If you are in the media and think you’re in one of those zombie movies, where all the people you thought were your friends suddenly become glassy-eyed robots and start marching mindlessly toward you …well …you are.

I was raised on Walter Cronkite and “Goodnight Chet …Goodnight David.” And I’d never considered that any of those stodgy old newsmen, reading in monotone, had any political opinions on anything. But they did.

Then, the savior of the world showed up in one Barack Obama. And the press showed us all EXACTLY who they were. I saw several “journalists” crying tears of joy on the night of Mr Obama’s election. One anchor retorted, “this is the FINAL repudiation of the Reagan Revolution.” I found that telling …and a little disturbing. The election of Mr Obama seemed to be a signal to the press that they could finally – after all these years – put all their cards on the table. And so, they did.

When Mr Obama was asked, “what has enchanted you the most about the presidency,” I rolled my eyes so far back in my head I could see a memory from 1975. What was happening? I mean, got the historic nature of Mr Obama’s skin tone. But as he put forth policy after policy that just didn’t seem to work (but was continually given cover by the media) I mentally checked out more and more.

By the time of Mr Obama’s last year, I didn’t watch televised news anymore. I didn’t read any more newspapers. I had let my subscriptions to Time and Newsweek (and DEFINITELY Rolling Stone) lapse. Why? Because I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting the straight story anymore. And too many reporters had shown me their politics. And, more importantly, they had shown their disdain for people like ME.

News people, talk show hosts, comedians, actors and musicians need to realize something: when you criticize an elected official (or a single political party), you’re also criticizing the people who voted for them. You’re not just saying George W Bush is evil, you’re saying the people who voted for him are evil …by proxy. I admit I voted for Mr Bush (the second time). I felt like he was a good man trying to do his best in horrible circumstances. I still feel that way. But when Rosie O’Donnell called for him to be “tried at the Hague” for war crimes, on national TV, she wasn’t just calling for HIS prosecution …she was also calling for mine.

The people in the “fly over” states …GOOD people …had gotten so fed up with being told that just because they didn’t support government run healthcare, just because they would like to see taxes lowered, just because they would love to see the private sector give something a try before it becomes a trillion-dollar government boondoggle, just because they believed in border security, just because they’re not sure they are responsible for destroying the planet when they buy an SUV, just because they actually LOVE their country and want to see it succeed …that they are somehow, racist, homophobic, backward war-mongers who are killing children and grandmothers, taking food out of people’s mouths, and basically being the hands of the devil.

Well, sometimes, when you’re in a relationship with someone who constantly belittles you and cuts you off mid-sentence and marginalizes your concerns and calls you names and laughs at your choices and treats you like a lessor human being, you stop fighting back and just check out of the relationship. You smile and shake your head dutifully and stop listening to pretty much everything they have to say. Then, you stop caring what happens to them. You lose your empathy for their well-being, because you know in your heart they have absolutely no empathy for yours.

And one day an opportunity comes along. An opportunity to drive them mad while exposing who they are. And while you don’t think of yourself as a vengeful person, you are so cut off from them, you just seize the opportunity without emotion.

America’s opportunity of this kind was Donald J. Trump.

THOSE people …the one’s who’d been marginalized by David Letterman and Chris Rock and George Stephanopoulos and John Legend and Michael Moore and dozens of others, came out and secretly voted for Trump. They were tired of being the butt of every other joke on every late night show. They were tired of being called racists because they support the police. If I may put a fine point on it, they were tired of sending their tax money to people who called them “deplorables.”

So, when Trump insulted John McCain …they stood silent and said, “deal with it.” When he mocked a man with special needs, they stood back and again said, “deal with it.” When the Access Hollywood tapes came out, they gritted their teeth and again said, “we don’t care …deal with it.”

He was the new significant other no one wanted to take to a cocktail party or home for the holidays, but who listened and treated them like a real person. He didn’t dismiss their opinions. He embraced them.

Now, we’re watching a president of the United States tweet things at 2 in the morning that make him sound like a 14-year-old girl. But guess what? Nobody who voted for him cares. And all you coifed, made-up, well-spoken talking heads in the media are just gonna have to suck it up and deal with it for the next three and half years. Because all the people you thought were ignorant and devoid of public policy knowledge, just going to ball games and politely raising their kids and going to church on Sundays and being the salt of the earth, have been insulted by you for so many years, they’ve turned into those zombies you thought you knew …who are now coming to eat you (not literally. No one is coming to physically eat anyone. This is called a metaphor).

