The part where they let the horses try to figure out how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, always bothered me.

They honestly should’ve left the horses out of it. It was clearly a waste of time. Unless there’s something we were never told in the narrative, about those horses, they should’ve let the the PEOPLE have the first crack at it. It might’ve saved Humpty’s life. Honestly, letting the horses be the first to try and put the man back together, might’ve actually been the fatal mistake. And still, after all these years, we just say it like it’s nothing. But I’m over here like, “move those stupid horses out of the way and call a doctor! OF COURSE all the kings HORSES couldn’t put him back together! THEY’RE HORSES!”

Anyway …

These are the things that bug me at 2 in the morning. How we allowed a nursery rhyme to never be challenged, when it clearly contains information IN IT that might lead to a solution, is what I’m thinking about in the wee hours. Sometimes, when you’ve just had enough of reality that doesn’t make sense, you start obsessing over fantasies. Maybe we can fix those. Maybe they are fixable. Because the cold, hard truth doesn’t seem to be, anymore.

How many more times am I going to turn on a TV or open a social media platform and see that someone has gunned down a crowd of people, or run over unsuspecting pedestrians? I’m afraid to take my family anywhere, anymore.

I love my country. I love the idea of America. I love the idea of self-governance, self-reliance, self-determination, expanding economies, all- volunteer armies, free trade, free minds, private sector solutions …and hope. Hope is the thing I like the most about the idea of America. The belief that free people, not controlled by a king or a tyrant, can achieve things that were once thought to be impossible, is one of my favorite things out of all the things I like. I am an optimist when it comes to America and AmericANS.

But there is a dark cloud hanging over this country right now. And it has been for some time. Over the last couple of years, I’ve toured extensively from coast to coast. And even though the spirit of this country is strong and the people here are basically good, we seem to be in the throes of a collective depression.

It’s hard to explain, but our core is somehow rotting. I can’t put my finger on why or how this happened, but something is driving us mad.

When I was a kid, and my family was evangelizing the country, it felt like most people out there were unchurched. To me, WE felt like the odd ones. Now, it feels like pretty much everyone in this country is churched in some way. You can’t drive through a major, American city without seeing some mega-church interactive billboard, lit up on the side of the interstate; lights dancing, high-rez video clip of hip, young pastor gleaming, then morphing into the ad for the upcoming “worship event,” complete with flavor-of-the-month “faith-based” music star prepped to “share.”

Jesus and God and worship are everywhere. And yet we are still coming apart. I thought replacing night clubs with alters and pews would fix things. Clearly, I was wrong.

Then, of course, there is the ever-present gun control argument, that pounds our national psyche like that alarm clock we keep hitting the snooze button on and falling back asleep. As soon as there’s another shooting incident, it roars back to life with seemingly more volume than before.

Is it as simple as not letting people have access to guns? I sure wish it was. That would be such an easy fix. Then again, no one in this country is supposed to have access to heroin, either. And yet we have a heroin overdose epidemic. To my mind, something bigger than a referendum on the 2nd amendment is happening to this country.

It feels like we, as a nation, are trying to destroy ourselves. All of our “rushes” seem to have played out. Our collective brain is numb; numb from screens and TV dramas that wrap up in 30 minutes or an hour (or never wrap up at all), and pretty faith that doesn’t feel like anything, and casual sex that has no consequence, and words that never inspire or elevate, and leaders that blame and posture, and music that pounds but never soars, and education that teaches hows, who’s, and whats …but never the whys, and malls that all sell the same trinkets, clothes and chicken tenders, and cars that are safer, and flights that are quicker, and shaves that are closer, and computers that are faster. And in this constant, comfortable noise, the very essence of our collective soul is disappearing.

We are like babies that have been showered with the best toys, cribs, blankets and bottles …but are not being held and loved.

I don’t know what is happening in America right now. Maybe it’s as simple as the gun control people say it is. Maybe just putting your hand on a certain kind of weapon makes you suddenly want to go kill a lot of people. I don’t know. But the mass shootings and the overdoses and the protests every other day and the way it all plays out on social media, makes me feel more like this is a national problem of identity or a loss of faith …or a loss of hope.

In some weird way, I think a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump were clinging to that slogan, “Make America Great Again,” because they miss the country they grew up in and they were reaching for the last thing they could see that might somehow, bring it back. I understand that feeling. I want to believe that the future is better for my kids than it was for me. I want to believe that having opportunity and a shot at success and the freedom to rise and a frontier to chase and a faith in something higher, will be enough to keep my son from taking his own life one day, or deciding to end the lives of a room full of innocents. I hope it’s enough to keep someone else from ending his or his sister’s life, while they’re at a concert, or walking down the street, or sitting in a church.

