap is in the tradition of Putin-style demogoguery and Russian oligarchy. Trump hates the law; he hates democratic institutions; he despises international frameworks of cooperation, except those that consist of plutocratic cronyism. Loyalty to Trump, and to Trump alone, is the measure of all things to him. He despises the concept of his accountability to democratic institutions and checks against his power.

    His trade war is antithetical to the prosperity of free, open markets. His alienation of Western democratic allies corrodes the trust and good will necessary to the stable, democratic global order that emerged in the aftermath of the Allied victory over fascism. His withdrawal from the Iran deal undermines moderate forces in that country. His public criticism of the CIA, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies and his revocation of security clearances for selfish, narcissistic reasons demoralizes and threatens our security professionals and weakens our national security itself. Trump’s anti-social behavior undermines the moral fabric necessary to a civil society and degrades the office of the President. His unwillingness to make his tax records public and to put his business interests in a blind trust undermines the principles of integrity and transparency, and flouts conflict of interest at the expense of the public trust that is foundational to the success of American democracy. His frivolous, disingenuous attacks against the press, his bastardization of the meaning of ‘fake,’ his intemperate outbursts, his stream of lies, his aversion to information, his bully tactics, are all attacks against the fabric of American democracy.

    I am grateful that America is strong, and in the long run, equipped to resist and survive the presidency of this man, the most unfit, disgraceful president of my lifetime.

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    • Not to mention, his withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership weakens America’s position in Pacific Rim trade. At least, though, Trump’s advisers had the good sense to convince him Obama’s policy against ISIS was worth continuing.


    • I strongly disagree with you. I shudder to think what would have happened to our beloved country if Hellery had won. I am sure you would not agree but I have my 4 grandchildren to think of. They are 4 to 14 years old. We did not have a good choice on the ballot in 2016. Is this the best that could be offered? Look at what has been done to other good candidates. Smear and mud. No wonder no one good wants to run for president.We were offered a choice between a true businessman (although not without his baggage) and a blatant liar of the worst kind. So pull up yourbig boy pants and stop complaining The anti-Obamers didn’t whine about 8 years of him like the never -trumpers do. Deal with it.

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  9. Excellent insight! Just about the best I’ve
    read. Trump was, is and will be what voters crave in a President for a long time to come. Trump takes no bull$#!t from anyone! He can actually change his mind if it benefits the outcome. As an Independent voter who gives no relevance to what he did or didn’t do in his previous endeavers, other than successfully make billions, I’ll always look for a candidate like him!
    You Sir are totally spot on! Thanks for the great read!


    • I think you’ll soon find out that he didn’t “successfully” make billions but rather conned, money-laundered, offshore accounts, tax evasion, etc to become a success. He should have stayed in NY where it seems nobody was looking into his “business practices.” Once you become the pres, you are looked at by the biggest microscope in the world – and they usually find out your secrets.


  10. Excellent piece. We all are able to see red flags in The President’s tactics but many are willing to allow for these indiscretions so long as ‘We The People” don’t lose our grip on the realities of the Founding Document and loose the reins of government to this man or, worse, the Fourth Branch of Government. That COULD/WOULD be disastrous! Nevertheless, the alternative appears to be a jump to Oligarchy in one fell swoop. How we ever got to such a position I cannot tell; most likely by ignoring the obvious and laughing it off! That, now, is a luxury America cannot afford! Now, or at any time in the future.


  11. You do make some very good points about what got him elected, but failed to realize that the whole campaign that riled up the base was formulated by thousands of memes posted across facebook through fake accounts, spread by bots targeting the disenfranchised white man. Thousands of memes with half truths that sound really true got reposted millions of times and had the effect of creating a hatred of a candidate that far exceeded anything we’ve seen in the past.

    Clearly people are tired of “the swamp.” But instead of draining it he just replaced the existing swamp scum (the lifetime politicians and lobbyists) with new swamp scum (self-interest oligarchs). We’re talking about the leader of the free world here not some asshole lead guitarist or bass player that you may not see again after the gig. Morality does matter here. I don’t care who sucks his dick, but I do care that he took us out of the Paris Agreement. Or that we don’t use torture as a means of interrogation. Or that we create deals where all sides win, not just the US.

    We were once admired throughout the world. A beacon of liberty lead by compassionate leaders that cared for ALL of mankind. Just imagine what George Washington or Thomas Jefferson would’ve thought of Trump. I bet they would ask how did we go from a presidency back to a king?

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  12. One more very important thing here Regie. “Did he conspire with a foreign power to win an election?” To pass this off as well, that’s just the game. He did what he needed to do to get elected. That is an incredibly dangerous position to take. That in fact is treason. To work with a foreign power to get elected. Think about what you’re saying! And we’re not talking France here (even though that’s still treason), we’re talking about Russia. The country we’ve been at (cold) war with since WWII, run by an oligarch ex-KGB chief not known for his just ways of running his country.

