Sometimes we should do the exact opposite of what we would normally do. I think this about myself, often.

Today is one of those days I’m going to try something new …shameless self-promotion. I use the term “shameless” because most of the time I’m pretty ashamed of promoting myself. Not today.

I used to be in the camp that believed “the work” was all you needed to concentrate on …and everything else would fall into place. I believed if you got something right enough …it would draw fans. There’s probably no way to calculate how much money I’ve lost through the years, because of that incorrect assumption.

The fact is we’re all trying to sell ourselves to someone. Even people you would think need no introduction, are trying to sell themselves. Politicians, actors, painters, musicians, stock brokers, lawyers, doctors …and even bloggers …are in a constant state of selling themselves. And we all get that little rush when someone “likes” our post or comments or re-posts something we say. It’s just human nature to like to be liked.

I have never known what a blog is. I don’t know the origin of the word or what it’s even supposed to be or mean. I started ranting on social media about ten years ago, and had instant followers. I didn’t know why, then. And I still don’t know why.

I don’t really know what I’m doing. I just peck, copy, paste and post. Most of the time I type late at night (when I’m sleepy) or after a few drinks. And there are almost always misspellings, typos and bad grammar in my offerings. Yet, people read it. Again …I don’t know why.

Having said all of that, this little blog has become a real thing. Over the holidays I did some analytics on how many people read this stuff. This is something I have NEVER done before. As it turns out, in 2016, millions of people read this blog …all over the world. I have thousands of regular readers from almost every country on the planet. I even had one reader from the tiny, African country of Chad. I thought Chad was a dude. Who knew? Anyway …

I have lots of people on me right now to find a way to streamline this thing and monetize it and make it my full time job and all of that. Well …I don’t know about all that. I’ve never earned a penny from this blog and I sure do like the freedom that grants me. I can punch in any direction because I’m never going to hit anyone who pays my bills. But I AM interested in streamlining it.

So, I’m asking all the people who read this blog, through Twitter or Face Book, to simply follow it. That’s all. There’s a little box down on the lower right of the screen that allows you to put your email address in there and the blogs will magically appear in your in-box whenever I post a new one.

I promise I’m not compiling email lists or looking to sell your info to the Russians or anything like that. I’m simply trying to get closer to my readers and get better information on who reads and when.

This will help me have clearer conversations with all the entities who are interested in publishing books I may author (One is coming out this spring …stay tuned for details) or columns I may pen.

I promise I won’t ever ask you for money to read this blog. I might for books or music projects. But I want this blog to always be a free service to all who want to read. And I want to keep doing it. And I want to clean up my face book page a little and try to move our blog conversations into this domain, if possible.

So that’s it, friends. My first request of the new year. Follow my blog.

If you like what you read here …you can have it sent directly to you every week, without having to wait for it to pop up between the Obama/alien conspiracy theory, the latest Trump tweet and the dour, Occupy Democrat meme – black and white picture of an embattled minority from a hundred years ago, with a caption that reads, “Tell me again why a WHITE Christmas is a good thing?”

Thank you all in advance. And I’ll see you on the information highway …



10 thoughts on “FOLLOW ME …

  1. Regie, I have thought for a long time you should do this! I love your blogs, even some of the parts that I don’t agree with, I still understand where you are coming from. Keep it going Bro, 2017 wouldn’t be the same without my Regie Blog Fix (along with my coffee )!!!

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  2. Been following for a couple of months now. Even bought Angels & Idols (though haven’t gotten to it yet). I like the style in which you write and your thoughts are sometimes funny, sometimes provoking. I’m along for the ride for a while. Good luck –

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  3. I stumbled upon your blog one day. Don’t even remember what it was about. All I knew was that I had found someone out there that provoked my mind processes. I used to have friends that were wonderful conversationalists/debaters/thought provokers but they r all gone now. I never thought that in my early 60’s I would have outlived them. Made me face immortality big time. What a joy it has been to read your blogs and know that there still is someone somewhere that actually thinks on all things and sees all sides and shares those thoughts. My hope for mankind has risen. Thank u from my whole heart. Good luck I look forward to reading more. I’ve often wondered how u and Harry Chaplin would have bonded.


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