Scorsese knew it thirty years ago. And he used it.

I wasn’t planning on seeing The Last Temptation Of Christ. But then the protests started. And they led the evening news. And my interest honestly got piqued. There was so much hubbub (I think that’s an actual, technical term) surrounding the film, I simply HAD to see what it was all about. And if Christians were this up in arms about something …well, then …there must be something about it worth seeing.

Sorry, Christians …we tend to bring it on ourselves.

Then, after seeing the film, I realized if everyone had just been cool and let it go, not only would I not have seen it, but millions of other people wouldn’t have seen it either. And it would’ve died a quiet death at the box office. It just wasn’t one of Martin’s greatest offerings.

But people (particularly religious folk) can’t let things go. We always feel the need to stand up and fight for our side. But all it does, in the long run, is add oxygen to smoldering flames.

I literally JUST read a meme that has offered a reward for Kathy Griffin’s head. And I’m just shaking mine in disgust. THIS is how she becomes a sympathetic character. THIS is how she ends up being re-embraced by the entertainment community. We’re already seeing it happen. Comedians are coming to her defense. And as anger and hatred rise up against her, she will become what she says she is …a victim.

My opinion is, the best response to all of this might be to simply offer our prayers and love. Smile and say “I understand.” The best tweet Donald Trump could send right now is one that reads, “Our entire family forgives Kathy Griffin for her misguided photo and we accept her apology.”

If he did that …the story would be over. If WE stopped posting angry things about her and simply yawned and moved on …the story would be over.

But better yet, what if Christians (the people she has impugned the most) embraced her and showered her with love, asking for nothing in return? What might that look like? And what if we did it without being smug or trying to appear morally superior?

What if we actually said, “Kathy, we love you …no matter what. That’s all.”

I don’t know …that just sounds like something Jesus might do.

But as it stands, people are doing what they always do …overreaching. Even while being on the correct side of an argument, you can be wrong in your response. And it creates a moral high ground for the other side.

My only tweet about Kathy Griffin was a prediction that she would be a presenter at a major award show next year and that she would come out to a standing ovation. And I’ve had several detractors to that tweet. “How on earth can that happen? She’s done. She’s finished. She will not recover from this!” are some favorite retorts.

But I stand by my tweet. Because I remember those Last Temptation protests. And I know all to well how giving in to your anger and disgust can fan flames.

The way someone recovers from something like this is by being threatened over and over again. The way they become a “truth teller” is when what they say is happening to them …starts actually happening to them.

Well, I would like to be the first to say that I pray for Kathy Griffin. I said it in my first blog and I reiterate it in this one. I really did pray for her today. And I want good things for her. In fact, I prayed for better things for her than I want for myself. I don’t want her to suffer because of a mistake. God knows I’ve made plenty of them. And there are many more to come. Trust me.

I may choose not to watch her but that doesn’t mean I want her to starve or go without. To the contrary …I wish her great blessing. I hope that through all of this, she finds redemptive love and true forgiveness instead of hate and retribution.

And I hope that if (and when) I do something incredibly ill-advised, I find someone out there who will still love and forgive me as well. I promise you I will do it …and I will need it.

This is where Jesus gets real. And, ironically, it was the whole point of the Last Temptation. The “temptation” was to give in to his humanity and act on his baser instincts instead of forgiving all of us.

I’m glad he didn’t do that. Because it’s the only thing that keeps me hanging on.

So I’m trying to follow suit.

Kathy …I love you no matter what. That’s all.



23 thoughts on “WHY I LOVE KATHY GRIFFIN …

  1. Well said. It’s easy to be gracious, loving and compassionate when you connect and feel comaraderie of sorts. It’s super hard when someone hits that which you detest. I don’t like Kathy Griffin – I don’t like her defensive response . But oh well. Do we really need to keep the crucifixion alive and active? Really? Who am I to bring down the gavel? All of this self righteousness has to stop. We crucify people who misstep or say something we don’t like. So let’s assume (pre-defensive response) that she made a mistake. (Also Bill Mahrer said a dumb thing today). I’ve said dumb things – I’ve said stuff I wish I wouldn’t have said.::.can we make a comment – be reprimanded and move on? Please dear God, I hope we can. This virtual tar and feathering has to stop. Let it go – people do and say dumb stuff. All of us have too if we’re honest …where is the empathy?

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  2. Don’t like her. Don’t believe she apologized for what she did, only that she got nailed for it. Sadly, I am afraid you are correct, because I have seen it so many times also. But we can turn the channel, and not watch the awards (quit that a long time ago, they all make me puke). Unfortunately, the list of movies I will go to gets shorter, because I believe that is the correct way to protest normally. This act when applied against Daniel Pearl, and all the beheading going on with ISIS, I do believe though, puts this act up with treason against the country. God may forgive her. She should be brought to that meeting ASAP.