Guess what? You didn’t know them and you didn’t respect their point of view. And now they don’t care how much you wring your hands. They don’t care how serious your tone is on the evening news. They don’t care about anything you have to say. I believe they know that what Trump is doing is completely unseemly for a sitting U.S president. They know their liberal friends are going to torch them (and him) on social media. But they’ve been called so many names for so long (with total impunity), they’re impervious to it, now. They’re just standing there with terrifying little smiles on their faces while Trump goes hog wild after the next sacred cow.

It won’t matter what he tweets. It won’t matter who he insults. It won’t matter how weird it gets. They won’t care. Because he’s actually addressing their concerns and you pushed them too far away. And nothing short of him committing murder – ON VIDEO – will turn their opinion about him …or you. They hate YOU more than they care about his tweets.

They checked out. You helped them get there.

And you know what? Even though I’m not a fan of Mr Trump’s Twitter antics, as I sit here, LITERALLY breaking the law because I have no health insurance, while listening to people say my belief in repealing the ACA will KILL hundreds of thousands of people …and I watch that absolutely wild, unsubstantiated assertion NOT get challenged ANYWHERE in the media …I’m starting to get it.



  1. In my mind, I’ve yet to see anything “beneath” the office of President, as I watched from 93-01 as a man who has been accused by over 10 women of rape, who appears to have an illegitimate son, and who actually used the Oval Office as a brothel chamber, demean the office and country horribly. Trump, on the other hand, is giving as good as the media and Hollyweird give, and they can’t stand that he’s standing up for himself, rather than caving and saying “I’m sorry, please don’t be mean, I’ll do what you want” like so many others do, just to get good press.

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  2. Yes, Reggie, you must be reading my mind. Almost all of your posts put my thoughts into words exactly. I appreciate your logic and calm, direct way of explaining the complex world in which we live. Carry on!

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  3. I finally created a WordPress account so I could comment. You originally had me at the “President Trump…” blog entry 11/9 – after I researched the TRUE author that is, since the Facebook reposting wasn’t giving author credit. That day I became a raving fan & a follower of the blog. I then shared “The Razor” to my FB feed, but sadly it’s gone from your blog now (?).

    Thank you for eloquently articulating (once again, one of many times) what typically passes through me with an eyeroll, a disgruntled grunt, and an quick snuffle of an exhale. Cheers.

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  4. You really opened my mind here Regie. I really get the backlash that is Donald J Trump. It saddens me to realize this is what we get for not listening to each other but I get it.

    You rightfully point out that the media has played the biggest part in the big divide. I typically blame Fox News for taking broadcast media down that dark past but I also realize that media had been biased to the left for some time before Fox came along. Fox just pulled no punches when it came to being a media outlet for the right. The left then answered with MSNBC and the war was on.

    So now what? There’s a war on the media and now no one believes anything the media puts out. We’re now all convinced EVERYTHING is fake news. That’s incredibly dangerous. With the cloak of credibility now gone from the entire industry, right or wrong we now no longer trust any reports being offered by “that station that leans my way,” leaving those under scrutiny to question the truth and create doubt thus allowing everyone to get away with everything.

    The news used to be just that. News. Opinions were specifically stated as such and were often relegated to the last words of a newscast or the Sunday morning talk shows. Now we all need other’s opinions to create our own and they’re often the thing that drives ratings, so it seems they’re here to say. How far down this path do we need to get before the dam breaks?


  5. I don’t agree with you on everything you say but this entry is exactly spot on! I am with you on this. I don’t watch TV news mainly because the only news they can seem to tell me is the latest tweet by President Trump. I get my news from conservative online news or Christian sources. I don’t buy anything the news sources have to say. I don’t go to movies anymore. Actors and singers don’t have anything to say to me, either. I watched and listened to them for entertainment, not political commentary. The talk shows are just a rehash of the TV news. Been reading a lot of books lately. President Trump will do what he wants anyway so I don’t care how much CNN or Elizabeth Warren or Nancy Pelosi find him despicable. I think he’s doing a fine job and if he drains the swamp, I will bring a mop and a bucket.


