Would you have known if you were living through the American Revolution? A lot of people didn’t. There were plenty of colonial farmers who simply tended their crops for a few years and then woke up one morning to realize that the world had changed while they were growing corn.

They probably had opinions on people like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin. I’ll bet there were those who thought those guys were all overrated and fool hearty. And if you told them that “those guys” would be revered and quoted for centuries to come, would’ve probably replied, “Seriously? Thomas Jefferson? That HACK?!?! I went to middle school with him.”

People often don’t recognize what’s happening around them …while it’s happening.

I was in a slick, pop band in the early 90’s. We were concentrated on precision and tightness …clever lyrics …soaring melodies. We were all cute and smiley. JUST what the world wanted …right? Let me answer that question with one word: NIRVANA.

While we were practicing and preening, the exact OPPOSITE of what we were was about to take the world by storm. Not one of us had greasy hair or wore flannel shirts. I think history speaks for itself.

For better or worse, we are currently in the middle of a new American revolution. And a lot of people don’t see it.

During the pressing days of the 2016 election, I had a heated exchange with someone very close to me, whom I respect and love very much. I was railing against Donald Trump (I NEVER supported his candidacy). This person listened to me and my well-crafted arguments, then smiled and said, “I don’t care. I will never vote for another politician for the rest of my life.”

That was the first moment I got a small glimpse into what was actually going on.

People are protesting and losing their grip on reality and gaining weight (this was an actual Barbara Streisand tweet) over the Donald Trump presidency, that is only a month and a half in. I have never in my life lived through this much sustained turmoil for this long. And I lived through the Nixon and Carter presidencies!

I keep reserving judgement and examining further before I jump to conclusions.

Why did PRESIDENT Trump tweet about being wire tapped? His position gives him access to ALL of that information. He could get to the bottom of it in about 20 minutes. And he would never have to leave his desk. Why is he putting it out for the world to read? What is going on here?

There are a couple of options. He might be legitimately, mentally challenged. Just so you know …I don’t rule that out. But then again, he has run an eight-figure global enterprise for three decades. You simply cannot ignore that. Success on his scale is a factor. It just is.

The other option is that he didn’t go to Washington for any other reason than to sledge hammer its very foundations.

When we see George W Bush and Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton hugging and yukking it up, I kinda think to myself, “why do they like each other? Didn’t they both call each other’s camps ‘threats’ to America or something? Was all that just for show?”

Who knows? I’m the first to acknowledge that the political class is human too. And they probably punch in like Sam and Ralph in the old Merry Melodies cartoons; friends on the elevator …fierce enemies on the clock.

But Trump is busting up that foundation. He’s literally calling EVERYONE out …including his own Attorney General. Jeff Sessions represents the weak, flimsy legacy of modern Republicans: admitting to something he didn’t do, in order to “appear” on the up-and-up. If I were Trump I would fire him.

The facts are this: the Russians successfully phished a DNC email. That’s it. Then they took the information they got, public. How that influenced an election is anybody’s guess.

Jeff Sessions was a US senator who talked to an Ambassador. That’s his freaking job. Why he is recusing himself from anything is beyond me. And I think Trump is asking the same thing.

But instead of dealing with all this internally and quietly, Trump is going to Twitter. Why not let the really good speech he gave last week just settle? Why not just let everyone catch their breath and rest easy for a minute? I mean, that’s what I would do.

But then again, I was in the wrong band at the wrong time.

Trump is throwing bombs at the whole thing …MAINLY the press. He’s a jackhammer on the foundations of where we’ve been standing for decades. If you still think this is about Republicans and Democrats, you have simply GOT to catch up. This is not Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin or Mao. This is something we’ve never seen. This is you or me …as a teenager …suddenly becoming the leader of the free world. And instead of accepting the job and becoming part of the “program,” we refuse the money and keep talking to our friends about how screwed up the whole thing is.

That’s what I think is happening with the Trump presidency. I think he’s blowing the whistle on the whole ball of wax.

How long can he keep this up? Well …I’m not sure how long we can live in a state of societal inflammation. He may not last his entire four years. People HAVE to find some terra firma at some point. I mean, can we count on you to at least pardon a turkey and let us enjoy Thanksgiving without controversy, Mr President? I’m not asking for much, here.

Ironically, the grievances I personally have with the government at the moment might be better served by someone like him. His lack of allegiance to any special interest groups give my community (the songwriting community) a rare opportunity for the profound change we’ve needed for years.

But the country needs some calm and quiet. Moms and dads need a complete soccer game without breaking news that affects the world. If you’re listening Mr Trump, give us a breather …just for a week or so.

On the other hand, this might have been a long time coming. Throw out what you know about presidents and how they’re supposed to act.

I’m not comparing Donald Trump to Thomas Jefferson. But there is a new game being played here. And if you’re waiting on a “statesman” to show up and make you feel better …you’re not in it.



10 thoughts on “THE WRECKING BALL …

  1. Man, so true. And I hate the unrest, but I do believe that our government has not had to bear responsibility to its people, mostly only to special interests and deep pockets.

    All the while, a bunch of middle class people are working harder and longer for less. I guess you would call them the silent majority who actually voted this past election, while the kids in colleges partied.

    The most uncomfortable times in our lives usher in the greatest peace, self knowledge and change, I do hope and pray this is true now.

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  2. If one was paying attention, this was bound to happen. For years I’ve been listening to people complain (and participating) about the state of politics and the media. That collective prayer and “energy” for change is simply manifesting itself. Thank God!

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  3. Greater narcissists who use things like Twitter to throw fits are gaining their life force – FUEL. It can be negative or positive fuel. It doesn’t matter to them. People with Cluster B personality disorders must obtain fuel to function. Twitter is just one of the ways President Trump is doing that.


  4. Pure nonsense, Trump’s is a nut job and he is doing exactly what a nut job would do. As far as his “empire”, his father HELPED, A LOT. So did MANY financial analyst that he could afford, and EVEN with all that, he still managed to go broke mover 6 times.

    You are looking into this WAY to much, and the Russia deal is NOT as simply as you put it. I’d say go back to playing.


  5. Trump reminds me of Alberta’s Premier – Ralph Klein. Ralph, a high school dropout, and an alcoholic with a sharp tongue, was a television personality who eventually became the Premier of Alberta. He led majority governments that wiped out both the deficit and the provincial debt – without raising taxes. Klein campaigned on a promise and delivered it.

    Trump is trying to deliver on his promises. This shake-up, I suppose, is a concern to those who were content with the status quo…

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  6. Yeah, I wasn’t a fan, either. But I am an avid NEVER HILLARY and NEVER ANOTHER CLINTON voter. So far I am thrilled. Russia is a big red herring thrown by desperate Democrats. If Trump cleans house and exposes the dirty laundry of corruption in BOTH PARTIES, I AM IN 100%. Trump twitters, and the Dems and the lying, manipulating media go crazy. I call that a good start. Twitter away!


  7. WikiLeaks showed that the CIA can hack anyone using Russia’s hacking tools leaving Russian ‘fingerprints’. The CIA hacked Trump. WikiLeaks did not get the pre-election files from Russia, they came from a DNC leaker who was mysteriously murdered on the street (Not A robbery): Seth Rich leaked the material and the rest came from a phishing ploy against Podesta; he clicked on link in his email. Russia had nothing to do with it. There is no evidence except traces left by a Russian hacking tool that the CIA has and can use at will.


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