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  3. Yes, I agree our President should and possibly will take The Christian approach. My thoughts as a Loving Christian is that Kathy has obviously been hurt very deeply in her life. She is not showing grace and my prayer for her is to come to know the unconditional love of Christ!
    Now… as a 54 year old woman, I feel very threatened and have felt very threaten by the path our country has been on for the past 20 years, modern times have only added to my insecurities. Laws have been changed against the majorities vote.
    What insecurities?
    The majority of Americans have watched our country cave into what is popular. This concerns me, both my sons went to Christian school, then onto major colleges. Now they denounce Christ. I believe the seed has been planted.
    I went to a high school graduation last night, a Christian prayer was said in the name of Jesus.
    A family sitting in front of me was dressed as what appeared to Muslim dress. Would Jesus Christ want to exclude them? What is the answer to bring our world into unity?


    • I sense that you’re a very loving Christian woman and really get Christ’s teachings. I’m sorry that you feel that your 2 sons denounced Christ. My guess is that they haven’t denounced Christ but the religion that supposedly represents his teachings. That’s where I fall. I was raised Catholic but fell away from the Catholic church. I still love and respect Christ and his teachings and I’m open to other teachings as well. Maybe they’ll find a similar path.

      Unity comes from acceptance. Acceptance comes from experience and open communication. We don’t have to agree to accept but we have to be exposed and open to possibilities other than our own beliefs. Most of the problems I see in this world today stem from people not just being steadfast in their own beliefs but a complete intolerance of anything other than their own beliefs. If we break down most religious teachings we will mostly find the same core. We just label it differently. We get so bent on the things we believe as the absolute truth that we are blind to the similarities.

      And as for Trump doing anything Christian, I’m not holding my breath. I haven’t seen the Christian side of him come out at any time thus far. But he might.


      • This reply makes me sad…because there really is no way to “love and respect Christ and his teaching” yet deny His teaching that He is not just “another path” but God come in the flesh, Truth embodied, sent to die for the sins of the world and bring eternal life. To deny His identity and the meaning of His death and resurrection is the opposite of “loving Christ”.

        You are welcome to say I am “unaccepting” and “intolerant” but what you have said above shows you seem have little real knowledge of the actual teaching of the Christ you claim to love and respect. Just empty words.


        • I’ll grant you that I’m no scholar on Christ’s teachings but I have read a lot and was raised by the Gospel. I’m not going to dive into a religious discussion with you because we’ll clearly not agree. May I just say however that I believe there are many paths to discovering the God Christ embodied. I don’t believe in eternal damnation and I don’t believe Christ/God would sentence anyone to eternal damnation simply because they didn’t accept him (meaning Christ the man) as their lord and savior. To me his teachings expanded much more broadly than that. Religions tend to take too many things he said literally. Teachers often speak in metaphors simply because things can’t be taught literally. I get the gist of his teachings, not literal interpretations.


          • One doesn’t have to be a scholar to read what the Bible says.
            It really doesn’t matter if you believe there are many paths to discovering God…Christ’s own words don’t allow for that interpretation of “truth”. He said He is the Truth and the Only Way to God. Literally. No metaphor to be found.
            And that the one who loves Him is the one who keeps His words; the one who doesn’t, won’t.
            Which makes your own claim to love and respect Him devoid of any real meaning. I’m sorry…but it is what it is.


            • One more thing…

              You say “And the one who loves Him is the one who keeps His words; the one who doesn’t, won’t.” His words. That’s what’s important. Whether you accept Jesus as the embodiment of God or not, the key here is keeping his words. His teachings. How can you say that someone who doesn’t love Jesus won’t keep his words? You don’t have to know someone or even accept someone as the only way to God to follow the exact same path that Jesus laid out.


          • Adding….since edit doesn’t seem possible.

            Basically (and no offense intended or argument invited….honest), you “love and respect” a figment of your imagination to whom you’ve attributed your own ideas and given him the name “Jesus Christ”, even though the real person with that name is quite knowable, as are His teachings if one chooses to read them.
            You might as well call your imaginary teacher George or Rupert to avoid further confusion regarding who you “love and respect”.


            • And what happens to the rest of us? And what does it mean to be the Only Way to God? What exactly guarantees your way to God? What kind of commitment to Christ do you need to ensure your path to God? What if you keep sinning but have taken Christ as your personal savior? What about those who have lived their lives according to Christ’s teachings but have never known Jesus? What about infants and babies that die without ever knowing Jesus? Was everyone damned to Hell that walked the earth before Christ? What about those that lived just after Jesus but didn’t have an opportunity to know him?