  6. Regie, just beautiful. Are you sure we are not telepathic? I have lost friends, well, former friends and my own son will no longer communicate with me because I support Trump. I am 73 years old and I was born pre Boomer and know a thing or two about life. I will not back down when I know what is right is right and will defend honest debate any day but try to shove leftist commie crap at me and you have a fight on your hands. I am out here in fly over country and we will not be pushed any more.

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    • Agree. I think there are many moderates in the silent majority/rustbelt/cornfields/prairielands/burbs/south/southwest who lean left or right, but have no one reaching out to them be it Conservatives or Liberals.

      I’d further say, that Trump has heat from both sides, the very conservative hate his message, too.

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  7. Firstly, I’m not American. I’m an interested outside observer. I can see that a section of America has felt ignored, marginalised and treated condescendingly for too long, and see in Trump someone who can finally give them a voice.

    But have you examined the man who represents you? The man is an abysmal human being. For many, the derision is not about his political views, nor for the constituents he represents, but his personality failings, lack of dignity and morality, crassness, lying, his egotism. He is an appalling choice of person to lead and represent your country, no matter which political party he may belong to.

    We don’t laugh at America, nor it’s voters. We laugh at the poor excuse for a president that the man Trump is.

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    • Human, whatever that means, oh I get it you’re a coward. The rest of us have no fear of putting our name and face where our mouth is.
      “personality failings, lack of dignity and morality, crassness, lying, his egotism” describes both Bill Clinton and Obama to a tee. Have you waxed eloquent on their inability to hold office and laughed at the poor excuse they were? Do I hear crickets?
      Oh, and you are even more gutless by not even mentioning where you do come from so why did you even post when surely you know that your words only reinforce our opinion of him, answer me that coward!


        • Human, I understand your point perfectly. As an American, please accept my apology for the ole Captain, here. He stated earlier that his own son won’t speak to him anymore, and based on the way he attacked on you here, it’s easy to see why. Unfortunately we have many of these types here in America. Make a good point and they get angry and begin to attack your character. We are not all like this.


  8. You pegged this one perfectly! I do feel like a zombie just going about my day in a daze. I just don’t recognize my surroundings anymore and to quote another with whom I just spoke, “I am glad I am on the on the down side of life and not just starting out”.


  9. I’m a moderate liberal. I think many of your points are spot on. I have questions, though.

    1. There is a lot here about holding noses and voting for and supporting Trump. Ok. I get it. The left had a similar problem with their candidate. The right had somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 other choices and Trump made good work of it in the primaries. So, I find that argument a little soft. Regarding the general election, it’s right on the money.

    2. If a law won’t encourage participation in the health care system, what will? In order to get a system working it needs nearly universal participation to make it work properly. And, does anyone you know benefit from any aspect of health care supported or subsidized by the government? If so, how does anyone justify taking subsidies but not agreeing to help pay for them?

    The current health care law has many flaws. The Blue team knows that. The Red team knows that. My understanding of our system of government is that it is the responsibility of Congress to create bills to send to the President to sign or Veto. Over the past 7 years, what has the Red team actually sent to a President to address the current law? If they had presented a viable and thoughtful bill to Obama and he had vetoed it, I might actually have voted for Trump, as disgusting as he is. But they didn’t and it seems fairly clear now that they never did have a plan or a solution that they’ve been running on for the past 8 years.

    Finally, for this thought, can someone please explain to me this notion that now that the Red team has the bat, the ball and the field why they are so bent out of shape that the Blue team doesn’t want to play? I don’t recall them joining the game for the previous 8 years. I know, I know, that’s a general political strategy, but let’s at least be honest and call it what it is instead of pretending that we’ll do it when we’re not in the majority. Neither side is willing, generally, so, again, let’s just call that out instead of pretending that when one side was in the minority that they did what they could to collaborate.

    Again, a thoughtful post and I appreciate hearing all thoughts, because no one is wrong and we don’t get anywhere by flatly denying anything or calling names and acting childish (Mr. President!).


    • All of your questions can be answered fairly easily: The Red and Blue teams both got the boot. People are still not getting that. Trump won the nomination because Red side was as fed up with their own choices as they were Blue side. This election was a revolution. And the people still wringing their hands and clutching their pearls are the ones who haven’t figured that out yet.