    You can talk about all of his other less than admirable qualities and deeds, but you can’t throw that one thing in there and act like it falls into the same category as paying off a porn star. That one thing endangers our country and undermines our democracy and if true should scare the crap out of everyone reading this blog. For everyone here to just pass that off as just another thing the Dems are pissed at and leave my president alone to do his job, boggles my mind. It just shows how really divided we are and that’s a scary and sad thing. Did anyone ever imagine that people would create t-shirts that say “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat.” That more than anything demonstrates the state of our country. And we’re taking it lightly. Wow!


    • Like I said in my earlier reply Jennifer, we’re not talking about some asshole lead guitarist that can lay down some great licks and then leave the stage not to be seen again until the next gig. We’re talking about someone who is leading our nation, not someone we see on Friday or Saturday nights and then go about our business.

      We don’t rely on our president to do one thing great, we rely on them to lead. To represent us in national affairs, to pick great judges, to guide us through societal challenges like racism, sexism, misogynism, etc. It takes someone of great character to do all of that successfully. We’re not just trying to make more money or be the strongman of the world. We’re trying to make this a world that works for everyone in all ways.

      When I hear Trump say we’ve been losing in the world game, it’s time for America to win again, to me it’s just tired rhetoric that leads to more of what’s been going on for centuries. We win, you lose. Yay for our team! Too bad for you losers. Blah blah blah.


    • dbender: Perhaps you’d like another Obummer – a nut-less wonder, good at drawing red lines – then erasing them, while leading our nation (from behind) and spending money like a drunk Sailor. There’s a term for that, but I won’t use it .


  13. What a load of crap! To blame the stupidity of the election of this boy-child on Clinton is, of course, the republican mindset of never taking the blame for anything. I will give you one thing, Clinton’s presidency was the start of something – the right refusing to work with the left and desiring nothing more than to take Clinton down, so much so the work stopped and endless investigations began. It has not ended to this day. Obama’s presidency was a relative success in the economic world and could have been so much more had it not been for the republican wall that was put up by McConnell et al. Obamacare was not great, not even good for many but for those with preexisting conditions it was literally a lifesaver, and I believe that counts for something. Instead of crying and moaning about it for the last 8 years the republicans and democrats SHOULD have come together and fixed what was missing but instead can’t pull their heads out of their collective asses in order to work together, and those who won’t need to go. As for Trump – you summed it all up at the top. He’s a disgusting piece of shit and I will give you credit for one thing..I finally heard a follower of his admit it. He is no savior and things will get much worse if he continues in his presidency unchecked and then another democrat will have to come in and clean up the mess – the only problem is, this time there could be nothing left to clean it up with. Any so-far success that Trump is having (maybe not all but most) was the tide that Obama started and it is still continuing – the tax cuts and tariff/trade wars have yet to show their results and I doubt they’ll be pretty. For the followers of Trump to take a disgusting con man and say “that’s all right, I get $20 more in my paycheck and whatever more in my 401K but the rest of you all can F-off.” I see it more and more – the “I’ve got mine” attitude of the right, not giving a shit about others, the environment, the rest of the world, and it will turn out to be a disaster, trust me. Kim Jong Un success – don’t make me laugh. The guy’s as crazy as Trump and can’t depend on anything. As for the congress and senate – they’re both broken! There’s been so much infighting and refusing to work with each other that they all need to go and a fresh set installed. In order to fix this country, we need to get rid of those who only want to work for the ones who will give them their biggest campaign donation.


    • Interesting. You have lined up one liberal progressive (my favorite oxymoron) talking point after another and exploded them in a ripple fire of what amounts to 4 ply toilet paper bombs. And then, in the last sentence, you reelect Donald Trump. I’m a fan, but confused.

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  14. Well done grasshopper! I for one am sick and tired of the two faced hypocritical BS that comes out of the mouths of our politicians! I wonder sometimes how this nation ever made it this far and sometimes I am ashamed I actually served this nation in the armed forces while others sat on their butts and criticized everyone including those who put their lives on the line!


  15. Trump may come off sounding like a child, a jerk, a moron. Whatever. The man gets stuff done. More than any other President of my lifetime and I’m getting pretty damn old. If most Americans had any idea about the attempts of the elites to overthrow this duly elected President, they’d stop with the bitching about Twitter and start lighting the torches and manning the pitchforks to hunt down the swamprats. Dan Bongino does a daily podcast and has uncovered the Deep State coup that began in 2015. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT Q. Don’t be confused. The Deep State plan has morphed along as events occurred, but the evidence proves that the Deep State has been actively undermining and fabricating lies and distractions to destroy the President. The main stream media hides the facts and evidence- but it’s out there for those who seek the truth. Bongino is a good place to start.
    (This is the essay that made me a member. Keep up the good work.)


  16. He may be an asshole, but he is MY asshole. Coming from NYC I have seen this behavior many times. It is the New Yorker’s “woof ticket”, the bravado, “da mouth”, and one must go beyond it to see the person AND the policies, results and platform.


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