              I’m not really looking for answers here. Christ had many things to teach us. So many of which coincide with many other religions and practices. To focus on an interpretation that “He is the truth and the only way to God” cuts off so many paths to our discovery of God and diminishes so many people who’ve contributed greatly to spirituality and our awakening to God.

              You’re right. How can I say I love and respect someone that really is a “figment of my imagination”? But we are ALL saying we love and respect a figment of our imagination in that regard because we never knew him. We only know what we’re told about him. How can I say I love and respect my great-grandmother when I never met her? But what she taught my mom made my mom who she was which thereby made me who I am. I’m left with a respect for what I heard about her but I can’t claim to actually love and respect her. Same is true for Jesus. From the things I’ve read and heard I have a great deal of love and respect for the things he taught. But I bet even Jesus would not want us glorifying him the man. The teachings he brought, yes. But not the man. If I had to make a guess as to why these things were written by his followers, I’d say they were written because his teachings were so profound and at the time there was nothing else like it. Therefore it appeared as though he was the only way to God. I don’t think that’s true anymore.

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      • My son-in-law grew up Catholic, went to Catholic schools, etc. After he and my daughter had their son, I talked to them about going to church and they were open to it. My daughter looked into Catholicism and told me she just couldn’t do it so she asked her husband if he would be open to attending a nearby Southern Baptist church. They went, and after his first visit, his response was “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this?” His heart was open to learning more and he began reading his Bible every day. It really changed his life. Maybe you don’t need to look for a different religion but just try a different denomination.


  4. I write grudgingly, because I don’t see this as a “stunt” I see it as a hate act. That’s not okay.

    Reg, that. Is. Not. Okay.

    I am surprised the President didn’t actually say more about it. And Melania was right on. It’s so disturbing.

    As a Christian woman who really tries to be like Jesus, I have been given a much more compassionate heart than I can handle. I was CREATED to empathize.

    Yet!!! If we pass everything off that has been done so hatefully by people on both sides as “it’s so sad, she must be tormented”, then we fail to show our children, that bullying, demeaning, and evil can be tolerated if we turn the other cheek. Not so. When we don’t stand up against someone like this, our silence says ” we accept you and your horrendous behavior toward a sitting president and your self-claimed vow to hurt his 11 year-old son.”

    That. Ain’t. Right.

    What we must be saying is, I can’t imagine the torment that would make someone do something like this that so deeply causes pain to another human being. And it’s not acceptable.

    Not that I need to say anything at all to her or anyone, I just pray for the Lord to change her heart, and if not, to have her examine her heart before she acts out again. .

    God can perform miracles, even on some like her.


    • Tv shows this sports fan holding an impaled, severed, Indian head on national tv. Close up on his prop: A decapitated Native head with a spike through it. This proves it, without a doubt. Native American mascots are demeaning, stereotyping, and harmful to Native people. People accept this kind of behavior from sports fans without any outcry of abhorrence or anybody standing up and saying this is wrong. A church makes a video showing President Obama being lynched and burned in effigy, where was the outcry? People go to church on Sunday and forget the message the rest of the week, or people are leaving church because of the hate being preached.


      • Of course all the instances you have cited were and are completely unacceptable, the distinction being setting and who the intended audience for them was? A larger platform for a message can and will entail a commensurately larger public outcry in response to it. In making criticisms of entertainers in the public eye one need not make perfect the enemy of good simply because all who display violence inciting imagery are not denounced in the media or that there is outrage by half the nation’s electorate because in spite of our collective absence of any mutual respect for public institutions there is a clear distinction that is (still!) made in most circumstances between a private citizen and the person who is occupying the White House.


  5. They gave Yasser Arafat a peace prize. That day convinced me even the foulest lowest scummiest hate filled lying pathological murdering terrorist can get a peace prize. No honour heaped own Kathy Griffin in future will surprise me.


  6. I haven’t agreed with everything you’ve said on your blog, but this one is stellar. I hope many many people read this and apply it to their own lives. We are all afflicted with the human condition and we all make mistakes. Forgiveness allows us ALL to move on. Thank you for writing this.


  7. Although I do not like Griffin, the added significance of her shallow comedic stunt is it being tragically emblematic of pseudo-liberals who are so blinded by identity politics that they reliably take the side of a backward mob over one of it’s victims or at a reviled politician but never at a vulgar, hateful theocrat who none dare oppose nor those in our midst who protect theocratic imbeciles from criticism. Rather than parody and mock those who openly threaten individual women, intellectuals, cartoonists, novelists and true liberals who need protection from the intolerance of radical, religious imbeciles and their ideology, they level unbridled comedic outrage exclusively at the leader of the sworn enemy of this filth and hatred daily without fail.


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