      As far as healthcare goes …your basic presumption that “everyone” has to participate to make it work is flawed on its foundation. Market forces and competition could make a lot of it work. Continually propping up insurance companies isn’t the answer. Making them fight and compete for every dollar they earn is. It’s at least part of it.

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      • I am married so I consider that I am probably wrong most of the time. This is an opinion site where I write opinion pieces. And in MY world …I’m always right. Don’t spoil my fantasy, dude!


  10. Right on, Reggie.

    I hate when Trump tweets, though. Yet, I understand it. It’s such a weird place to be. Cringing and applauding at the same time.

    But, honestly, I raise my hand and offer to work the night shift for the Prez, and tweet what he wants using tact and intent, vs, emotion. He’d actually be so much more effective in his communication if he had someone to tweet what he’s thinking. Imagine that gig?

    And what he really needs is someone whom he trusts that will DIRECT him. New Chief of Staff foremost.

    At any rate, it’s weird to watch, and see what actually is being done in all of this hoopla.

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      • I think you are right. Trump is a “wrecking ball”…although I think of him as more of a Termite…way more destructive-they eat away at foundations-Trump and his Administration along with the Republicans in both houses are eating away at the very foundation of our Country. I agree with you that the media is no longer a true source of reliable truthful reporting. The talking heads with incessant chatter about events that they do not have any facts about but have opinions have eroded the media-and been one of the the biggest factors in dividing America. Your comment .”they think that Trump treats them like real “persons”..says alot about his supporters…just as us liberals thinking that Hillary really cared about us. We were all delusional. I have been a lifelong Democrat, because it is the party that has always supported so many of the causes that I believe in.

        By the way everyone needs to worry about Trumps Tweets-he is pissing off other countries and world leaders. Attacking the “free press” is a gross abuse of power…just sayin’.


        • “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle,” Jefferson opined in 1807.

          Many many presidents before Trump had a contentious relationship with the press. He has just ratcheted it up a notch or two, because in my humble opinion much of the press is just a PR arm of liberal political thought. What percent of new medial voted Democratic in the past and present elections? I think that may be your answer. Same thing can be said for college professors. There is a mental bias even before a journalist begins a story.


  11. As a liberal progressive, I appreciate your honesty. It’s rare to find someone with the courage to publicly state why they voted for Trump…namely, as a big middle finger to people like me. From our side, we see Trump voters as falling into a few different categories, but the one thing that connects all of you is the absolute disdain you have for liberals. How it got to this point, I’m not sure. Will we pull out of it someday? Maybe. Maybe not. But there is one thing that is clear. We are in the midst of a full blown culture war. Facts are now debatable, hypocrisy is standard practice, and common decency is deteriorating. I believe it will get far worse before it has a chance to get better.

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    • Jason, I would suggest that it got to this point partly because the facts have always been debatable, and when it comes to politics, hypocrisy has practically been standard practice. The “ruling elite” doesn’t get it, and the voter that keeps putting them there doesn’t get it either. But when one side yells “heads”, and the other side says “wrong, its tails”, both sides are forgetting that they are both looking at a quarter. When people will drop their need to be right (and prove the other side wrong), then maybe we all can start having an honest conversation about what is a problem, and what a real solution might look like.

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      • Richard, I think I get your overall point and agree on some level, but facts are not debatable, and that’s a big problem in our political discourse right now…at a level Ive not seen in my lifetime. If I tell you that driving while drunk is perfectly safe, and demand that you respect my opinion, your only logical response is to correct me on a fact. In that instance, I’m not offering an “opinion” I’m stating a falsehood. It doesn’t matter how hard I believe it, how much I want to believe it, or how condescending or rude people are toward me about it…I’m wrong. And you aren’t helping by letting me continue down that path. I need to be corrected and soon. And if I’m unwilling to accept that I am wrong, you don’t owe me the courtesy of letting me drive anyway. In your analogy of flipping the coin, it WILL land on heads or tails. Once it does, I can’t debate you just because I hoped it would land the other way. We can’t move forward as a nation unless we can separate fact from opinion.

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    • You sound like a sensible guy but you have totally paid no attention to the vilification that the left has heaped on us ” Deplorables.” Where do you thing our distain came from, huh?