I want to believe we can trust love and faith again.

But right now, it feels to me like we’ve fallen off our wall. And no matter what we do, no one seems to be able to put us back together again …especially the horses.


7 thoughts on “ALL THE KING’S HORSES …

  1. Regie, you have such a way of expressing exactly what I’m thinking, but not nearly eloquent enough to put into words. Thank you.

    My heart hurts for where we are in this country, right now, and I don’t know how to fix it. I only know we need to figure out how and why we got here, and maybe then we can figure out how and where to go.

    The one thing I do know is that blaming each other (it’s ALWAYS the other guy’s fault, isn’t it?) isn’t going to resolve anything…

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  2. 2 things: when people take personal responsibility for their lives and when we as a collective consciousness honor the sanctity of life. And that means ALL LIFE. It seems only some life is honored. You cannot eliminate almost a million unwanted children and 3 million dogs (just dogs) a year in the US and expect people are going to respect each other and not use guns, bombs, knives, hammers to solve their issues. Life is a system. Life is either valued and honored or not. And this lack of sanctity erodes the fabric of our society. (For the record, I’m a systems person not a pro-lifer). I look at how systems work and evolve. Thank you, Reggie. There are still a lot of good people out here, doing their best, just like you! Love ya.


  3. Social media is rotting our brains. Seriously. I feel like it’s rewired us so we’re not quite human any more. We’re turning into some other entity, some state where the physical is overshadowed by whoever we are in the digital world. Thus physical life starts to feel sort of … unreal. Not a change for the better, either. IMO.


  4. Truly sorry you are so depressed. I have been following your blog for awhile and usually walk away after reading one with a feeling that I am not alone in my thoughts and beliefs.

    The gun issue is simple in my mind. It’s never been about hunter’s providing for their families or having a standing militia that would be able to defend our country. Our Forefathers put the 2nd Amendment (note it is the 2nd Amendment) as the fail safe for when our republic failed. It was to insure “we the people” could defend ourselves from the oppression of a corrupt government, just as they were allowed to.

    No, I am not a gun toting anarchist. I am more of a historian, well studied in the fall of Greece and Rome. Our republic is 200+ years and we who care, see the corruption that has happened to it.

    What is next, who knows? Better gun control for people like the idiot in Texas, yes, but do not take away the rights of citizens to bare arms EQUAL to that of the military, we might need them…

    As a background, I have four children, the youngest 17, one one serving in the Air Force and a second son about to go in. I do believe in, and love this country, I am just not sure where it is going.



  5. thanks for sharing your heartfelt angst and I agree that so many of us are feeling that way. I also do not know what the answer is to all that is going on. But I will share a couple of thoughts. I am not nostalgic for the country I grew up in. I had a wonderful childhood but so many of our citizens lived lives of fear and oppression that I don’t wish that time back. I think the only path is forward through this to the other side what every that means.

    What is producing the rage in this country such that people (another one today) are picking up guns and shooting their neighbors to death may be complex but what I keep coming back to is that other countries like Canada and Australia and the UK German don’t have less mental health issues – what they have when you look across all kinds of variables is they have less (dramatically less) guns. So it doesn’t treat the underlying issue if we dramatically reduce the number of guns we have – but it can save lives. That much I believe is really simple.

    Anyway once again – I appreciate how much you care.


  6. I think it’s psychology; we’ve become too affluent. People were built to fear lack of food and shelter, and to have to struggle to get it, and see some die from failing in that struggle. Serious, serious problems we have solved. But the part of our brains driving us to struggle, to get enough food, etc. has not been switched off even though it no longer has a job. Instead, it drives people crazy, fighting where no fight is needed.


  7. Hmm. I always thought that the “all the king’s horses” was meant to be short for something like “all the king’s stuff”. Don’t forget that the whole line is “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men”. I’ll bet those horses wish they had thumbs — that would have been helpful.

    I echo the concern about the general rot of our society being undeniably tied to our indifference towards life starting at conception — the very idea that one person (the “mother”) is more important than the other person (the “fetus”) is a reflection of a misunderstanding of humanity at its core. There are a bunch of other indicators of the rot — drug abuse, porn, 24 hour news, violent entertainment in all forms (music, movies, tv, games). Maybe all of it (other than the abortion issue I mention) is tied to the unprecedented access to information we now enjoy. Maybe we just don’t know how, as a society, to manage that information but we’ll figure it out and come back to center, to humanity, to family, to religion, to love, to neighbors, etc. Holding my breath.


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