      • For starters, it begins when people wholly lump themselves into a group and lose their sense of individual identity. Clinton’s “deplorables” comment is a perfect example, so I’m glad you brought that up. And Regie hints at this throughout this blog. Many people have this notion that if you insult one of us, you insult all of us. And that’s simply not true. She never said ALL Trump supporters are deplorable, she said “some of them” are. But that didn’t matter. The tribe rallied around each other and many conservatives took that comment as a PERSONAL insult. And if you think that type of rhetoric is a one way street that only comes from the left towards the right, you are wrong. Where do you think the left’s disdain comes from? Being called snowflakes who need a safe space and a trophy for doing nothing comes to mind.

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        • Jason, for the record, the comment was not all, not some, but exactly “… you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.” Half. If based on recorded votes in the election, that is 30 Million people. That is a lot of people to PERSONALLY insult with a single comment. And the fact that you are essentially saying that people shouldn’t feel insulted is exactly what Reggie’s post is about. Yes, there largely exists two groups of people who oppose each other’s polices. In doing so, they have called each other names. Now, the name calling has devolved into personal character attacks. One group has largely ignored these attacks, but has found an opportunity to give the finger. So they did. In spite of the personal attacks.

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          • Richard, think about this…”One group has largely ignored these attacks, but found an opportunityto give the finger. So they did. In spite of personal attacks.” I assume the group you are talking about is conservatives and Trump voters. There is a contradiction here. Did you all ignore the attacks, or did you take them personally? Which is it? For a group that claims its the other side that gets their feelings hurt too easily, and need safe spaces, I wonder if you all take an honest look at yourselves. Is the conservative bubble your safe space. Did you vote out of spite? I honestly wonder how many of you actually thought Trump would make a good president, and how many of you were just wanted to piss of liberals. That’s why I think this article could have been titled many different things…”Why no cares that Trump isn’t experienced enough to be president. Why no cares that Trump is a pathological liar. Why no cares that Trump sexually assaulted women. Why no one cares that Trump is a racist. Why no one cares that Trump wants to bang his own daughter” and on and on. The truth is that Trump himself IS deplorable. Many of his supporters are deplorable. And the ones who aren’t? They need to acknowledge that they joined forces with them and at the very least are guilty by association. If his supporters are sitting around saying “Ha! We sure showed those liberals, didn’t we?” all I can tell you is that you justified all those thoughts wrong headed leftists had about you.


        • Jason, that’s the problem, you lefties don’t get it. The “deplorables” are not deplorable while snowflakes who need a safe space are snowflakes who need a safe space and getting a trophy for participating is just asinine. Not having a valedictorian because the other grads will feel left out is equally asinine. When did not calling a spade a spade become the right thing to do?


            • Ah ha, the mask drops. Trump is probably more experienced than most previous presidents, for example, Obama never held a real job in his life, he never experienced the core entity of our country by being directly involved in its economy. He never started a business or ever engaged in one. Obama had no understanding of what makes America work and as a community organizer he wanted to tear it apart and the last 8 years are proof that that was his intent.
              Trump is not a pathological liar, Obama is and Hillary is, plenty of proof.
              Trump never assaulted women. Bill Clinton has many times.
              Trump is not a racist, that’s a really pathetic claim.
              When you state that, “Trump wants to bang his own daughter” and believe that that is true then you have definitely come down with a deadly case of TDS. Seek mental help, if you want I can suggest some really good Psychiatrists, I know a bunch.
              At this point in your response to Richard it seems that you started to foam at the mouth because you then stated “and on and on,” I’ve seen people do this when confronted with the truth and when you recover please let us know what on and on really is. We await your elucidation with bated breath.
              No one that I have talked to has ever said, “Ha! We sure showed those liberals, didn’t we?” That is pure transference, again, see a Shrink. The reason the folks who really didn’t like Trump but voted for him anyway was that they knew that Hillary would have trashed this country. Deny it all you want, see a shrink, but GET OVER IT!


    • Jason, couple of points:

      NOWHERE in the piece did I ever say I voted for Trump or agreed with him or even liked his presence in the political arena. The point was I see him as a rare opportunity for so many in the country.

      My piece was not directed at all liberal progressives. It was squarely directed toward the professional media complex and the entertainment community (of which I am a part) and their comfort in their own political default positions.

      They have been very much like an act that ignores one whole side of a room who paid just as much (if not more) for their tickets.

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      • Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed your piece. It’s an intelligent, well written observation. Then I read the comments that followed and in my response to all of it, I lost track and wrongly identified you as a Trump voter, which you did not say, so I apologize if that caused offense. But when you say your piece is directed at the media and entertainment complex, you are only talking about the parts that lean left, forgetting that there is also an entire industry dedicated to those who lean right, the champion of which is Fox News. In your blog, you express a distaste for journalists who clearly admired Obama. I’m sure you are aware that none of the journalists at Fox News felt that way about him. I once watched them do a piece where they lost their shit because he saluted troops with a coffee cup in his hand. So to pretend that “fly over” country snapped because they felt no one was listening or giving them a voice is just wrong. In my view, the right wing media are the most to blame for the downfall in political civility. I grew up in a small town in Tennesee. I have family and friends that are conservative and voted for Trump. I still love them. But I’ve seen what a daily diet of Limabughs and OReillys have done to them, and it’s really unsettling.


        • Jason, you are correct in saying that Fox does lean right, but I completely disagree that the right-wing media “is most to blame”. As long as we are playing the blame game, we are all losers. Regie’s blog was an observation, and I think it is spot on. The media, left and right, has played a huge role, and has fundamentally changed in what it does and how it does it. But are they “most to blame”? Probably not. They sell what people buy. At the end of the day, it is us, any one of us that consumes what they offer, who is most to blame. That probably means you and me. If we, as a society, would become more fixated on how to correct what is wrong instead of finding someone to blame for it being wrong, I suspect we all would be a in much better position.


          • Excellent point. No disagreements on that. I just want conservatives and liberals to stop pretending the other is the enemy. We managed to achieve some levels of excellence in this country together, but we still have some work to do. If we really want to make the government, the corporations and the media work for us instead of the other way around, then we need to join forces and start pulling in the same direction…


  12. I don’t like him. I didn’t vote for him, but I could see long ago why he got out in front (not to mention, sucked all of the air out of the rooms and away from the others) with many voters. The voters Trump was able to capture identified with his words. And the people that keep deriding the Trump voters seem to ensure another Trump term. My own husband included! Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well, and the people who voted for him are generally ignoring the kerfluffle. Regie, you are so right on this one.

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  13. OMG I’ve been trying to get a grip on Trumps latest, and I wish LAST tweet, and this helped me put some clarity to the last eight years with Mr. O. Thank you for helping this old 70 year old
    out. I’ve been so red, white, and blue…..and Republican (loved John Kennedy though but too young to vote) that today’s political arena is beyond my comprehension. I really enjoy your writing and there’s always humor! Thanks Kris in KC (Yup the Heartland but born in Minneapolis and still manage to avoid Liberals!)


  14. So lets think about this, you said ‘my belief in repealing the ACA will KILL hundreds of thousands of people …and I watch that absolutely wild, unsubstantiated assertion NOT get challenged ANYWHERE in the media …I’m starting to get it.’ Well the media reports I hear/read on this are in regards to the CBO report which say that by 2026 24 million fewer people will be insured. I think people are extrapolating to conclude that if a person who needs health care to survive but is no longer getting it, will die, yes? So lets be extreme and say 400K people die that’s just 0.16% of the people who lost coverage, a small percentage indeed! Yet because of the large number of people who lose health coverage, that small percentage is in the hundreds of thousands. But you could continue this experiment, so the population of the US is ~326,474,013 so that means just 0.07% of people will lose health coverage! I think those are plausible numbers. So you will probably just have to live with the death toll, sorry. I think there are ways that everybody could win, with lower costs and those hundreds of thousands of people would not have to die, but the GOP needs to stop dicking around and start reaching across the aisle for ideas – this policy affects all americans, it should have input from all representatives.


  15. I’m sorry but what exactly were you so tired of that forced you to vote for such a reprehensible individual? What names were you being called again that made you say enough and push your vote for Trump? Or what did the news anchors do to you that was so bad that it made you vote for someone so embarrassing? I feel like Trump clearly shows us every single day just how much he shouldn’t be in the white house. I do not think someone like him should be represenring us as Americans. What exactly do you think Trump is doing for you now? All I see is someone who lied his way into office. He is not keeping any of his promises that he made? I just dont get it because all I can see is a lying, narssicist who is ruining America. The whole world is laughing at us. How is that ok?


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